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Hariri Meets Ban, Urges Him to Put Pressure on Israel's Border Violations

U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon added his backing to the work of a U.N. tribunal investigating the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, in a meeting with his son, current premier Saad Hariri.

During the one-hour meeting in New York on Sunday, Hariri urged Ban to increase pressure on Israel to end all violations of Lebanese borders, and to help prevent it from exploiting underwater oil and gas.

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Alloush: Hariri Won't Allow Certain Red Lines to be Crossed

Mustaqbal official Mustafa Alloush on Monday said Prime Minister Saad Hariri will not allow "certain red lines" to be crossed.

"There are certain red lines that PM Hariri will not allow to be crossed regardless of any intervention," Alloush told the Voice of Lebanon radio.

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Zahra: No Solution in Sight Unless March 8 Stops Hijacking of State Institutions

Lebanese Forces MP Antoine Zahra on Monday warned there is no solution in sight unless the Hizbullah-led March 8 alliance stops hijacking of State institutions.

"If the March 8 camp was not convinced that State institutions must stop being hijacked, we are not heading toward a solution soon," Zahra told the Voice of Lebanon radio station.

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Ali Hassan Khalil: Our Battle is with Israel and Not Local Parties

Speaker Nabih Berri's advisor MP Ali Hassan Khalil reassured the Lebanese that the battle of the March 8 forces was with the Israeli enemy and not with any local party.

All parties "should unify because the real danger on Lebanon and all the Lebanese comes from the Israeli enemy which is seeking to shatter Lebanon and the region," Khalil said.

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Official: Syrian-Saudi Initiative's Single Objective is Domestic Stability

A government official said Friday that the Syrian-Saudi initiative calls for clear steps to ease tensions in Lebanon and reduce the rhetoric among the rival political parties.

"All of the steps center on a single objective which is domestic stability and the ability of Lebanon to absorb the indictment" that will be issued by the international tribunal, the official told Agence France Presse.

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Qassem Hashem Accuses U.S. of Thwarting Saudi-Syrian Initiative

AMAL MP Qassem Hashem accused the U.S. of thwarting attempts by Saudi Arabia and Syria to find a solution to the Lebanese crisis and said the March 14 forces were procrastinating until the release of the indictment by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

"The U.S. is playing the role of obstructer to this initiative," Hashem told the Kuwaiti al-Anbaa daily in an interview published Friday. Washington "was lately ready to thwart this initiative."

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Health Ministry Says Swine Flu Does Not Require Extraordinary Measures, Less Cases than Last Winter

The Health Ministry's Director-General, Walid Ammar, reassured the Lebanese on Friday that the H1N1 strain has become similar to seasonal flu saying there were currently some cases in Lebanon but not as much as last winter's levels.

In remarks to Voice of Lebanon radio station, Ammar said illness caused by the virus requires no extraordinary measures and that complications could only arise in pregnant women, children under the age of five and people with chronic diseases.

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Report: Hizbullah Has More Firepower than 90% of Countries in the World

Iran would use Hizbullah to launch massive rocket attacks against Israel if the Jewish state targets Tehran's nuclear facilities, analysts told Israeli daily The Jerusalem Post.

"The Iranians – who are largely responsible for building up Hizbullah to such an extent that today it has more firepower than 90 percent of the countries of the world – would 'call in their chips,' and the organization would launch massive rocket attacks against Israel's home front," the analysts said about a possible Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities.

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ISF: Radars Caught 67,074 Violations Till January 4

Traffic radars caught 67,074 violations from the time they were installed in November last year till January 4, 2010, said a communiqué released by the General-Directorate of the Internal Security Forces on Friday.

"Photos caught by the radars include all violating vehicles, including military and security" cars, the communiqué said.

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UNIFIL Rules Out War: No Detection of Hizbullah Rearmament in South

UNIFIL spokesperson Andrea Tenenti on Friday ruled out an imminent war between Israel and Hizbullah and said peacekeepers hadn't detected Hizbullah rearmament south of the Litani river.

In remarks to Voice of Lebanon, the Voice of Freedom and Dignity, radio station, Tenenti reassured the Lebanese that "the situation in the south is very calm."

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