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Germany Rejects Asylum Claim by Deported Lebanese Convict

German officials have rejected an asylum request from a Lebanese man who was convicted of drug dealing and deported but then returned to Germany.

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said Friday that the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees had rejected Ibrahim Miri's application as "clearly unfounded" and authorities are preparing to deport him again.

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World Bank Regional Chief Urges Lebanon to Form Govt. 'within a Week'

The World Bank's regional director on Friday urged Lebanon to form a new Cabinet "within a week" to prevent further degradation and loss of confidence in its economy.

Saroj Kumar Jha told The Associated Press that the World Bank observed in recent weeks increasing risks to Lebanon's economic and financial stability.

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Qassem Says Hizbullah to Have Active Role in Govt., Urges 'Salvation' Cabinet

Hizbullah deputy chief Sheikh Naim Qassem on Friday said his part is “effectively taking part in the consultations with the heads of the parliamentary blocs and the relevant officials with the aim of forming the (new) government.”

“We hope the final format for the premier and the government will emerge soon,” Qassem added.

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Lebanese Banks Close for 2 Extra Days amid Financial Turmoil

Lebanon's National News Agency reported Friday that the country's banks will be closed for two extra days over the weekend amid deepening turmoil and public anxiety over liquidity and sustained anti-government protests.

NNA said the banks will be closed both on Saturday and Monday, along with the regular Sunday closure for the weekend.

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Dollar-Strapped Lebanon Hospitals Threaten to Refuse Patients

Hospitals in Lebanon on Friday threatened to stop receiving patients over a dollar shortage impeding medicine imports.

For two decades until several weeks ago, the Lebanese dollar has been pegged to the greenback, and both currencies were used interchangeably in daily life.

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Bassil's Lawyer Says Graft Lawsuit Part of 'Defamation Campaign'

Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil’s lawyer Majed Boueiz on Friday described a graft lawsuit filed against the FPM leader as part of a “defamation campaign” targeting him.

“Some media outlets have published a report saying that a lawyer has filed a false lawsuit against minister Bassil over alleged and baseless offences,” Boueiz said.

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Lebanon Pupils Skip School for 3rd Day to Demand Change

Thousands of high school students across Lebanon skipped classes Friday for a third day in a row to carry on the flame of the country's anti-graft movement.

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In Lebanon's Streets, Women Denounce a Double Burden

Marching along with hundreds of other women in Lebanon's capital, 41-year-old Sahar says she had twice the reasons to join in the nation's mass anti-system protests than any man.

"As women, we're doubly oppressed," she said passionately, while around her hundreds waved Lebanese flags and chanted against the patriarchy.

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Aoun Discusses Lebanon Developments with EU Ambassador

President Michel Aoun held talks with Ambassador of the European Union to Lebanon, Ralph Tarraf where talks highlighted the EU’s position from the developments in Lebanon and the issue of thousands of Syrian refugees.

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Lawyer Files 'Illicit Enrichment’ Case against Bassil

A Lebanese lawyer filed a lawsuit on Friday against caretaker Minister Jebran Bassil accusing him of "embezzlement, money laundering and illicit enrichment."

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