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Geagea Reiterates Proposal to Withdraw Candidacy, Calls for End of Political Impasse

Lebanese Forces Leader Samir Geagea revealed on Wednesday that he will propose again his solution to the presidential deadlock, stressing that the stalemate should end swiftly.

Geagea said in remarks published in An Nahar newspaper that he will seek with his March 14 allies to suggest anew his solution to end the presidential stalemate.

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Caccia: Presidential Stalemate to End in September

Gabriele Caccia, the papal ambassador to Lebanon, informed the rival political parties that the country will witness the election of a new head of state in September.

According to al-Liwaa newspaper published on Wednesday, Caccia, who will accompany Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi to the Vatican, said that the new president will not be from the names circulated in the media outlets.

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Berri Urges Hariri to Speed up Assistance to Lebanese Army

Speaker Nabih Berri urged al-Mustaqbal Movement leader ex-PM Saad Hariri to speed up the Saudi military assistance to Lebanon, local dailies reported on Wednesday.

Earlier this month, Hariri announced from Saudi Arabia a grant of $1 billion for the Lebanese army to help its fight against militants.

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Security Council Extends UNIFIL Mandate

The U.N. Security Council on Tuesday voted unanimously to extend the mandate of the U.N. peacekeeping force in Lebanon and strongly condemned attempts to threaten the country’s security and stability.

In extending the mission’s mandate until August 31 2015, the Council commended the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon for helping to establish a “new strategic environment in southern Lebanon” and called for further cooperation between the force and the Lebanese army.

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Clash Erupts in Ain el-Hilweh as Gaza Celebratory Gunfire Kills Man

A young man was mistakenly killed by celebratory gunfire on Tuesday evening in the Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp near the southern city of Sidon, following the announcement of the end of 50-day Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip.

"Kamal al-Hallaq was killed by celebratory gunfire in Ain el-Hilweh,” the state-run National News Agency reported.

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Mustaqbal Rejects FPM Proposal, Warns against 'Implicating Army in Hizbullah Battles'

Al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc on Tuesday warned against “implicating” the army in “Hizbullah's battles” in Syria, rejecting the Free Patriotic Movement's recent proposal on the election of the president by the people.

“The national confrontation against terrorism can only take place through supporting the state and its institutions, especially the army and security forces,” the bloc said in a statement issued after its weekly meeting.

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Suspect Held after Man Killed in Failed Jal el-Dib Shop Robbery

The Internal Security Forces on Tuesday arrested one of two individuals suspected of shooting dead a man during a failed shop robbery in the Jal el-Dib area.

“The Bourj al-Barajneh police department arrested at the Bourj Hospital a man called A. Sh., who is one of two men suspected of killing Elias Kfouri this morning,” the ISF said in a tweet.

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Change and Reform Awaiting 'Objective' Responses to Aoun's Initiative, Rejects Parliament Term Extension

The Change and Reform bloc on Tuesday announced that it is still waiting for “scientific and objective” responses to Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun's proposal of electing a president by the people.

Aoun “is still waiting for scientific and objective responses to his proposal and he welcomes them in advance,” former minister Salim Jreissati said after the MPs' weekly meeting.

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Scholars Committee Willing to Resume Mediation, Says Abductors Had 'Humanitarian' Demands

The Muslim Scholars Committee on Tuesday announced its willingness to resume its mediation regarding the Lebanese security personnel who were abducted from the town of Arsal should it “receive such a request.”

“The Committee's initiative and efforts in Arsal to prevent bloodshed and further deaths and losses, as well as its negotiations with the kidnappers, enjoyed everyone's blessing and support,” MSC chief Sheikh Malek Jadida said in an interview with the National News Agency.

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Six Detainees Questioned over Abra Clashes, One Released

The Military Court on Tuesday started questioning detainees accused of being involved in last year's bloody clashes in the town of Abra near the southern city of Sidon.

Brigadier General Khalil Ibrahim questioned six of the detainees, postponing the interrogation of the remaining suspects to September 4.

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