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Arab-Israeli Gets 9 Years for Allegedly Spying for Hizbullah

A prominent Arab-Israeli human rights activist was sentenced to nine years in jail on Sunday after pleading guilty to spying for Hizbullah, an Israeli court official said.

Ameer Makhoul was convicted last October of espionage and aggravated espionage on the basis of a plea bargain in which the prosecution dropped a charge of assisting the enemy in time of war.

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March 8 Reportedly Agreeing on Cabinet Shares Excluding March 14

Prime Minister Designate Najib Miqati and the March 8 forces are making strong efforts to distribute portfolios among the alliance’s members excluding the March 14 forces, An Nahar daily reported Sunday.

The newspaper said that former Minister Naji Boustani would most likely have a portfolio from President Michel Suleiman’s share in the government. Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun is also seeking to bring back Jebran Bassil and Charbel Nahhas to the cabinet, it said.

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Lebanon Ambassador in Egypt Says Lebanese Unhurt, Additional MEA Flights to Evacuate Citizens

Lebanon’s ambassador to Cairo Khaled Ziade has informed Caretaker Foreign Minister Ali al-Shami that Lebanese citizens in Egypt were unhurt following violent demonstrations against the Mubarak regime.

Shami’s office said in a statement that the Caretaker foreign minister was following up closely the situation of the Lebanese community in Egypt.

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Report: Miqati Informed Ambassadors his Rejection to Compromise on Any Political Issue

Premier-designate Najib Miqati met with more than 10 ambassadors in the past two days amid a report that he informed them about his rejection to compromise on any political issue.

Pan-Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat quoted Western diplomatic sources as saying on Sunday that Miqati told the ambassadors that “he didn’t intend to compromise on any political file.”

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Miqati Says No Cabinet Before Exerting All Efforts to Include March 14 in it

Prime Minister designate Najib Miqati has stressed he won’t form a cabinet before exerting all efforts to include March 14 members in the new government.

In remarks to An Nahar daily published Sunday, Miqati said he would form a technocrat government that would include independent political figures with good ties with all sides if al-Mustaqbal bloc and the rest of the March 14 forces refuse to participate in the cabinet.

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UK Ambassador Hopes Miqati's Govt Will Abide by U.N. Resolutions

British Ambassador to Lebanon Frances Guy on Saturday held talks with Prime Minister-designate Najib Miqati.

After the meeting, Guy said she conveyed to Miqati London's hopes that the upcoming government would continue to respect Lebanon's commitments to U.N. Security Council resolutions, especially UNSCRs 1701 and 1757.

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Hariri Says Ousted by 'Foreign Orders', Not Parliamentary Consultations

Outgoing premier Saad Hariri on Saturday held broad consultations with March 14 leaders and economic and popular figures before presiding over a meeting for Mustaqbal Movement's politburo that was dedicated to discussing the latest political developments, his press office said.

"The Mustaqbal Movement stresses its commitment to the democratic course," a statement issued after Mustaqbal's politburo meeting said, noting that "the parliamentary consultations conducted by the president" were held amid "fierce foreign pressures aimed at changing the rules of the democratic game."

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UNIFIL: Latest Developments Don’t Threaten Lebanon’s Future

United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon commander General Alberto Asarta expressed optimism that the Lebanese will be able to resolve their internal disputes without foreign intervention.

He said in an interview to the daily An Nahar published Saturday that the latest developments in Lebanon will not pose a danger to the country’s future or UNIFIL troops deployed in the South, which he said is “still the most stable region in Lebanon.”

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Hariri to Miqati: I Haven’t Agreed to a Thing as Long as Saudi-Syrian-Turkish-Qatari Efforts Have Failed

Sources close to caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri revealed that he had informed Prime Minister-designate Najib Miqati during the parliamentary consultations “that I have not agreed on anything” as long as the Saudi-Syrian initiative and the Qatari-Turkish efforts to end the Lebanese political crisis have failed, reported the pan-Arab daily al-Hayat Saturday.

He added addressing Miqati: “Based on that, no one should put words in my mouth or quote me as saying that I have agreed to this point or that. I ask you not to quote me as agreeing on anything as I gave not agreed to a thing and anything other than that is not true.”

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Saudi Arabia: Travel Warning to Our Citizens was Related to Events at the Time, Today it No Longer Stands

Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Awadh Asiri stated on Friday that the Kingdom’s travel warning for its citizens against heading to Lebanon was related to events at the time, but now that matters have calmed down, it is no longer necessary.

The ambassador made his statements after holding talks with Prime Minister-designate Najib Miqati.

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