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Study Says Early drug Therapy Curbs HIV Transmission

People with HIV who take antiretroviral drugs before their health declines have a 96 percent lower risk of transmitting the virus to a partner, a breakthrough global study released Thursday said.

The large study that covered mainly heterosexual couples in Africa, India and the Americas was hailed by AIDS experts as a "game-changer" that will transform how the disease is managed, 30 years after it first surfaced.

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New Birth Control Methods Urged for Developing World Women

New contraceptive methods are needed for developing world women, including one in four in sub-Saharan Africa, whose needs for modern birth control are not being met, a study has found.

A 52-page report by the New York-based Guttmacher Institute urged new methods to reach 148 million women in three regions where there are 49 million unintended pregnancies every year resulting in 21 million abortions.

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Order of Nurses Discusses with Lebanon’s First Lady its Activities and Future Projects

On the occasion of the International Nurses Day on May 12, First Lady, Mrs. Wafa’a Sleiman welcomed President of the Order of Nurses in Lebanon, Mrs. Claire Ghafari Zablit along with Order members, Mrs. Ghada Al Ayli, Mrs. Rima Kazan, and Mrs. Vicky Gebran, to discuss future plans and activities carried out by the Order of Nurses.

First Lady was also put in the picture of the 1st International Conference: "Globalization and Nursing: Challenges and Perspectives", that will be held at Hotel Al Habtoor - Sin El Fil , on Thursday, May 12 2011 and which will remain for two days -until Saturday May 14- including distinguished keynote speakers from Lebanon, Canada, the United States, France, Switzerland, and the UK.

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US Researchers Identify First Human Lung Stem Cell

U.S. researchers said Wednesday they have identified for the first time human lung stem cells that are self-renewing and could offer important clues for treating chronic lung diseases.

Previous studies have shown researchers were able to create lung cells using human embryonic stem cells, but this lung stem cell was isolated using surgical samples of adult human lung tissue.

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Alarming Combo: Bedbugs With 'Superbug' Germ Found

Hate insects? Afraid of germs? Researchers are reporting an alarming combination: bedbugs carrying a staph "superbug." Canadian scientists detected drug-resistant staph bacteria in bedbugs from three hospital patients from a downtrodden Vancouver neighborhood.

Bedbugs have not been known to spread disease, and there's no clear evidence that the five bedbugs found on the patients or their belongings had spread the MRSA germ they were carrying or a second less dangerous drug-resistant bacteria.

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15 is The Best Number of Eggs for IVF Success

Retrieving about 15 eggs from a woman's ovaries in a single cycle gives the best chance of having a baby through in-vitro fertilization (IVF), researchers reported on Wednesday.

Investigators led by Arri Coomarasamy of the University of Birmingham in central England looked at data from more than 400,000 IVF cycles in Britain between 1991 and 2008.

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Breast-Feeding Linked to Better Behavior

Babies who are breast-fed for several months develop fewer behavioral problems in early childhood than those who are bottle-fed, researchers have said.

The British study which involved around 10,000 mothers and their babies found that breastfeeding for at least four months lowered the risk of behavioral problems in children aged five by one third.

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Man Shows Off First U.S. Full Face Transplant

A young father who was terribly disfigured in an electrical accident showed off his new look alongside doctors who performed the United States' first full face transplant.

Visibly moved as he described how his young daughter called him "handsome" and how the first whiff of hospital food was so tantalizing, 26-year-old Dallas Wiens said there were no words to thank the anonymous donor and his family.

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Physical Disabilities Add Challenge to Pregnancy

Her first pregnancy brought Dianna Fiore Radoslovich a break from the weakness and pain of her multiple sclerosis.

She put away her cane and her meds and gave birth to a healthy son.

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Saudis Reject Mecca Holy Water Scare

Saudi authorities have rejected claims that holy Zamzam water from a spring inside the Grand Mosque complex of Mecca is polluted and stressed there were no health risks.

The Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques Affairs said in a statement Saturday it had no reports suggesting there was any issue with Zamzam water which was safe for drinking.

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