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Swarms of Insects Invade Lebanese Regions

Swarms of different kinds of insects swept into several regions around Lebanon Friday, throwing panic among the people already frustrated by a lockdown imposed by the spread of coronavirus.

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Lebanon Announces Flights Out for Crisis-Hit Foreign Workers

Some foreign workers wishing to be repatriated from crisis-hit Lebanon will be able to do so from next week, security forces said Friday, after many saw their salaries slashed in recent months.

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Hasan Says Coronavirus Situation Still Under Control

Health Minister Hamad Hasan announced Friday that the coronavirus situation is still under control in Lebanon.

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7 MEA Flights to Arrive Friday in Beirut

Seven Middle East Airlines planes carrying evacuated Lebanese expats will arrive Friday in Beirut, the National News Agency said.

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Hamdan Detained, Staff Urge His Release as BDL Denies Charges

A top Lebanese central bank official has been detained pending investigation into the country's financial crisis, including the free fall of the Lebanese currency, a judicial official said Friday.

Lebanon's financial prosecutor ordered the detention of Mazen Hamdan, the head of cash operations at the bank, late Thursday. He is the most senior official to be named in an ongoing probe into possible financial wrongdoing. Hamdan was ordered to appear for questioning about what Lebanon's official news agency called "the manipulation of the dollar exchange rate."

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Wazni Says Lebanon Ready to Float Lira, Halve Number of Banks

Lebanon is ready to terminate a 23-year-old dollar peg and float the pound, but only after it secures billions in aid, Finance Minister Ghazi Wazni said Friday.

Speaking to AFP after talks started Wednesday with the International Monetary Fund on a plan to rescue Lebanon's crisis hit economy, he also said banking sector restructuring would entail halving the number of lenders.

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Hassan Says Face Masks Mandatory as 5 New Coronavirus Cases Emerge

Health Minister Hamad Hassan noted on Friday that shall Lebanon ease confinement measures over coronavirus, people will have to wear their face masks “at all times in public.”

His statement came as the country recorded five new cases of coronavirus which raised the tally to 891 since the first infection was detected on February 21.

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Aoun Follows Up on Measures to Counter Smuggling

President Michel Aoun followed up through measures to stop smuggling operations across illegal land crossings into Syria, especially subsidized material such as fuel, flour and others, the Presidency office said in a statement on Friday.

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Report: BDL Employees Plan a Strike over Hamdan’s Arrest

The Central Bank employees plan to go on strike on Monday in protest at the arrest of senior bank official Mazen Hamdan over currency manipulation accusations, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Friday.

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Security, Military Forces Vow 'Upped' Measures to Stem Smuggling

Security forces seized several oil tankers and trucks smuggling basic materials through illegal crossings from Lebanon into Syria, MTV station reported on Friday.

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