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Geagea Rejects 'New Doha Accord', Says Talking to Mustaqbal on Aoun's Bid

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea has stressed that he rejects any inclination to forge a Doha Accord-like political settlement, warning that such a move would be “destructive.”

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Lebanese Army Slowly Crushing Extremists near Syria Border

In a remote corner of Lebanon near the border with Syria, Lebanese troops have been quietly making steady progress, fighting against Islamic extremists holed up in the rugged mountains.

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Joint Committees Fail to Draft Electoral Law, as Adwan Suggests MPs Vote for One

The joint parliamentary committees tasked with drafting an electoral law failed to achieve that purpose on Tuesday and scheduled the upcoming session to July 13.

Lebanese Forces MP George Adwan made a suggestion that MPs vote at the parliament's general secretariat for the electoral law they deem appropriate, otherwise reconsider the initiative launched by Speaker Nabih Berri.

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Tripoli MP Robert Fadel Submits Official Resignation

MP Robert Fadel submitted his written and official resignation on Wednesday and stressed that he will not carry on his duties as a lawmaker but at the same time assured that he will not give up on politics.

“From now on, I consider myself a resigned MP and I will not carry out my duties as a lawmaker,” said Fadel after submitting his resignation to the parliament's general secretariat.

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Kaag Visits Refugee Camp of Rashidieh, Expresses Worry over Living Conditions

United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon Sigrid Kaag expressed concern over the dire living conditions in the Palestinian refugee camp of Rashidieh in southern Lebanon, a statement said on Wednesday.

Kaag expressed her concern and "reaffirmed that the United Nations, through UNWRA, will continue to support Palestine refugees hosted in Lebanon," the statement said.

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Gunfight Dispute between Two Families in Dahiyeh Injures a Man

A man was injured in the head in a gunfight dispute that erupted in south Beirut's neighborhood of al-Jamous, the state-run National News Agency reported on Wednesday.

According to NNA, the fighting broke out between the Jaafar and Moqdad families at midnight in the Dahiyeh neighborhood.

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Report: Petroleum Authority Says Lebanon's Southern Oil Fields are 'Promising'

Lebanon's oil exploration file is back to the forefront after it was shadowed by the overall paralysis governing the country, at a time when Israel is about to start its oil production which threatens to syphon off Lebanon's oil and gas where the fields overlap.

Lebanon's petroleum authority has finally obtained “seismic” surveys conducted by one of the foreign companies tasked since 2002 for that purpose. The surveys show that the oil reservoirs in the southern region are promising especially blocs 8 and 9, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Wednesday.

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PM Says Govt. 'Incompetent' but Won't Quit and 'Plunge Country into Vacuum'

Prime Minister Tammam Salam admitted Tuesday that his government is “fruitless and incompetent” but stressed that he will not resign out of fear that the country would plunge into total political vacuum in the absence of a president.

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Ain Saadeh Gas Station Attacked after Brawl between Sons of ex-MP, Saudi Prince

Gunmen attacked a gas station in the Northern Metn town of Ain Saadeh on Tuesday following a brawl between the son of a former Lebanese MP and the son of a Saudi prince, state-run National News Agency reported.

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Hariri Slams Hizbullah, Iran over Anti-Bahrain Stances

Al-Mustaqbal movement leader ex-PM Saad Hariri lashed out Tuesday at Iran and its Lebanese ally Hizbullah over their virulent tirades against Bahrain in the wake of the kingdom's revocation of the citizenship of a top Shiite cleric.

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