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Dozens of Syrian Refugees Flee into Akroum, Wadi Khaled

Dozens of Syrian refugees, including one suffering gunshot wounds, poured into northern Lebanon on Monday, as shooting was heard and smoke billowed across the border.

"Some 12 families have crossed into Lebanon from the border town of Hitt," said Mohammed al-Khatib, a van driver who had been transferring the refugees from the crossing into the northern Lebanese areas of Akroum and Wadi Khaled.

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Jumblat on Occasion of Eid al-Fitr Salutes Hizbullah, Arab Spring Martyrs

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat congratulated on Monday all officials, clergymen, and citizens on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr.

On this note, he saluted the families of resistance fighters whose sons were martyred in the July 2006 war.

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Miqati: Army is above Political Disputes

Prime Minister Najib Miqati commended on Monday the army for its efforts in maintaining security in Lebanon, stressing that all sides should protect the army and security forces from any meddling.

He said after holding talks with Army Commander General Jean Qahwaji: “The military institution is above the political disputes and everyone should address it based on that position.”

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Austria to Send 160 Troops to UNIFIL Mission

Austria will send 160 peacekeeping troops to Lebanon as part of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon starting in November, the defense ministry announced Monday.

The troops were due to help with supply logistics for the UNIFIL mission.

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Report: No Political Motive Behind Kidnapping of 2 Syrians in Bekaa

Lebanese security forces have found some clues on who stands behind the kidnapping of two Syrian nationals last week although high-ranking security sources have ruled out any political motive behind their abduction.

Three gunmen kidnapped Mohammad Ayman Ammar, 49 and Nour Jamil Qadoura, 30, in the Bekaa valley town of Bar Elias on Friday after they intercepted their Jaguar upon entering Lebanon from Syria.

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FPM, PSP Tone Down Rhetoric but Bassil Rejects Compromises on Electricity Plan

The Free Patriotic Movement and Progressive Socialist Party have toned down their rhetoric but continued to hold onto their stances on the electricity draft law that has threatened disunity in the cabinet.

Energy Minister Jebran Bassil, who is FPM chief Michel Aoun’s son-in-law, told As Safir daily that he is ready to give more explanations to cabinet ministers on the electricity project to find the suitable solution to the crisis.

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Nahhas: Consultations Aimed at Finding Consensus, Not Making Political Gains

Economy Minister Nicolas Nahhas confirmed on Monday that he was tasked with bridging differences among top officials on an electricity project that has threatened the unity of the government.

In remarks to As Safir daily, Nahhas said Premier Najib Miqati urged him to hold consultations with officials in an attempt to find a consensual formula ahead of a Sept. 7 cabinet session to discuss the electricity draft law.

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Mansour Says Disavowing from Arab League Statement wasn’t in Harmony with Syria

Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour said on Monday the Arab League Ministerial council has decided to send its Chief Nabil al-Arabi to Damascus to launch dialogue with the Syrian regime.

“The ministerial meeting discussed the latest developments in Syria and ended with an agreement that no statement would be published or made to the press,” Mansour told al-Liwaa newspaper.

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Miqati Rejects Aoun’s Threats, Says Saudi Officials Didn’t Criticize his Performance

Premier Najib Miqati rejected threats made by Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun to withdraw his ministers from the cabinet if it didn’t approve the electricity plan, saying this could create a precedence that would turn the government useless.

In remarks to As Safir daily published Monday, Miqati said: “This equation is totally rejected. Accepting it would create a dangerous precedence on the level of institutional work.”

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Syria Forbids 3 Opposition Figures from Traveling to Lebanon

Syrian authorities pursuing a crackdown against President Bashar Assad's critics banned three prominent opposition figures from leaving the country Sunday.

Michel Kilo, Loay Hussein and Fayez Sara were on their way to neighboring Lebanon to take part in a televised panel discussion when they were told by Syrian immigration authorities at the border that they were prohibited from leaving out of concern for their safety in Lebanon.

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