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Army Foils Attempt to Smuggle Wanted Suspect in Tripoli

The army detained on Sunday a wanted suspect in al-Mankoubeen area in the northern city of Tripoli after an attempt by some residents to smuggle him.

According to the state-run National News Agency, a quarrel occurred between the army and a wanted suspect on the international highway in al-Badawi, which links Tripoli with the northern district of Akkar and the Syrian border.

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Alleged Bid to Assassinate Berri Aims at Inciting Sunni-Shiite Strife

The alleged plot to assassinate Speaker Nabih Berri aims at destabilizing the country and inciting a Sunni-Shiite strife, the pan-Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat reported on Sunday.

AMAL Movement, Development and Liberation bloc, MP Ali Khreis told the daily that Berri's assassination bid aims at causing chaos in Lebanon and creating a Sunni-Shiite strife.

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Report: Hizbullah Seeks to Block Extension of Suleiman's Tenure

Hizullah is seeking to prevent any attempts to renew the tenure of President Michel Suleiman by targeting him directly in its statements, media reports said on Sunday.

Sources said in comments published in An Nahar newspaper on Sunday that the strong rhetoric that Hizbullah used in its statement on Saturday to reply to Suleiman's remarks was “unprecedented.”

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Saniora Urges Mustaqbal MPs Not to Enter into Debate with March 8 Coalition

Head of al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc MP Fouad Saniora called on lawmakers not to engage in an argument with the March 8 alliance over the controversial ministerial policy statement.

According to the pan-Arab daily al-Hayat, published on Sunday, the Mustaqbal movement wants to avoid further arguments with its political foes.

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Hizbullah Says Baabda Palace Requires 'Special Care,' Suleiman Responds: We Need Acknowledging Consensus over Declaration

President Michel Suleiman stated on Saturday that what Baabda Palace needs is acknowledging the unanimous consensus over the Baabda Declaration that was reached inside its premises.

Suleiman's statement on Twitter came as a response to Hizbullah that said earlier in the day that Baabda Palace has come to require “special care."

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Suspected Libyan National Arrested near Interior Ministry

A Libyan national was arrested on Saturday in front of the ministry of interior in Beirut's al-Sanayeh neighborhood, after suspecting his movements in the area.

"Security forces arrested a Libyan national near the Interior Ministry after he was placed under suspicion," the state-run National News Agency reported.

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Naim Qassem: Lebanon Does Not Exist, is Worthless without the Resistance

Hizbullah deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem stated on Saturday that “Lebanon is worthless without the resistance,” assuring that it will be mentioned in the ministerial policy statement.

"Lebanon owns its resistance for deterring Israel,” Qassem said at a Hizbullah event.

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Mashnouq Closes Bir Hassan Gas Stations over Terrorist Attack Reports

Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq ordered on Saturday the closure of the gas distribution stations in the Bir Hassan area in Beirut after investigations with detained extremists revealed that the spot could be a target of a terrorist attack, the state-run National News Agency said.

The ministry issued a statement saying that investigations with some extremist detainees revealed that two gas stations in the area could be targeted by suicide-bombers.

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Suleiman: Shelling of Lebanese Border Towns Attempt to Drag Country to Syrian Crisis

President Michel Suleiman condemned on Saturday the latest shelling of Lebanese towns bordering Syria in the Bekaa region.

He said: “The shelling is an attempt to drag Lebanon towards the Syrian crisis.”

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Ban Urges Staging Presidential, Parliamentary Elections, Respecting Baabda Declaration

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon hailed the formation of a new Lebanese government, hoping that it will pave the way for Lebanon to meet its constitutional deadlines.

He hoped that Lebanon will hold the presidential and parliamentary elections on time, as well as respect the Baabda Declaration.

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