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Lebanon Delays Sadr Case Ruling Pending Proof Gadhafi Dead

A Lebanese court on Friday delayed its verdict in a case alleging Moammar Gadhafi’s involvement in the 1978 disappearance of prominent Shiite cleric Imam Moussa Sadr, pending confirmation of the Libyan leader's death.

"Local, regional and international media on October 20 reported the killing of Colonel Moammar Gadhafi, who is wanted in the case" of the disappearance of Sadr and three others, a court statement read.

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Ali Meets Berri: Int'l Pressure Will Crumble before Syrian National Unity

The Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdul Karim Ali stressed on Friday that Syrian President Bashar Assad is implementing reform despite the media uproar indicating the contrary.

He said after holding talks with Speaker Nabih Berri: “The international pressure against Syria will crumble before its national unity and its leadership’s responsible policies towards all challenges.”

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Miqati Picture Burned, Hizbullah Warned in Tripoli Anti-Assad Demo

Some 150 Lebanese and Syrian protesters gathered in the northern city of Tripoli Friday to demand Syria's President Bashar al-Assad step down and warning his Lebanese ally, Hizbullah, that it would be next.

Chanting "Down with Bashar al-Assad" and "Your turn is next, Hizbullah," they gathered outside the local Qubba mosque before making their way through the densely populated city.

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Israeli Troops Infiltrate Lebanese Section of Ghajar

An Israeli army unit infiltrated the Lebanese section of the southern village of Ghajar on Friday, accompanied by over flights by its surveillance planes, reported the National News Agency.

The army unit, comprised of foot soldiers and armored vehicles, conducted surveillance operations in the village for about an hour and they also inspected the electronic fence near the area.

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Student Slightly Injured as Gunman Opens Fire at LU in Tripoli

A former student, who allegedly suffers from mental problems, opened fire inside the Lebanese University’s Faculty of Sciences in the northern city of Tripoli Friday, slightly injuring a student.

The LU administration said in a statement that the former student entered the faculty in the morning stashing a firearm in a bag.

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Opposition Insists on Toppling Cabinet, Coordinating Stances

The March 14-led opposition is seeking to withdraw confidence from Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour in its attempt to topple the government, Ad-Diyar newspaper reported on Friday.

Opposition sources told the daily that the government’s position at the Arab League foreign ministers meeting in Cairo on Syria proved that the cabinet is dominated by Hizbullah and the March 8 forces.

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Report: Al-Rashidiyeh Camp Salafists Behind Tyre Bomb Blasts

Salafists based in the Palestinian refugee camp of al-Rashidiyeh might be behind the bombings that targeted a hotel and a liquor store in the southern city of Tyre, An Nahar daily reported Friday.

The newspaper said investigators have found unconfirmed leads that Salafist groups in al-Rashidiyeh could have bombed the Queen Elissa hotel and the shop on Wednesday in an effort to combat the liquor trade in the area.

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Charbel ‘Provoked’ by the Use of Security Officers to Meet Needs of Officials’ Families

Interior Minister Marwan Charbel has said he was provoked by the fact that officials were using security officers for their own protection rather than putting them in the service of security missions.

In remarks to al-Mustaqbal newspaper on Friday, Charbel said: “The interior ministry is suffering from a huge lack in the number of policemen.”

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Minimum Wage Hike Faces Controversial Debate, GLC Rejects Proposal by Nahhas

The controversial increase on the minimum wage hasn’t reached a safe haven yet, as the package proposed by Labor Minister Charbel Nahhas was rejected by the General Labor Confederation with a reluctant flexibility by the private sector.

“Prime Minister (Najib Miqati) is seeking to take this matter forward to reach common grounds,” the premier’s sources told As Safir newspaper on Friday.

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Miqati Sources on Aridi’s Accusations: Problem Shouldn’t be Solved Through Media

Premier Najib Miqati’s sources have stressed that disagreements between Public Works Minister Ghazi Aridi and Finance Minister Mohammed Safadi should be solved away from the media glare.

In remarks to al-Liwaa daily published Friday, the sources said: “This problem should not be solved through the media.”

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