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Two Gazans Killed by Israeli Gunfire

The bodies of two Palestinians shot dead overnight in northern Gaza by Israeli troops were recovered Thursday by Palestinian medical officials.

Adham Abu Selmiya, the spokesman for the Hamas-run health services in the Gaza Strip, said an ambulance found the bodies of the two men on Thursday morning.

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Israel Accuses Iran, Hizbullah of Consolidating Hamas Military Capabilities

The Israeli army leadership accused Iran and Hizbullah of continuing to consolidate Hamas' military capabilities by transferring advanced weapons to the Islamist movement.

The army leadership said it decided to change the rules of the game following increased rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip on Israel.

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Anti-tank Missile at Gaza Front Revives Memories of 2006 War

Israeli army chief of staff Lieutenant-General Gabi Ashkenazi has unveiled that an anti-tank missile used by Hizbullah during the 2006 war penetrated a tank's outer shell earlier this month.

Ashkenazi told the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Tuesday that the Kornet missile fired in the Gaza Strip penetrated the tank's outer shell but failed to explode inside. There were no injuries in the incident.

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Israeli Officer Promises Hizbullah 'Tougher Response'

A senior Israeli officer warned Hizbullah that Israel's response this time would be much tougher.

"The response would be ten times tougher than the July war if tensions spread to the northern border," the officer warned.

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Berri Hopes for International Resolution Banning Cluster Bombs

House Speaker Nabih Berri hoped on Monday that the United Nations Security Council would devise a resolution that would ban the use of cluster bombs, adding that the decision should be binding to all nations, starting with Israel.

He said after holding talks with an international delegation that Israel dropped more than a million cluster bombs over southern Lebanon after the release of U.N. Security Council resolution 1701, which has caused some 400 injuries and deaths.

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Two Palestinians Killed in Gaza Firing

Two suspected Palestinian militants died and an Israeli soldier was wounded late Saturday in an exchange of gunfire near the border of the Gaza Strip with Israel, the Israeli army announced.

Soldiers spotted the two Palestinians near the security barrier separating Israel from Hamas-controlled Gaza and opened fire, killing them after a gun battle lasting some 20 minutes, an army spokesman said.

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Nasrallah: We Read the WikiLeaks Cables and we Will See Greater Conspiracies

Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said during an Ashoura council that the party would be targeted by greater conspiracies than the plots unveiled by the cables released by whistleblower WikiLeaks.

Addressing those at the council, Nasrallah said western organizations had carried out studies after the 2006 war between Israel and Hizbullah when homes were being destroyed and 1 million Lebanese were displaced as a result of the Israeli aggression.

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Will Hizbullah Wage War on Israel to Avoid Civil Strife in Lebanon?: Haaretz

If the Special Tribunal for Lebanon indicts several Hizbullah members, the Shiite group could use an escalation against Israel to divert the political storm, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz wrote.

It said it is not clear in which direction Lebanon is heading: Is it a country on the verge of collapse? Is it heading toward a civil war? A war against Israel? Or is it just facing another political crisis that too will pass?

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Barak: Tribunal is Lebanese-International Issue and Israel Doesn’t Interfere

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has said the Special Tribunal for Lebanon was a Lebanese and international issue, adding the Jewish state would not interfere in any crisis resulting from it.

“We are monitoring the developments taking place over the international tribunal,” Barak said in New York on Thursday. “It is not Israel’s business to interfere in this conflict and what could result from it.”

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Mideast Peace Efforts in 'Crisis' as U.S. Fails in Settlement Freeze Bid

The Middle East peace process lay in tatters Wednesday after Washington admitted defeat in its efforts to secure an Israeli freeze on settlement building, the Palestinians' condition for resuming talks.

Speaking late on Tuesday, U.S. officials admitted top-level efforts to coax Israel into imposing new curbs on West Bank settlement construction had gone nowhere, prompting Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas to declare a crisis in peace efforts but backslapping among Israeli hardliners.

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