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Nasrallah Urges Renewed Lebanon-Syria Ties, Says Israel in 'Imaginary Battle' in Syria

Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Wednesday said the Lebanese government must cooperate with its Syrian counterpart if it wants to put an end to cross-border smuggling.

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Aoun Meets Diab ahead of Higher Defense Council Meeting

President Michel Aoun held talks Wednesday afternoon with Prime Minister Hassan Diab ahead of a Higher Defense Council meeting.

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Lebanon to Reinstate Total Lockdown amid Spike in Infections

Lebanese rushed to food stores to stock up on vegetables and basic items, hours before the government was to reinstate a four-day nationwide lockdown on Wednesday, following a spike in reported coronavirus cases.

The government called on the public to stay home, starting Wednesday evening and until dawn on Monday, reversing measures earlier this month that phased out restrictions imposed since mid-March.

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Tourism Ministry Orders Restaurants Closed, Reverses Suspension of Delivery Services

The Ministry of Tourism on Wednesday announced the closure of all tourism institutions and restaurants across Lebanon during the four-day shutdown over coronavirus, the National News Agency reported.

The Ministry later announced that it was reversing a decision on suspending restaurant delivery services. It confirmed that they will be allowed to operate between 5:00 am and 6:00 pm.

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Coronavirus Cases Rise to 878 ahead of Country Shutdown

The number of coronavirus cases in Lebanon rose to 878 on Wednesday, as the country eyes a four-day shutdown to stem the spread of the virus recording new highs in the past few days.

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Israeli Warplanes Flying at Low Altitude over Lebanon

Israeli warplanes were seen flying at a low altitude over several towns in south Lebanon, the state-run National News Agency reported on Wednesday.

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Hawat: Illegal Crossings Draining Lebanon's Finances

Strong Republic MP Ziad Hawat sounded the alarm on Wednesday saying that smuggling through illegal crossings into Syria are draining the state’s resources and finances, noting that many crossings in Eastern Lebanon are under Hizbullah’s control.

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Report: Lebanon Begins 'Difficult' Negotiations with IMF

Lebanon begins negotiations on Wednesday with the International Monetary Fund to reach an agreement on funding the government’s economic rescue plan, amid indicators the negotiations are going to be “long and arduous,” al-Joumhouia daily reported on Wednesday.

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FPM Says Franjieh's Accusations Aim to Protect 'Real Culprits'

The Free Patriotic Movement-led Strong Lebanon bloc on Tuesday hit back at Marada Movement chief Suleiman Franjieh without naming him.

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Coronavirus Committee Calls for Penalizing Violators of Health Measures

Lebanon's national anti-coronavirus committee on Tuesday called for a stricter implementation of the preventative measures in light of the spike in infections in recent days.

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