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Arab Democratic Party Official Shot Dead in Tripoli amid Flare up

An Arab Democratic Party official, who is the father of one of the suspects in the mosque bombings in the northern city of Tripoli, was on Thursday killed in the area of al-Mina.

Abdul Rahman Diab, known as Aboudi Nwasi, was gunned down in his car by an unidentified motorcyclist.

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Suspect Confesses a Task to 'Monitor the Iranian Cultural Center and al-Manar TV'

The Internal Security Forces Information Bureau had arrested before Wednesday's twin blasts in South Beirut, a Lebanese national of al-Halfa family who confessed of being tasked by the Lebanese Sheikh Sirajeddine Zouraykat of the Abdulllah Azzam Brigades with monitoring al-Manar TV and the Iranian Cultural Center, An-Nahar daily reported on Thursday.

Had the attack been delayed one more day, it could have been thwarted due to the confessions of the suspect, the daily added.

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March 14 Officials Seek to Appease Geagea as Maarab 'Reconsiders' Ties

A minister from the March 14 alliance will visit Maarab in an attempt to shore up strained ties between the Lebanese Forces and al-Mustaqbal movement, al-Joumhouria newspaper reported on Thursday.

The daily said that the envoy, who was not named, would discuss with LF chief Samir Geagea the issues that were a source of contention between him and the rest of his allies in March 14.

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Berri: Policy Statement Focus Should be on Security not Politics

Speaker Nabih Berri has said that the government's policy statement should focus on the security problems that the country is suffering from and avoid controversial political issues.

In remarks to al-Akhbar newspaper published on Thursday, Berri said: “The government has a three-month lifespan. It should prioritize the security situation.”

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U.N., U.S. Condemn Double Suicide Bombing, Reject Terrorism

The United Nations and U.S. have “strongly condemned” the double suicide bombing that targeted an Iranian cultural center in Beirut's southern suburbs.

The 15-member Security Council “strongly condemned” Wednesday's attack in the Bir Hassan neighborhood and “reaffirmed that terrorism in all its forms and manifestations constitutes one of the most serious threats to international peace and security.”

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Salam Says Policy Statement to Be 'Short:' We'll Focus on Priorities Awaiting the Presidential Elections

Prime Minister Tammam Salam announced on Wednesday that the ministerial policy statement will be “short,” noting that his cabinet will only take office for three months until the presidential elections are held.

“All points in the policy statement are to be discussed and there is no draft that has been agreed on by all factions, but we have the intention to have a heterogeneous statement,” Salam announced on Future TV, in his first televised interview since the cabinet's formation.

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Ministerial Committee Meets on Policy Statement, Salam Proposes 'Non-Contentious' Draft

The ministerial committee tasked with devising a government policy statement met on Wednesday afternoon at the Grand Serail amid reports that Prime Minister Tammam Salam will present it with a draft statement.

"The committee convened in the Grand Serail and the meeting was presided over by Salam,” the state-run National News Agency reported.

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EU Ambassadors Meet Salam, Stress on 'Continuous' Support to Lebanon

European ambassadors to Lebanon stressed on Wednesday on the European Union's “continuous” support to the Lebanese state following the cabinet's formation, considering that the new government would enable the country to deal with challenges it is currently facing.

“The announcement of the government is a key step in Lebanon’s efforts to tackle effectively the extraordinary security, economic and political challenges the country is facing, in particular the unprecedented refugee influx,” EU Ambassador to Lebanon Angelina Eichhorst said after heading a delegation of European ambassadors who met with Prime Minister Tammam Salam at the Grand Serail.

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'Racing Beirut' Player Held over Terrorism-Linked Suspicions

The army intelligence arrested on Wednesday football player Zuhair Murad pending investigation for his suspected involvement in terrorist acts.

"The army arrested in (the al-Metn neighborhood of) Bourj Hammoud Zuhair Murad for suspecting his involvement in terrorist acts," a communique released by the military institution announced on Wednesday evening.

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Army Circulates Photo of Another 'Dangerous Fugitive'

The army circulated on Wednesday afternoon the picture of a “dangerous” fugitive for his involvement in committing a crime.

The military institution called on “anyone who recognizes him to call the Army Command's operations center on the number 1701."

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