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Central Bank Governor to Go on Trial in October

Criminal Judge in Beirut Lara Abdul Samad has set October 14 to begin the trial of Central Bank governor Riad Salameh in a lawsuit filed by People Want to Reform the Regime group, the National News Agency reported on Thursday.

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Backing Aoun for President ‘Might be a Mistake,’ Says Geagea

Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea on Thursday said the party’s backing to bring President Michel Aoun to the post might have been a “wrong assessment,” he said in an interview with Kuwaiti al-Qabas newspaper.

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Diab: Airport Reopening to Positively Impact Economy

Prime Minister Hassan Diab emphasized during the cabinet meeting on Thursday on the impact of reopening the country’s airport on Lebanon’s crisis-stricken economy.

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Crowds Gather Outside Money Changers to Buy Dollars

Lebanese stood in long queues again on Thursday outside the money exchange shops in some Lebanese regions to buy scarce dollars.

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Hariri Meets Jumblat: Whoever Fails to Abide by Caesar Act Must Bear Consequences

Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri met Wednesday evening at the

Center House with Progressive Socialist Party chief Walid Jumblat, who was accompanied by a parliamentary and party delegation.

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Gemayel to Nasrallah: No One Has Right to Impose a Lifestyle on Us

Kataeb Party chief Sami Gemayel on Wednesday stressed that no one has the right to impose a certain “lifestyle” on the Lebanese, in response to remarks by Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

“No one has the right to drag us into the place they want and no one has the right to impose on us a lifestyle that we don’t want,” said Gemayel at a press conference.

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U.S. Ambassador Says Washington Not Blocking Entry of Dollars into Lebanon

U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea on Wednesday denied that her country is blocking the entry of U.S. dollars into Lebanon.

In remarks to LBCI television, Shea added that claims that the United States is behind Lebanon’s economic crisis are false fabrications.

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Aoun: Efforts Ongoing to Address Crisis, Stop Smuggling

President Michel Aoun said the various crises impacting Lebanon, mainly its financial crisis, are not easy to handle but assured that efforts are ongoing to address them.

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Poverty, Anger Swell in North Lebanon as Crisis Deepens

Years ago Ahlam had escaped poverty in Lebanon for a better life in Europe, but then a family tragedy forced her back home to a country now in the throes of a raging economic crisis.

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Salameh Says BDL Seeks to Bring Dollar Price Down Gradually

Central Bank governor Riad Salameh said the central bank aims to bring the price of the US dollar down, in agreement with the licensed money changers, in order to help stabilize the prices, media reports said on Wednesday.

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