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Kuwait Charges Hizbullah, Iran-linked Suspects with Plotting Attacks

Kuwait on Tuesday charged 24 people suspected of links to Hizbullah and Iran with plotting attacks against the Gulf state, a statement by the public prosecutor said.

The men were charged with "spying for the Islamic republic of Iran and Hizbullah to carry out aggressive acts against the State of Kuwait" by smuggling in and assembling explosives, as well as possessing firearms and ammunition, the statement said.

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Injuries as ISF Forcibly Clears 'You Stink' Activists who Occupied Environment Ministry

Riot police forcibly removed protesters who had occupied part of the environment ministry in central Beirut on Tuesday following a several-hour standoff, which left several activists wounded.

Police gradually moved the several dozen protesters from the "You Stink" campaign down from the eighth floor of the building in downtown Beirut.

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Shehayyeb's Committee Report Expected this Week as Municipalities Await Funds

Agriculture Minister Akram Shehayyeb is expected to deliver to Prime Minister Tammam Salam this week a report on ways to resolve the country's waste crisis.

Salam appointed Shehayyeb on Monday to lead a committee of waste specialists after Environment Minister Mohammed al-Mashnouq suspended his participation in the meetings of a ministerial committee tasked with resolving the garbage problem.

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Berri Sets Dialogue Session for September 9

Speaker Nabih Berri has set September 9 as the date for the first dialogue session that will bring together Prime Minister Tammam Salam and the heads of parliamentary blocs.

Earlier, al-Mustaqbal daily reported on Tuesday that Salam has urged Berri to bring the date of the national dialogue forward over fears of a prolonged cabinet paralysis.

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Obama Calls for Better Cooperation with Israel to Confront Hizbullah

U.S. President Barack Obama has stressed the importance of better intelligence cooperation between Washington and Tel Aviv to stop Hizbullah from obtaining more missiles with which to target Israel.

“As much intelligence cooperation and sharing as we’re already doing, we need to do better if we want to stop Hizbullah from continuing to get missiles that can be trained on Tel Aviv,” Obama told The Forward, a newspaper published in New York for a Jewish-American audience, in an interview.

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Ibrahim Says al-Asir's Cell has Disintegrated

General Security chief Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim has said that the cell of Ahmed al-Asir has disintegrated after the arrest of the Salafist cleric at Beirut's airport last month.

In remarks to several local newspapers published on Tuesday, Ibrahim said al-Asir had been put under surveillance since the end of the battles between his supporters and the Lebanese army in Abra near the southern city of Sidon in June 2013.

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Jumblat: Dialogue Must Focus on Activating Govt., Meeting Popular Demands

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat welcomed Monday Speaker Nabih Berri's call for dialogue while stressing that the talks should explore means to activate the government's work and meet the demands of the growing protest movement.

“We welcome this dialogue, which remains the only way to achieve accord among the Lebanese and to overcome the difficult challenges that Lebanon and the region are going through,” said Jumblat in his weekly editorial in the PSP's al-Anbaa newspaper.

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Bkirki Christian Summit Rejects Cabinet Resignation amid Presidential Vacuum

Christian spiritual leaders convened at Bkirki on Monday to voice their support for the cabinet of Prime Minister Tammam Salam, demanding an end to the ongoing vacuum in the presidency.

The gatherers said in a statement: “We reject the resignation of the government and support efforts to preserve it given the presidential vacuum.”

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Environment Minister Suspends Participation in Waste Management Committee

Environment Minister Mohammed al-Mashnouq refused on Monday to participate in the meetings of the ministerial committee tasked with studying the waste management crisis.

Al-Mashnouq asked Prime Minister Tammam Salam to appoint another minister in his place.

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2 Dead in Syrian Bus Crash on Masnaa Road

Two people were killed and 10 others were injured when a bus hit a concrete barrier on the main road of Masnaa in the eastern Bekaa Valley, the state-run National News Agency and the Traffic Management Center said on Monday.

The bus was carrying a Syrian license plate and the accident happened at 4:00 am, said NNA.

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