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Clinton Rules Out Another Presidential Run

"I'm not running, but I'm going to keep on working and speaking and standing up for what I believe," Clinton said Monday in an interview with News 12, a local TV channel in New York.

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Clinton Ready for 'Wacky' Debate with Trump

White House hopeful Hillary Clinton suggested Monday that rival Donald Trump could be an unpredictable adversary in upcoming presidential debates, saying she is girding for "wacky stuff."

With the first debate scheduled to take place a month from now near New York, Clinton joked about what to expect from her unorthodox opponent.

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Clinton Blasts Trump over 'Anti-Semitic' Tweet

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton blasted Donald Trump on Monday after her Republican rival posted a "blatantly anti-Semitic" tweet.

Clinton's criticism came after Trump tweeted a picture of Clinton on Saturday that described her as corrupt and featured stacks of money and a six-pointed star.

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Clinton and Trump: Friends, Foes or Frenemies?

On the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are arch rivals flinging dirt at each other. But in real life, they were acquaintances, even friends -- far from daggers drawn.

When Clinton was New York senator from 2001 to 2009, Trump was the flamboyant real estate tycoon and reality TV star who built his fortune in Manhattan: they moved in the same elite circles that mixed business, politics and celebrity.

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Clinton Fends Off Rivals in First Democratic Debate

Hillary Clinton emerged unscathed from the first Democratic debate of the 2016 campaign Tuesday, cutting a calm and confident figure as she sparred with her rivals for the White House.

The presidential frontrunner parried jabs by Vermont senator Bernie Sanders and three other party hopefuls, who challenged her on everything from political flip-flops to gun control and military intervention in the Middle East.

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Ex-Staffer Says 'Partisan' Benghazi Panel Targets Clinton

A former investigator with the congressional panel probing the deadly 2012 attack on the American mission in Benghazi, Libya is accusing Republicans of targeting presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Major Bradley Podliska is preparing to file a federal lawsuit against the House Select Committee on Benghazi next month, saying he was fired in part because he opposed the panel's decision to focus primarily on Clinton's role while she headed the U.S. State Department.

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Court Orders State Department to Release Clinton Emails

A U.S. judge Tuesday ordered the State Department to end its foot-dragging and release thousands of emails from Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, dating back to her time as America's top diplomat.

In his ruling, U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras instructed that the hub of U.S. global diplomacy must come up with a "schedule for rolling productions of Secretary Clinton's emails" within a week, a State Department official said.

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Hillary Clinton Heads to New Hampshire after Iowa Kickoff

U.S. presidential contender Hillary Clinton will visit the key primary election state of New Hampshire early next week, after her first presidential election trip this week.

The former first lady and secretary of state -- now the clear frontrunner for the Democratic Party presidential ticket -- will meet with students, teachers and small business employees, he campaign team said Thursday.

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Hillary Clinton: 'I'm Running for President'

Hillary Clinton launched her bid Sunday to become the first woman to win the White House, and announced a campaign tour to showcase her support for "everyday Americans."

"I'm running for president," Clinton, a former secretary of state and U.S. first lady, said in a video on her campaign website that went live at about 3:00 pm (1900 GMT) Sunday.

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Hillary Clinton Condemns Republican Letter to Iran

Former U.S. secretary of state and probable presidential challenger Hillary Clinton condemned Tuesday a bid by Republican senators to disrupt nuclear talks with Iran.

"Either these senators were trying to be helpful to the Iranians or harmful to the commander-in-chief in the midst of high stakes, international diplomacy," Clinton said.

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