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Arrest Warrant Issued Against Hizb ut-Tahrir Member over Anti-Rahi Leaflets

Military Examining Magistrate Fadi Sawan issued an arrest warrant on Tuesday against a Hizb ut-Tahrir member for distributing leaflets slandering the Lebanese army and Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi.

Hundreds of leaflets have been found with the suspect, the National News Agency reported.

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Berri from Armenia: International Powers Targeting Arab Regimes to Subject Them to Their Will

Speaker Nabih Berri criticized on Tuesday the international community’s “double standards” in dealing with Israel, accusing it of having hidden agendas in the Middle East.

He said before the Armenian parliament: “International decision-makers are placing all Arab regimes in the position of the accused in order to subject them to their will.”

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Miqati Meets with GLC Delegation Ahead of Oct. 12 Labor Strike

Premier Najib Miqati held talks on Tuesday with a delegation from the General Labor Confederation which has stressed that it holds onto its demand to raise wages by at least 50 percent to reach LL750,000.

If a solution with the authorities is not reached by Oct. 12, the GLC will go ahead with its plan to hold a nation-wide strike that will bring the country’s economic sector to a standstill.

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Miqati Denies al-Mustaqbal Report that he Visited Syria in Sept.

Prime Minister Najib Miqati denied on Tuesday that he visited Damascus earlier in Sept. ahead of his visit to Paris to join the "Friends of Libya" conference.

Miqati’s press office said in a statement that this report is false, noting that all the PM’s visits are official and declared “according to principles.”

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Murr Voices Support for Suleiman, Says ‘Things Back on Track’

Former Defense Minister Elias Murr said on Tuesday that publishing the WikiLeaks cables were behind the rift with President Michel Suleiman, but things are back to normal.

“Things are back on track and better than before,” Murr told An Nahar newspaper.

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Lebanese Man Gets Life 11 Years after Slitting Roommate’s Throat in London

A Lebanese man has been jailed for life more than 11 years after he killed a Canadian-Moroccan woman whose body was found in a suitcase at London’s Heathrow Airport.

In August, the former Kuwait Airways flight attendant, Youssef Wahid, 42, was convicted of murdering Fatima Kama by slitting her throat and stabbing her repeatedly. On Monday, he was jailed for life.

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ESCWA Relocating HQ as ISF Pursues Gefinor Hoax Bomb Assailant

Security forces were able to identify the man who entered the United Nations offices in Gefinor Center in Clemenceau on Monday and threw flyers threatening of a bomb attack.

An Nahar newspaper reported on Tuesday that the man is an employee at the building and the Internal Security forces are pursuing him.

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Suleiman Hints No Consensus on Dialogue, Says STL Funding Doesn’t Annul Reservations

President Michel Suleiman stressed that the national dialogue will be held at Baabda palace but did not give any timeframe “because the two sides of dialogue haven’t yet reached consensus.”

In an interview with el-Shark daily published on Tuesday, Suleiman said that the only item on the dialogue’s agenda is the national defense strategy.

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Cabinet to Appoint LU Head on Wednesday Amid Packed Agenda

The government is expected to discuss the appointment of the head of the Lebanese University on Wednesday along with 150 items on the agenda and 8 additional topics distributed to ministers on Monday.

The cabinet session at Baabda palace is expected to last for several hours or the discussion of several items could be postponed for another session over the packed agenda, An Nahar daily expected on Tuesday.

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Court to Let Lebanese-American Woman Sue over Headscarf Removal

The U.S. Supreme Court will let a Lebanese Muslim woman sue Southern California jailers for making her take off her headscarf in a courthouse holding cell.

The court refused to hear an appeal on Monday from Orange County, California, officials, who were sued in 2007 by Souhair Khatib.

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