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Economy Minister Says State Treasury Can’t Afford New Wage Hike Plan

Economy and Trade Minister Nicolas Nahhas said on Friday that the economic institutions will not be able to implement the cabinet’s approval of the wage hike decision, hinting that bankruptcy will hit many sectors.

The decision will put on the state treasury additional burdens than a previous decision approved by the cabinet, Nahhas told As Safir newspaper.

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Jumblat Urges Cabinet Ministers to Close Ranks after Wage Hike Division

Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat called for the consolidation of ties among the political parties that make-up the cabinet rather than engaging in disputes.

In remarks to As Safir daily published on Friday, Jumblat said: “This government should work, and in order for it to function, it should limit” the upheaval.

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Hariri on Wage Hike: People will Pay Political Bill

Former PM Saad Hariri said Thursday that the wage hike decision made by the government is “shameful and a political bill that the Lebanese will pay from their economic future and their livelihood.”

On Wednesday, the Free Patriotic Movement, Hizbullah and Amal dealt a blow to Miqati after they voted in favor of a wage boost decree proposed by Nahhas hours after the Economic Committees and the General Labor Confederation agreed with minor changes on a previous proposal made by the PM.

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Army Intelligence Arrests Suspect for Rocket Launching in South

The Lebanese Army Intelligence Thursday arrested a man (M. D.) on suspicion of launching the latest rockets from the South.

According to Al-Manar television “this arrest was made on the international road in Shtoura after the suspect was being followed by the army.”

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Economic Committees: Govt. Wage Hike is Major Blow to Economy

The Economic Committees condemned on Thursday the government’s approval of Labor Minister Charbel Nahhas’ proposals over the wage hike in Lebanon, deeming it “a major blow to the economy.”

The head of the authorities Adnan Kassar said: “We hope the Shura Council will reject the decision.”

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Salameh Meets Miqati, Says U.S. Lawsuit against Financial Entities is Individual Case

Central Bank governor Riyad Salameh stressed on Thursday that a lawsuit filed in a New York federal court last week against some Lebanese financial entities is an individual case that doesn’t target Lebanon’s banking sector.

“The civil lawsuit on the Lebanese-Canadian Bank and several other exchange companies is an individual case and is being solved through the judiciary, which confirms that the Lebanese banking sector as a whole hasn’t been targeted,” Salameh told Premier Najib Miqati during a meeting they held at the Grand Serail.

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Fletcher Meets Aoun, Voices Optimism in Lebanon’s Future

British Ambassador to Lebanon Tom Fletcher stated on Thursday that the international community is obligated to support Lebanon, especially its stability.

He voiced his optimism in Lebanon, saying that the country will witness stability.

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Suleiman Inspects Army, UNIFIL Units in South

President Michel Suleiman toured southern Lebanon on Thursday to inspect army troops and UNIFIL units stationed south of the Litani River.

Defense Minister Fayez Ghosn and Army chief Gen. Jean Qahwaji accompanied Suleiman.

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Jumblat, Wahhab Reject Security Incidents in the Mountains

Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat and Tawhid movement chief Wiam Wahhab stressed on Thursday the importance of preventing any security incident in the Mountains.

A statement issued by the Tawhid party said Wahhab visited Jumblat at his residence in Clemenceau and the two Druze leaders agreed to “follow-up the situation in the Mountains, particularly in sensitive areas.”

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Nahhas Describes Wage Hike Approval as ‘Accomplishment’

Labor Minister Charbel Nahhas said that he will refer the wage hike plan approved by the cabinet to the Shura Council on Thursday to get its response swiftly.

“If the Shura Council approved the decision it will be sent quickly to the official gazette so that it becomes as of December,” Nahhas told al-Liwaa newspaper on Thursday.

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