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Politicians, Activists in Open Letter to Ahmadinejad: Don't Meddle in Lebanese Affairs

Lebanese politicians and members of civil society issued an open letter to Iran's president on Tuesday, accusing him on the eve of his official visit to Lebanon of meddling in the country's affairs.

The letter was signed by some 250 people, among them former MPs close to the Western-backed parliamentary majority, doctors, teachers and journalists. It lashed out at Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over Iran's support of Lebanon's Shiite armed group Hizbullah.

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Hariri Sponsors Reconciliation Ceremony for Aley Villages, Calls for Fortifying Civil Peace via Calm, Dialogue

Prime Minister Saad Hariri sponsored and attended Tuesday at the Grand Serail the signing ceremony of the reconciliation and return agreement for the towns of Abay, Bennieh and Ain Drafil in the district of Aley.

The ceremony was attended by Minister of the Displaced Akram Shehayeb, MPs Chant Gengenian, Fadi al-Habr, Dori Chamoun, Henri Helou, Fouad al-Saad and Alain Aoun, President of the Central Fund of the Displaced Fadi Aramouni and the Director General of the Ministry of the Displaced Ahmed Mahmoud, Marwan Abu Fadel representing MP Talal Arslan and members of return committees in the three towns.

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Geagea: Hizbullah Weapons are Biggest Cause for Strife

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea on Tuesday said Hizbullah weapons are "the biggest cause for strife."

"They say that the issue of false witnesses will cause strife in Lebanon. No. You are a cause for unrest. Hizbullah weapons, to us, are the biggest cause for strife," Geagea said at a press conference from Maarab.

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Qahwaji: Warns of Risks of Security Manipulation …Light Weapons in Nearly Every House

Lebanese Army Commander Gen. Jean Qahwaji warned of the risks of security manipulation and said he was careful when going into issues like the International Tribunal and the indictment and from the problems that could come with them, Al-Akhbar newspaper said Tuesday.

It said Qahwaji has sent messages to the various Lebanese political leaders warning them of the "risks of security manipulation."

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Arslan: Discriminatory Justice Justifies and Encourages Civil Disobedience

Lebanese Democratic Party leader MP Talal Arslan on Monday noted that "the most worrying thing today is what's being written by the Israeli press about Prime Minister Saad Hariri, especially has been published by the Yediot Ahronot newspaper, which clearly shows how angry are the Israelis over his (Hariri's) policy of openness toward Syria and cooperation with Hizbullah – a policy that completely contradicts with Israel's objectives in Lebanon."

Israeli Army "Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi has promised us of a new round of destruction that will blow up cascades of tears and blood," Arslan warned.

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Sayyed: Legal Description of False Witnesses Crime Places it under Legal Council's Jurisdiction

Major General Jamil al-Sayyed criticized on Monday Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar's report on the false witnesses file, saying that a number of major facts have been omitted.

He said in a statement that the justice minister affirmed that a number of false witnesses, Mohammed Zuhair al-Siddiq and Husam Husam in particular, were not summoned before the Lebanese judiciary, but only the international investigation took their testimony.

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Lebanese Flag Makes World Record

Having breezed through several world records in the culinary field Lebanon has now gone for the big one -- the world's largest national flag, and so huge it needed an airfield.

The Lebanese military on Sunday released a picture taken from the air of the massive flag, stitched in Kuwait, assembled in Lebanon and covering 65,000 square meters (645,600 square feet) "unfurled."

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Oqab Saqr: They Fabricated False Witnesses to Destroy Us

Lebanon First MP Oqab Saqr on Monday accused the Opposition of fabricating false witnesses to "destroy us."

Saqr warned he has "more files that condemn others but we won't disclose them now."

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Siddiq: I'm in a European Country under U.N. Protection

A Syrian agent who allegedly misled a U.N. probe into the killing of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri said Monday that he is living in a European country under the protection of the United Nations.

"I'm living in a European country to save my life," Siddiq said in an oversees telephone call he made to Al-Jadeed television.

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Geagea Calls on FM Ali Shami to Resign

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea called on Foreign Minister Ali al-Shami to resign if he failed to ensure absentee voting.

March 14 forces are "very much surprised" by Foreign Minister Ali al-Shami's stance, Geagea said in remarks published Monday by the daily Al-Liwaa.

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