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Rockets, Shells Land in Bekaa Towns

Several rockets fell on the Bekaa towns of Hermel and Arsal on Saturday evening without causing any fatalities.

LBCI television reported that two rockets launched from the Eastern Mountain Belt fell on the outskirts of Hermel.

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Geagea Says Running against Vacuum, Ready to Open All War Files

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea stated on Saturday that his presidential program was based on the party's values without changing it to please anyone, announcing also that he is ready to “open all war files.”

"My nomination comes against the option of (presidential) vacuum which adopted by some factions,” Geagea said as he met with party officials in the French capital Paris.

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Several Arrested in Hadath, Haret Hreik over Attacking Troops

Several people were arrested on Saturday in the suburbs of Beirut on charges of opening fire and attacking army troops.

"An army force raided the St. Therese-Hadath region looking for fugitives and managed to arrest Jalal Mohammed Jaafar and Moussa Mohammed Jaafar,” the military institution said in a communique.

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Gunmen Abduct 3 Arsal Residents, Steal Sheep Flock

Gunmen in the border town of Arsal abducted on Saturday three of the region's residents and a flock of 100 sheep, the state-run National News Agency reported.

"Gunmen attacked Abdul Raheem Abdul Radi al-Atrash as he was herding his flock on the Eastern Mountain Belt in the Arsal plains, and kidnapped him along with his flock,” the NNA detailed on the incident.

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Bassil Files Complaint to U.N. Security Council against 'Blatant' Israeli Breaches

Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil instructed the permanent Mission of Lebanon to the United Nations in New York to file an urgent complaint to the U.N. Security Council on Israel's “blatant” security breaches against Lebanon's sovereignty and the U.N. Security Council resolution 1701, the state-run National News Agency reported on Saturday.

Israeli forces crossed on May 11 the Blue Line in the al-Labbouneh border area, uprooted trees and lifted cement blocks that belong to the Lebanese army.

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Jumblat Mistakenly Addresses Suleiman as 'President Aoun' during Speech

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat made a slip of the tongue during a speech on Saturday when he mistakenly addressed President Michel Suleiman as MP Michel Aoun, the head of the Free Patriotic Movement.

His mistake drew raucous laughter among the crowd that included Suleiman, Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi, and a number of officials.

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Suleiman, Al-Rahi, Jumblat Celebrate Christian-Druze Reconciliation in Brih

A celebration was held on Saturday in the Shouf region to mark Christian-Druze reconciliation in the village of Brih following a break in ties between the two sides following the 1975-90 Civil War.

President Michel Suleiman, Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi, and Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat attended the celebration along with a number of lawmakers from various parliamentary blocs.

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Report: Qahwaji Heads to Saudi before Month's End to Sign Army Grant Protocol

Army Commander General Jean Qahwaji will travel to Saudi Arabia before the end of the month to follow up on the kingdom's grant to the Lebanese army, reported As Safir newspaper on Saturday.

It said that he should head to Saudi Arabia before the end of May in order to sign the protocol linked to Riyadh's grant to the army.

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Report: Aoun Vetoes Appointment of Three Members of Military Council

Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun has reportedly rejected the appointment of three members of the Military Council, an article that was set to be discussed during a cabinet session on Friday, reported As Safir newspaper on Saturday.

It said that his veto of the appointment of the members is part if his opposition to the extension of Army Commander General Jean Qahwaji's term.

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Hariri Meets Geagea in Paris as Part of LF Chief's European, Arab Tour

Head of the Mustaqbal Movement MP Saad Hariri and Lebanese Forces leader and presidential candidate Samir Geagea held talks on Friday in the French capital Paris, reported the daily An Nahar on Saturday.

It said that Geagea is scheduled to also hold talks with various French officials on the latest Lebanese developments.

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