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Netanyahu Says 'Border Tunnels' Operation to 'Continue as Long as Necessary'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Tuesday that an operation launched by the Israeli army on Lebanon’s border to destroy suspected Hizbullah tunnels would continue “as long as necessary.”

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Hizbullah, PSP Say Avoiding 'Any Security Setback' is 'Common Concern'

A Progressive Socialist Party delegation held talks Tuesday in Dahiyeh with Hizbullah secretary-general’s political aide Hussein al-Khalil and Hizbullah coordination and liaison chief Wafiq Safa.

“The meeting was characterized by a spirit of understanding and frankness and it was particularly important because of the circumstances that the country has witnessed,” ex-minister Ghazi Aridi of the PSP said after the talks.

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Aoun Asks Security Agencies to 'Closely Monitor' Situation in South

President Michel Aoun on Tuesday called on Lebanon’s military and security agencies to “closely monitor” the situation in south Lebanon, after Israel launched an operation against alleged Hizbullah tunnels on its side of the border.

After following up on the developments, the president held a series of phone calls that involved Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri and Army Commander General Joseph Aoun, the National News Agency said.

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U.S. Says It 'Strongly' Backs Israel Operation against Suspected Hizbullah Tunnels

The White House gave full backing Tuesday to an Israeli army operation to destroy tunnels allegedly built by Hizbullah under the border with Lebanon.

President Donald Trump's national security adviser John Bolton said that "the U.S. strongly supports Israel's efforts to defend its sovereignty."

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UNIFIL's Statement in Connection with Israeli Activities South of Blue Line

UNIFIL was informed by the Israeli army this morning that they have started activities south of the Blue Line to look for suspected tunnels, a UNIFIL statement said on Tuesday.

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Khatib Meets Ahmed Hariri in Aftermaths of Jahliyeh Incident

Caretaker Minister of Environment Tarek Khatib leading a Free Patriotic Movement delegation visited the Secretary General of al-Mustaqbal Movement, Ahmad Hariri in Qantari in the aftermaths of the Jahliyeh incident.

“We carry a message from the FPM chief, (caretaker) Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil to al-Mustaqbal Movement and all the parties in the Mountain region and the homeland, that it is not in our ethics to insult fellow political figures in the country,” said Khatib.

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Report: Hizbullah a Key Player in Lebanon and the Region

Lebanon's Hizbullah, which Israel accused Tuesday of digging cross-border "attack tunnels", has grown considerably as a domestic political player and a regional military power since its foundation three decades ago.

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Report: Hariri, Khalil Discuss Jahliyeh Incident in Phone Talks

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri and Hajj Hussein Khalil, political advisor of Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah, reportedly held talks over Saturday’s Jahliyeh incident and the repercussions as a result, al-Akhbar daily said on Tuesday.

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Saudi Embassy Replies to Wahhab

The Saudi Arabian embassy in Lebanon refuted on Tuesday the “claims” made by head of the Tawhid Party, Wiam Wahhab, affirming the Saudi keenness on Lebanon’s “stability and unity.”

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Israel Launches Operation to Cut off 'Hizbullah Border Tunnels'

Israel's army said Tuesday it had detected Hizbullah tunnels infiltrating its territory from Lebanon and launched an operation to destroy them, a move likely to raise tensions with the Iran-backed group.

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