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Beirut Municipality to Install CCTVs across City, Stage Patrols with ISF

The Beirut Municipality on Thursday decided to install CCTV security cameras across the capital due to the "extraordinary" security situation and to stage joint patrols with the Internal Security Forces.

"Given that security in the capital is a red line and that the national duty requires taking extraordinary measures to boost citizens' confidence in the security situation, we have decided to install a network of cameras that would cover Beirut's streets and which would be linked to a modern control room," Beirut Municipality chief Bilal Hamad said at a press conference following an emergency meeting for the municipal council.

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U.S. Ambassador-Designate David Hale Arrives in Lebanon

Ambassador-designate David Hale arrived in Lebanon on Thursday following confirmation of his appointment by the U.S. Senate on August 1.

Upon his arrival, he said: “I return at a time when there are serious political and security challenges facing Lebanon and the broader region, but I know that the people of Lebanon remain committed, as they were a quarter a century ago, to maintaining true independence, unity, prosperity, and security throughout the entire country.”

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Germany Stresses its Support to Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle revealed on Thursday that his country has started to receive 5,000 Syrians who were forced to flee their country over the ongoing conflict there.

He added that he supports Lebanon's efforts to assist the refugees, saying that Germany recently paid 30 million euros in aid for their cause.

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Sheikh Minkara Detained in Connection to Tripoli Bombings

Head of the pro-Syria Islamic Tawhid Movement-Command Council Sheikh Hashem Minkara was detained on Thursday over “withholding information” related to the deadly bombings that rocked the northern city of Tripoli, reported the National News Agency.

State Commissioner to the Military Court Judge Saqr Saqr ordered his detention for investigation in the case.

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Israel Warns Damascus against Any Attack by Hizbullah

Israel warned on Thursday Syria of any attack carried out by Hizbullah against the Jewish state in the coming days to respond to an expected Western attack, saying that is Damascus will be held responsible.

“They cannot play the game that Hizbullah is somehow an independent actor,” the Jerusalem Post quoted an Israeli official as saying.

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Charbel: Suleiman to Discuss Refugee Crisis with World Leaders in September

Caretaker Interior Minister Marwan Charbel revealed that President Michel Suleiman will ask for more assistance from the international community next month to deal with the crisis of Syrian refugees fleeing to Lebanon.

In remarks to al-Mustaqbal newspaper published on Thursday, Charbel said Suleiman will discuss with top world leaders at the U.N. General Assembly session the importance of assisting Lebanon over its failure to deal with the growing number of refugees.

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Investigations in Tripoli Twin Blasts Ongoing as Main Suspect Fails Lie Detection Test

Investigations are ongoing in the twin bombings that targeted the northern city of Tripoli as the Internal Security Forces Intelligence Bureau is analyzing the telecom data within a limited timeframe.

According to An Nahar newspaper published on Thursday, Sheikh Ahmed al-Gharib, the main suspect in the case, denied at the beginning of the investigations his prior knowledge about the bombings that targeted two mosques in Tripoli.

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Top Leaders Mull Expanding Authorities of Resigned Government

The country's top officials are discussing ways to expand the authorities of the resigned government to confront the political, security and economic challenges amid the failure to form a new cabinet, a ministerial source said Thursday.

The source told al-Akhbar newspaper that President Michel Suleiman, Speaker Nabih Berri, Caretaker Premier Najib Miqati and several other officials are mulling to expand the powers of the caretaker cabinet to allow it to take a series of measures amid deteriorating security and economic conditions.

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Syria Wants Lebanon To 'Stay Out' of Its War

Syria on Wednesday said it wants Lebanon “to stay out” of its ongoing war, amid reports about an anticipated western strike on the neighboring country.

"We want Lebanon to stay away from the negative repercussions that are affecting the region,” Syria's ambassador to the United Nations Bashar al-Jaafari stated in a speech he gave at the headquarters of the U.N. in New York.

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ISF Calls for Placing 'Identification Cards' on Parked Cars

Security forces ordered Lebanese citizens on Wednesday to place an identification card on their cars amid the security scare in the country following the recent bombings.

"We urge citizens who leave their cars in infrequent parking locations to put cards that identify the owners of these vehicles,” the general-directorate of the Internal Security Forces said in a released statement.

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