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Aoun Urges Squares to Unite on Economy, Civil State and Anti-Corruption Fight

President Michel Aoun on Sunday said that “squares are plenty” in Lebanon and that “no one should think that there is a square against another.”

He was addressing via video link thousands of Free Patriotic Movement supporters who rallied near the presidential palace to voice support for his stances on the third anniversary of his election as president of the republic.

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Strong Lebanon Bloc Cautions against Technocrat Govt.

Parliamentary sources from the Strong Lebanon bloc have warned that any technocrat government “might be doomed to fail due to its limited jurisdiction, especially if it did not enjoy a political cover.”

“It might not be able to deal with any security developments,” the sources told Asharq al-Awsat newspaper in remarks published Sunday.

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FPM Endorses Protesters Demands in Pro-Aoun Baabda Demo

Supporters of the Free Patriotic Movement on Sunday flocked to the presidential palace road in Baabda from areas across Lebanon to show support for President Michel Aoun on the third anniversary of his election, and in the face of unprecedented protests against the entire political class.

“We tell all those who took to the squares that their demands are our demands and nothing separates us other than disinformation and those trying to exploit them,” Nicolas Sehnaoui -- an ex-telecom minister and a former FPM deputy chief -- told reporters at the rally.

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Hizbullah's al-Manar TV Says Twitter Accounts Suspended

The Hizbullah-affiliated al-Manar TV has protested that most of its Twitter accounts have been suspended.

Al-Manar accused the U.S.-based social media platform of giving in to "political pressures."

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Lebanese Keep Protest Alive in Northern City of Tripoli

Thousands of Lebanese flocked together in Tripoli Saturday to keep a protest movement alive in a northern city dubbed "the bride of the revolution".

Despite its reputation for conservatism, impoverished Tripoli has emerged as a festive nerve center of anti-graft demonstrations across Lebanon since October 17.

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Sfeir Says Banks See No Unusual Movement of Funds after Protests

Chairman of the Association of Banks in Lebanon Salim Sfeir assured on Saturday that Lebanese banks have not seen "any unusual or extraordinary movements" of funds on Friday and Saturday after a two-week closure due to protests across the country, media reports said.

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Police Arrest Man for Making Threats to Bomb Bank

Police on Saturday arrested a man for making threats to bomb a bank in the southern city of Tyre.

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Report: PM Could Be Named Tuesday, Stakes High for 14-Member Cabinet

Caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri will likely be named to form a new government amid reports saying the size of the government could be reduced to 14 ministers from the original 30, al-Liwaa daily reported on Saturday.

An unnamed source told the daily that the ongoing consultations between political parties have reportedly “agreed” to reassign Hariri to form a new government, and that the decree could be issued on “Tuesday.”

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Geagea Urges 'Salvation Govt.', Slams Bassil and Bou Saab

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea on Friday called for the formation of a “salvation government,” as he hit out at caretaker Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil and caretaker Defense Minister Elias Bou Saab.

“What’s needed is a salvation government and not any other government. The government should be formed of independent and expert figures who are upright and successful,” Geagea said after a meeting for the LF’s Strong Republic parliamentary bloc.

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Reports: Consultations to Pick New PM Will Likely be Held Monday

The binding parliamentary consultations to name a new premier will be held on Monday, or at the latest Tuesday, informed sources told LBCI television on Friday.

“The consultations will only take one day, starting 9:00 am, and the premier will be named at the end of the day,” the sources added.

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