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'Life at the Top': Faqra Mountain Club Dodges Economic Crisis

Panama hats and designer sunglasses, champagne buckets and luxury cars: in the mountain resort town of Faqra, Lebanon's economic crisis is not immediately obvious.

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Hunger Will Kill Children in Lebanon by Year's End, Charity Says

Close to a million people in Beirut can no longer afford basic necessities and children are likely to starve to death this year, the charity Save The Children said Wednesday.

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Mustaqbal Slams Govt. 'Absence' as to South Flare-Up

Al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc on Tuesday blasted Hassan Diab's government over what it called its "suspicious absence" as to Monday's flare-up on the Lebanese-Israeli border.

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Hariri Says STL Verdicts to Fulfill Justice, Urges Patience, Calm

Ex-PM Saad Hariri on Tuesday announced that he does not want to take a stance before the Special Tribunal for Lebanon issues its verdicts over the 2005 assassination of his father ex-PM Rafik Hariri.

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Israel Sends Reinforcements to Its Northern Frontier

The Israeli army said Tuesday that Israel's northern frontier would be "reinforced with advanced fire capabilities, intelligence collection systems and special units."

The announcement comes a day after a flare-up on the border with Lebanon and several days after the Israeli military announced it was beefing up the northern border with infantry troops amid tensions with Hizbullah.

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Lebanon Reinstates Lockdown Measures after Virus Rebound

The Lebanese government agreed Tuesday to reinforce coronavirus lockdown measures after a spike in new cases threatened to overwhelm the crisis-hit country's healthcare system.

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Geagea Blames Hizbullah and Its Allies for Lebanon's Ongoing Crisis

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea on Tuesday blamed Hizbullah and its local allies led by President Michel Aoun for the rapidly deteriorating economy and worsening relations with neighboring Arab countries, saying the only solution is for them to leave power.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Geagea said that Monday's military flare-up along the border with Israel was a clear indication the current Lebanese government, which Hizbullah supports, doesn't have sovereignty in the south, along Israel's border, where thousands of U.N. peacekeepers are based.

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Netanyahu Warns Hizbullah that Israel is 'Ready for Any Scenario'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday warned Hizbullah that Israel is “ready for any scenario,” a day after the Israeli army claimed repelling an infiltration attempt and bombed border areas in south Lebanon.

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Cabinet Files Complaint to UN over Israeli Aggression

The Cabinet convened on Tuesday at the Presidential Palace in Baabda to discuss 29 items on its agenda, in addition to the military escalation on Monday by Israel after a security incident at the border led the Jewish state to fire artillery across the frontier.

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Germany Arrests Lebanese-German Woman Accused of Joining IS in Syria

German authorities on Tuesday arrested a woman accused of traveling to Syria with her four young children to join the Islamic State group, as well as her brother-in-law, who is accused of helping her.

The federal prosecutor's office identified the pair only as Fadia S. and Rabih O., in line with German privacy rules. It said both are dual citizens of Germany and Lebanon, and they were arrested in Essen and Hildesheim respectively.

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