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Hanks, Roberts among Stars on 'Stand Up To Cancer'

Cancer is big, but so are the celebrities determined to help conquer it.

Michael Douglas, Matt Damon, Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sofia Vergara and Robert Pattinson were among dozens of stars who appeared Friday on the third Stand Up to Cancer telethon.

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Food Supplement Could Treat Some Autism

A common dietary supplement could treat a rare form of autism which has been found to be linked to an amino acid deficiency, a study published Thursday in the journal Science has found.

U.S. researchers were able to isolate a genetic mutation in some autism patients which speeds up metabolism of certain amino acids.

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Argentine Morgue Baby Leaves Hospital

Argentina's "miracle baby," born premature and declared dead in April and then found alive 12 hours later at the morgue, has been cleared to go home, the hospital said Thursday.

Luz Milagros, whose middle name means "miracles" in Spanish, "is stable," with a tube for feeding and respiratory assistance "to help avoid fatigue," said the director of Resistencia's pediatric hospital, Juan Mario Jacobassi.

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Singapore Chokes on Smoke from Indonesia

Singapore registered its worst level of air pollution for the year on Friday as smoke from forest fires in Indonesia blew over the city-state, triggering a health warning.

As of 8am (0000 GMT) Singapore's Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) ranged from 65-75 after a night of thick, choking haze over the island. The air began to clear later in the morning thanks to favourable winds.

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In Body-Conscious Brazil, Half Are Now Overweight

One of the world's most body-conscious countries, Brazil is now threatened by growing obesity rates, with half of the population already overweight.

As a result of an unbalanced diet and a rise in more sedentary lifestyles, Brazil, which moved 30 million people out of poverty and into the middle class over the past decade, is paying a heavy price for its frenetic growth.

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Third of Children in Afghan South Acutely Malnourished

Around a third of young children in southern Afghanistan are acutely malnourished, according to a U.N.-backed government survey.

The figures show there has been little improvement in tackling malnutrition, despite the billions of dollars of aid money pumped into the war-torn country since a 2001 U.S.-led invasion brought down the Taliban.

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DNA Database Unlocks Map to Genetic Disease

A massive DNA database has generated a map of the genetic switches which impact everything from hair loss to cancer and opened the door to revolutionary treatments for a host of deadly diseases, researchers said Wednesday.

"This is a major step toward understanding the wiring diagram of a human being," said lead researcher Michael Snyder of Stanford University.

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U.S. Cases of West Nile Virus Soaring

Infections and fatalities from West Nile virus have risen to new record levels in the United States in the first week of September, the Centers for Disease Control said Wednesday.

As of Tuesday, deaths were up 32 percent compared to the previous week. The total now stands at 87 since the beginning of the year, the CDC said.

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S. Korea Moves to Restrict Alcohol Advertising

South Korea has drafted a new law aimed at restricting alcohol advertising amid mounting concerns over binge drinking and alcohol-related crimes, a government official said Thursday.

The draft legislation prohibits TV programs targeting teenagers from carrying any alcohol commercials, the Ministry of Health and Welfare said.

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Greater Alcoholism Risk For Bar, Eatery Staff

Bar and restaurant workers in Sweden run a higher risk of alcoholism than the rest of the population, with young women at greatest risk, a study published Tuesday showed.

The research, which appeared in the Scandinavian Journal of Public Health and surveyed 1,000 people aged 18 to 59, concluded that "restaurant workers comprise a high-risk group with respect to drinking."

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