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Hong Kong Airport Protesters Retreat, but City in Turmoil

Pro-democracy protesters retreated from Hong Kong's airport on Wednesday following two days of hugely disruptive rallies that turned violent and plunged the global financial hub further into turmoil.

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China Slams 'Terrorist-Like Actions' by Protesters at HK Airport

China on Wednesday slammed pro-democracy protesters at Hong Kong airport for what it described as "terrorist-like" acts, after two men were beaten by demonstrators.

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New Airport Rally as HK Leader Warns of 'Path of No Return'

Hong Kong's leader warned pro-democracy protesters Tuesday against heading down "a path of no return", but they responded with a fresh rally at the city's airport a day after demonstrators triggered an unprecedented shutdown. 

The new gathering came as Beijing sent more ominous signals that the 10 weeks of unrest must end, with state-run media showing videos of security forces gathering across the border. 

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Chinese State Media Ups Ante over Hong Kong 'Mobsters'

Chinese state media have ramped up the rhetoric against Hong Kong's pro-democracy campaigners, describing them on Tuesday as "mobsters", warning they must never be appeased and raising the spectre of mainland security forces intervening to quash them.

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China Warns Hong Kong Protesters of 'Immense Strength' of Government

China warned Hong Kong protesters Tuesday that "those who play with fire will perish by it", adding the immense strength of the central government should not be underestimated.

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Twin Rallies after Tear Gas Clashes in Hong Kong Tourist District

Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong are set to defy Chinese authorities with another two major rallies later Sunday, a day after police fired tear gas to disperse them in one of the city's most renowned tourist districts.

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Hong Kong Protesters Rally at Airport to 'Educate' Visitors

Hundreds of Hong Kong protesters, including flight attendants, held a rally in the airport's arrival hall on Friday in a bid to "educate" visitors about the unprecedented demonstrations currently roiling the international finance hub.

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Thousands Rally in Support of Hong Kong Police

Tens of thousands of people rallied in support of Hong Kong's police and pro-Beijing leadership on Saturday, a vivid illustration of the polarisation coursing through the city after weeks of anti-government demonstrations.

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Hong Kong's Expat Police Become Focus of Protester Rage

A peculiar legacy of Hong Kong's colonial past has emerged as a focal point of rage for anti-government protesters: a dwindling band of expat police officers now vilified for doing the bidding of the city's pro-Beijing leaders.

Hong Kong's 32,000-strong police force have found themselves fighting unprecedented running battles with protesters for the past five weeks following a huge backlash to a now-suspended plan to allow extraditions to the Chinese mainland.

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Clashes as Hong Kong Protesters Vent at China Border Traders

Clashes broke out between police and Hong Kong demonstrators on Saturday as the latest anti-government protests took aim at traders coming across the border from mainland China.

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