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Hundreds Vaccinated after Measles Emergency in New York

A New York county which declared a state of emergency over a measles outbreak is on the "right path" after administering hundreds of vaccinations in two days, the chief of the US district said on Friday.

Under the emergency, Rockland County banned non-vaccinated minors from public places in a bid to prevent the once-eliminated disease from spreading.

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Five Cholera Cases in Cyclone-Ravaged Mozambique

A Mozambican health official said on Wednesday that five cases of cholera had been confirmed following the cyclone that ravaged the country killing at least 468 people. 

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Trump Administration Puts Obamacare in Crosshairs

U.S. President Donald Trump's administration vowed Tuesday to see Obamacare -- a massive, but controversial reform intended to bring health care to more Americans -- struck down.

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Suspected Cholera Cases Spike in Yemen in 2019

Nearly 110,000 suspected cases of cholera have been reported in war-hit Yemen since the beginning of January, including 190 related deaths, the U.N. said on Monday.

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U.S. OKs Drug for Post-Partum Depression

US authorities on Tuesday approved the first medication designed specifically to treat post-partum depression, an illness that affects about one in nine new American mothers.

The drug is called brexanolone from a company called Sage Therapeutics and one advantage is that it works quickly, in two days, whereas traditional anti-depressants can take weeks or months to kick in. 

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Ukraine Measles Outbreak Kills 11, Infects 30,000

Eleven people have died and more than 30,000 have been infected this year in a major outbreak of measles in Ukraine, the European country worst hit by the disease, Kiev said Monday. 

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'Horror & Anger' in Christchurch Hospital as Medics Battle to Save Lives

In a city battered by quakes, Christchurch's medics were tragically well-schooled in tackling mass casualty events -- but none could have prepared for the injuries unleashed by a white supremacist with assault rifles bent on mass murder.

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Are Eggs Good or Bad for You? New Research Rekindles Debate

The latest U.S. research on eggs won't go over easy for those who can't eat breakfast without them.

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Air Pollution Raises Diabetes Risk in China

Long-term exposure to harmful smog particles increases the risk of diabetes, a new study in China has shown, providing evidence for a link between the country's air pollution and the disease.

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Tunisia Minister Says Hospital Infection Killed 12 Newborns

A dozen newborn babies whose deaths at a Tunisian state hospital sparked public outrage are believed to have been killed by an infection acquired in the clinic, the acting health minister said Monday.

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