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Protesters Rally near Baabda Palace, Several Hurt in Sidon Scuffle

Around 30 protesters on Friday staged a symbolic rally near the presidential palace in Baabda, demanding “the speeding up of the (binding) parliamentary consultations” necessary to form a new government.

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UK Embassy Lauds Lebanese Authorities 'Professionalism' after Diplomat Killer Convicted

Rebecca (“Becky”) Dykes was “a talented, devoted humanitarian, whose skill, expertise, and passion improved the lives of many people,” the British embassy in Beirut said on Friday, a few hours after the British diplomat’s murderer was convicted of murder and rape.

“She was an impassioned advocate for those who most need support, a true friend of Lebanon, and an outstanding representative for the UK. She had an exciting, bright future ahead of her,” the embassy said in a statement.

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Protesters in Lebanon and the World March for 'a Better Future'

Protests have flared in Lebanon and around the world, with citizens rallying for the last few weeks demanding change in their countries.

Here are the reasons seven of them from Lebanon to Chile are taking to the streets.

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Lebanon Sentences UK Diplomat's Murderer to Death

A Lebanese court on Friday sentenced an Uber driver to death for the 2017 murder of British embassy worker Rebecca Dykes, the National News Agency reported.

The Mount Lebanon criminal court sentenced the accused to death for the rape and murder of the young British woman, the agency said, naming the killer as Tarek Samir Howeisheh.

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Nasrallah Urges Fast Formation of 'Sovereign Govt.', Says 'Strife, Political Coup' Foiled

Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Friday urged the formation of a “sovereign government” within “days,” as he noted the Lebanese have managed to foil a “strife” scheme and a “political coup” attempt.

“We call for dialogue and communication between all components and the protest movement's representatives,” Nasrallah said in a televised speech.

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UK Announces $25m in Support to Lebanese Army

The United Kingdom announced up to $25m in support to Lebanese Armed Forces for 2019-2022, the British Embassy in Lebanon said on Twitter on Friday.

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Protesters Storm ABL, Get Arrested by ISF

The Internal Security Forces arrested a handful of activists on Friday who stormed the headquarters of the Association of Banks in Lebanon in the Gemmayze area.

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New Batch of Syrian Refugees Return from Lebanon

Eighty five Syrian refugees have returned on Friday back to Syria in the latest wave of returns to their war-torn country, the National News Agency reported on Friday.

Lebanon's General Security Directorate organized the return of refugees who arrived at the Masnaa border crossing early on Friday coming from the Central Beqaa area.

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Banks Reopen after 2-Week Closure as Protests Ease

Lebanon banks reopened for the first time in two weeks Friday as the country began to return to normal following mass demonstrations for radical political change.

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Report: Parliamentary Consultations Next Step for Lebanon

Deliberations to set a date early next week for Lebanon’s parliamentary consultations with President Michel Aoun intensified amid reports that Aoun did not “veto” appointing the now-caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri, the Saudi Asharq al-Awsat reported on Friday.

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