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Report: Three Hizbullah Members Killed in Nusra Front Attack on Border Town

Three Hizbullah members have been killed on Wednesday in an attack by the Islamist al-Nusra Front in a border town between Lebanon and Syria, the Turkish state-run Anadolu agency reported.

"The attack targeted a Hizbullah patrol in (the Bekaa border town of) Zeeta, killing three of the party's members,” informed sources told Anadolu.

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Plumbly Meets Gemayel, Encourages All Sides to Make Every Effort to Reach Consensus on Electoral Law

United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon Derek Plumbly stressed on Wednesday the need for the parliamentary elections to be held “within the constitutional and legal timeframe” in order to maintain democracy and stability in Lebanon.

He said after holding talks with Phalange Party leader Amin Gemayel: “We encourage all political parties in Lebanon to make every effort to achieve consensus on a new electoral law.”

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Health Minister Cancels Contract with Shifa Hospital over Child's Death

Health Minister Ali Hasan Khalil on Wednesday issued a decree to cancel the contract with al-Shifa hospital in Tripoli after it refused to treat two-year-old Momen Khaled al-Mohammed, radio Voice of Lebanon (93.3) reported.

Khalil elaborated in a released statement: “The investigation's report confirm the hospital did not admit the child for illegal reasons despite him being in urgent need for treatment”.

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Cabinet Grants Miqati Power to Decide on Transfer of Telecom Data to Security Agencies

Cabinet granted on Wednesday Prime Minister Najib Miqati the power to decide on the transfer of telecommunications data to security agencies despite the objection of a number of ministers.

The requested data dates from January 15 to May 15, 2012.

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Mansour from Russia: Foreign Meddling in Syria Deepens Crisis

Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour urged on Wednesday the need to halt the violence in Syria and launch political dialogue, which alone can help end the country's crisis.

He said: “Foreign meddling in Syria will only deepen the crisis and not end it.”

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Aoun Holds onto Orthodox Proposal, Says its Adoption Didn’t Violate Opponents' Rights

Free Patriotic Movement chief Michel Aoun backed on Wednesday a decision by Speaker Nabih Berri to allow rival lawmakers to reach consensus on an electoral draft-law but he stuck to his support for the so-called Orthodox Gathering proposal.

“If there is no other draft-law that would be just for all sects … then there is no problem in going ahead with the Orthodox Gathering proposal,” Aoun said following talks with Berri in Ain el-Tineh.

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Military Court Demands Death Penalty for Samaha, Mamlouk on Terrorism Charges

The Military Tribunal issued on Wednesday an indictment against former Minister Michel Samaha and a Syrian official on charges of planning to carry out terrorist attacks in Lebanon.

First Military Investigation Judge Riyad Abu Ghida indicted Samaha and Syrian security official Ali Mamlouk on terrorism charges.

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Suleiman Disavows Aoun's Bahrain Remarks, Reiterates Baabda Declaration Commitment

President Michel Suleiman called on Wednesday for the commitment to the Baabda Declaration, saying statements made by Lebanese politicians against Bahrain don't reflect the government's policy.

Addressing cabinet ministers during a session held at Baabda palace, Suleiman said: “We hold onto the best of ties with Bahrain and its government.”

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Israeli Official 'Mocks' Europe’s Inability to Blacklist Hizbullah

Civil Defense Minister Avi Dichter mocked discussions by the European Union on blacklisting Hizbullah, describing them as a “charade.”

Dichter accused the European countries that reject labeling Hizbullah as a terrorist organization as “unrealistic.”

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Firefighters Douse Blaze at Zqaq al-Blat Warehouse

Firefighters succeeded on Wednesday in extinguishing a fire that broke out in a warehouse in Beirut's Zqaq al-Blat neighborhood, reported the National News Agency.

The Beirut firefighting department doused the blaze that broke out in a computer warehouse.

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