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Army Deploys at Miyeh Miyeh Entrance, Withdraws for 'Logistic Reasons'

A Lebanese Army force deployed Tuesday at the entrance of the Mieh Mieh Palestinian refugee camp in south Lebanon before withdrawing for “logistic reasons.”

The National News Agency said the army set up a post at a checkpoint belonging to the Palestinian security force in the western side of the camp, which witnessed deadly clashes last week between the Fatah Movement and the Islamist Ansarullah faction.

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Aoun Meets UNIFIL Commander, Says Israeli Missile Site Claims Aim to Undermine Stability in South

President Michel Aoun on Tuesday nullified Israeli allegations that weapons are present near Beirut airport, telling visiting UNIFIL commander they only aim at keeping tension in South Lebanon.

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Hasbani Says LF 'Facilitating' Govt. Formation

Deputy Prime Minister and caretaker Minister of Public Health Ghassan Hasbani stressed on Tuesday that the Lebanese Forces helps facilitate the government formation, stressing that all political parties should be involved in speeding up the process, the National News Agency reported.

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ISF Enforces Security Plan in the North

The Internal Security Forces kicked off a security plan on Tuesday in North Lebanon after a killing incident a day earlier that took the lives of two individuals.

VDL (93.3) radio station said security members deployed at the entrances to the northern city of Tripoli and other side routes.

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Hariri: Saudi Measures in Khashoggi Case Serve Path of Justice

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri threw his support behind Saudi Arabia Tuesday as it faces outrage over the murder of Saudi journalist and government critic Jamal Khashoggi at its Istanbul consulate.

Hariri stressed that "the measures taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regarding the case of journalist Jamal Khashoggi... come within the framework that serves the path of justice and the disclosure of the whole truth,” said the statement.

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Riachi Meets Hariri, Reports 'Progress in Negotiations'

There is “progress” in the cabinet formation negotiations and the Lebanese Forces is “very satisfied with the atmosphere,” caretaker Information Minister Melhem Riachi of the LF announced on Monday.

Riachi voiced his remarks after meeting Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri at the Center House in the presence of Elie Baraghid, the head of LF chief Samir Geagea's office.

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Bassil Promises Govt. 'Very Soon', Says Sisi Wants to Help on Electricity

Caretaker Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil announced Monday that Lebanon will have a national unity government "very soon."

"We will very soon have a national unity government whose mission will be to address economic crises," Bassil said in a meeting with Lebanese expats in Oman.

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Aoun: Current Circumstances Require Speeding Up Govt. Formation

President Michel Aoun on Monday stressed the need to speed up the formation of the new government amid the current circumstances in Lebanon and the region.

The National News Agency said Aoun followed up on the formation efforts throughout the day and received a series of phone calls.

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Two Killed in Tripoli Vendetta Shootings

Two people were shot dead Monday in the northern city of Tripoli in vendetta incidents.

“Lebanese citizen R. al-Khodr died after being shot in the Abi Samra area at the hands of an unknown individual who fled the scene,” the National News Agency said.

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Syrians Trafficker Killed in Clash with ISF

A man who was trafficking Syrians from and into Lebanon was killed Monday in the West Bekaa border town of Sawiri in a clash with security forces.

“A. Sh., aka Abu Rameh, was killed at dawn in the town of Sawiri in a clash with a patrol from the Internal Security Forces Intelligence Branch that was trying to arrest him,” the National News Agency reported.

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