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Nazarian, Petroleum Administration Say Offshore Geological Data Wasn't Handed Over to Anyone

Energy and Water Minister Arthur Nazarian and the Lebanese Petroleum Administration stressed Wednesday that any data resulting from geological surveys for the country's offshore gas and oil “has not been handed over to any side,” refuting media reports.

This data “is the property of the Lebanese state, and the ministry and the administration are exerting efforts to maintain it and safeguard it in line with the applicable laws,” Nazarian and the LPA said in a joint statement.

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Ibrahim: No Regions Impenetrable against Entry of State Security Forces

General Security chief Abbas Ibrahim said that no political factions have opposed the implementation of the government-approved security plan in the eastern Bekaa region.

He told the General Security magazine in its latest issue: “No region in Lebanon is impenetrable against the entry of the state's security forces.”

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Kaag Meets Moqbel, Praises Army, Security Forces' Fight against Extremists

United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon Sigrid Kaag held talks on Wednesday with Defense Minister Samir Moqbel on the security situation in Lebanon.

She praised the efforts of the army and security forces in their efforts “to safeguard Lebanon’s security and stability from the threat posed by extremist militants.”

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Berri Compares Lebanon to Atom: If Split, Region Will Explode

Speaker Nabih Berri warned on Wednesday against plans to fragment the region, including Lebanon.

He said during his weekly meeting with lawmakers at his Ain el-Tineh residence: “Lebanon is like the atom. If it is split, then it will explode, as will the region around it.”

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Army: Total of 945 Suspects Arrested in February on Terror, Criminal Charges

The army announced on Wednesday that its units arrested a total of 945 suspects in February on terrorism and criminal charges.

The suspects, who range from a variety of nationalities, are involved in terrorism, shooting, assault, drug, and smuggling offenses.

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Lavrov Meets Bassil, Voices Opposition to Foreign Meddling in Lebanese Affairs

Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil held talks on Wednesday with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov on the latest developments in Lebanon and the region.

The Russian official stressed during the talks his country's support for Lebanon and its “opposition to meddling in its internal affairs.”

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Rifaat Eid Stresses: No Intention to Escalate Situation in Lebanon

A leading member of the Arab Democratic Party, Rifaat Eid, stressed on Wednesday that the party has no intention to escalate the situation in Lebanon, pointing out that political settlements are always held “on our blood.”

“There is no political interest for any Lebanese side to escalate the security situation,” Eid said in comments published in the pan-Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat.

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Report: Emmanuel Bonne to be Appointed French Ambassador to Beirut

French President Francois Hollande and Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius decided to appoint one of the Elysee Palace advisers as ambassador to Beirut, pan-Arab daily al-Hayat reported on Wednesday.

Informed sources told al-Hayat that the diplomat is Emmanuel Bonne, Hollande's adviser for North Africa, the Middle East and the United Nations.

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Geagea Described Presidential Crisis as 'Misery,' Blames Vacuum on Iran

Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea described the presidential deadlock as a “misery,” laying blame on Hizbullah-backer Iran and saying no solution was currently lying on the horizon .

“More than any other time Iran does not want a president for Lebanon unless he belonged to its camp,” Geagea told journalists who visited him in Maarab on Tuesday.

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Hizbullah-Bkirki Committee Meets in Dahiyeh, Talks Focus on Presidential Vacuum

The members of the committee tasked with following up on the dialogue between Bkirki and Hizbullah met again in Beirut's southern suburbs – Dahiyeh to follow up their latest meeting in February.

According to al-Joumhouria newspaper published on Wednesday, talks focused on the importance of electing a new head of state and fears of the ongoing vacuum.

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