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Three Killed in Fresh Political Violence in India's West Bengal

Three people died in fresh political violence between members of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's ruling party and a local rival in restive West Bengal state, authorities said Tuesday.

Modi's Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Trinamool Congress -- which runs the state -- have accused each other of instigating weeks of violence during and since India's recent election.

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India's Modi Faces Foreign Pressures in 2nd Term

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi won a second term in office after responding to a suicide attack on Indian paramilitary forces in troubled Kashmir with an airstrike inside Pakistan, allowing him to turn voters' attention away from the country's highest unemployment rate in decades.

Now, after his swearing-in on Thursday, he will need to deftly navigate a trade war between the United States and China and rising tensions between the U.S. and Iran, an important source of cheap oil for India's fast-growing economy. Modi will also face pressure to protect India's traditional sphere of influence in South Asia.

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Indian Police Charge Owners as School Fire Toll Hits 20

Indian police on Saturday charged the owners of a private school after a fire killed 20 teenagers, some who died jumping from the building in a desperate bid to escape the flames, officials said.

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India's Acrimonious Election Comes to an End

Voting in one of India's most acrimonious elections in decades entered its final day Sunday as Hindu nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi scrambled to hang on to his overall majority.

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Modi Meditates as India Mega Polls near End

Prime Minister Narendra Modi embarked on a spiritual break Saturday as India's acrimonious marathon election wound to a close after almost seven weeks awash with insults, violence and fake news.

On the eve of the seventh and final day of voting in the world's biggest democratic exercise, local media reports said Modi, 68, would also spend some time in a "mediation cave".

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India and France Hold Biggest Naval Exercises -- with One Eye on China

With the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle at the centre, France and India on Friday stepped up their biggest naval exercises as the Indian Ocean's strategic shipping lanes draw ever more envious eyes.

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Security High in Restive Kashmir as India Votes Again

India held the next stage of its marathon election on Monday, with 90 million people eligible to vote in key seats for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's party and security heavy in restive Kashmir.

The world's biggest poll has been plagued by violence, with militants throwing a grenade at a voting booth Monday and shooting dead a local politician in south Kashmir over the weekend. Last week 15 paramilitaries and their driver were killed in an attack by Maoist rebels in Maharashtra state.

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India Govt Asks Gandhi to Respond to Claims He Is British

India's government Tuesday asked opposition leader Rahul Gandhi to respond to claims that he is a British citizen as the country's fiercely contested election battle took a bizarre twist.

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Indian Man Amputates Finger after Voting for Wrong Party

An Indian man chopped off his index finger in desperation after voting for the wrong party in the country's national election.

Pawan Kumar became confused by the symbols on the electronic voting machine and voted for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's party instead of its regional rival in Uttar Pradesh state on Thursday, his brother told AFP.

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Britain's Shame: The 1919 Amritsar Massacre

The Amritsar massacre, 100 years ago this Saturday in which British troops opened fire on thousands of unarmed protestors, remains one of the darkest hours of British colonial rule in India.

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