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Explosion on Rooftop of Akkar House Occupied by Syrian Refugees

An explosion took place on the rooftop of a house in Akkar's Sheikh Lar village and no injuries were reported, the National News Agency said on Monday.

“The explosion fractured and disconnected several parts of the house that fell on the residents without injuring them,” the NNA explained, noting that the house is occupied by two Syrian families, two mothers and eight children, who have fled the war in their country.

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Electoral Subcommittee Finishes 1st Round of Meetings, Submits Report to Berri

The parliamentary subcommittee tasked with debating the country's next electoral law on Monday finished its first round of talks after it held nine meetings without being able to reach consensus among its members, as the Free Patriotic Movement insisted that the proceedings of the meetings were wrapped up and that the Orthodox Gathering's proposal received the approval of the majority of conferees.

“The subcommittee discussed today the draft of the report that wraps up the proceedings of the first phase and which will be submitted to the parliament speaker. Meetings will resume on Tuesday morning,” MP Robert Ghanem told reporters after the meeting.

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Road Blocked outside French Embassy as Miqati Calls Paoli, Slams Delay in Freeing Abdallah

Demonstrators blocked the road outside the French embassy in Beirut on Monday after a French court postponed the release of Lebanese leftist militant George Abdallah, who has spent 28 years in jail, as Prime Minister Najib Miqati condemned the “unjustified” delay.

Dozens of leftist protesters and supporters of Abdallah rallied in front of Paris' embassy in the Mathaf area, condemning the policies of France and accusing it of being a proxy for the United States, which has openly rejected the release of the Lebanese activist.

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Gemayel Says Marginalizing Christians No Longer Acceptable, Urges March 14 to Propose Alternatives

The Phalange Party said on Monday that it is open to discuss any electoral law provided that it does not marginalize Christians' votes.

"We reject an election held based on the 1960 law,” MP Sami Gemayel said after the weekly meeting of the party's political bureau.

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Daryl Mundis Appointed as STL Deputy Registrar

Daryl Mundis was appointed this week as Deputy Registrar for the U.N.-backed Special Tribunal for Lebanon probing the 2005 assassination of former premier Rafik Hariri, the STL said on Monday.

Mundis replaces Kaoru Okuizumi, who left the Tribunal in October.

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Judiciary Sets Date for Mamlouk's Interrogation, Informant's Testimony

Military Examining Magistrate Judge Riyad Abu Ghida set the date for questioning Syrian security chief and another Syrian colonel and the date for hearing informant's in ex-Minister Michel Samaha's case.

The state-run National News Agency reported on Monday that Abu Ghida has set February 4 as the interrogation session to question Syrian Security Chief Maj. Gen. Ali al-Mamlouk and a colonel identified only as Adnan, who are charged along with Samaha with plotting a terror attack in Lebanon.

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Malaysian Female Peacekeepers Head to Lebanon

Ten female soldiers from Malaysia are expected in Lebanon on Tuesday to serve for six months with the Malaysian contingent of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, Malaysia's National News Agency reported.

The agency quoted Armed Forces chief Gen. Tan Sri Zulkifeli Mohd Zin, who presided their sending off ceremony, as saying they would replace the first batch of female members of the armed forces who are completing duty on Jan 21.

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Wanted Man Killed, 2 Others Arrested in Clash with Army in Brital

A wanted individual was killed and another injured during a clash with a Lebanese army unit in the eastern town of Brital, the military command said Friday.

The troops were carrying out a raid in Brital to arrest several suspects wanted by the judiciary when Qassem Ahmed Tleis, his brother Mohammed and a Syrian man opened fire on them with machine guns, a communique said.

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Jumblat Blasts Iran over Prisoner Swap, Warns of 'Disastrous Results' of 'Sectarian Electoral' Law

Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat criticized Iran on Monday for failing to seek the release of nine Lebanese pilgrims held hostage by rebels in Syria since last May.

He said in his editorial in the PSP-affiliated al-Anbaa that Tehran could have included the Lebanese abductees in the negotiation process that led to the release of 48 Iranians last week.

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Miqati Hails Suleiman's Stances, Says Bassil's Statements 'Not Acceptable'

Prime Minister Najib Miqati loaded on Monday President Michel Suleiman's stances, saying that the president bases his decisions on the nation's higher interest.

“The president seeks to maintain the unity of the Lebanese and fears over the conditions of the Christians and their future,” Miqati told An Nahar newspaper.

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