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Report: Bulgaria Says 2012 Israeli Bus Bomber in Burgas was Lebanese

Bulgaria has identified a Lebanese man as the bomber who blew up an airport bus in 2012, killing five Israeli tourists, their Bulgarian driver and himself, local media said Sunday.

Israel and Bulgaria have already accused Hizbullah of being behind the attack at Burgas airport on the Black Sea, the deadliest on Israelis abroad since 2004.

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Al-Nusra Front in Lebanon Accuses Shiite Members of Army of Taking Part in Fighting Syria

Al-Nusra Front in Lebanon stated on Sunday that the Lebanese army “has become a pawn in the hands of the Shiite project” in Lebanon.

It accused Shiite members of the army of taking part in the fighting in Syria, “defying any side to hold those who ordered them to go there accountable for their actions.”

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Bassil: We Fear Lebanon Will Become Passageway for Jihadists

Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil stressed on Sunday that terrorism cannot be justified by religion or any other excuse, warning against the spread of the phenomenon in Lebanon and the rest of the Arab world.

He said: “We fear that Lebanon will become a passageway for jihadists.”

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Al-Rahi Urges Officials to Rise above Personal Interests to Approve Policy Statement

Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi noted on Sunday that the Bkirki charter could help officials end disputes that are hindering an agreement on the government's policy statement.

He said during his Sunday sermon: “We urge officials to rise above their personal interests and seek Lebanon's interests through approving a policy statement.”

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Rockets Fired from Syria Land in Akkar

A number of rockets fired from the Syrian side of the border landed in the northern region of Akkar, reported the National News Agency on Sunday.

The rockets, fired at dawn, landed in the towns located near the Kabir, or Grand, River near the Lebanese-Syrian border.

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Report: Suleiman's Term to Be Extended to Preserve Stability in Lebanon

The international community views President Michel Suleiman as a factor that contributes to Lebanon's stability and security given the critical regional situation, reported the Kuwaiti al-Anba daily on Sunday.

To that end, the international community will likely advocate that his term be extended in order to preserve this stability and avoid any political vacuum in Lebanon, said a source informed with the discussions that took place at the International Support Group meeting on Lebanon that was held on Wednesday.

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Report: Hizbullah Rejects Refering Policy Statement to Cabinet Fearing Vote in March 14's Favor

The ongoing dispute over the government's policy statement may force Prime Minister Tammam Salam to refer each of the March 8 and 14 camp's respective drafts to a vote at cabinet, reported the Kuwaiti daily al-Anba on Sunday.

Hizbullah will however reject such a move because of the likelihood that the March 14 proposal will be adopted seeing as the alliance enjoys a greater number of ministers.

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Virgin Mary Statue Insulter Arrested

Security forces arrested on Saturday a man accused of insulting a statue of Virgin Mary last month.

"Security forces in the Dahieh judicial department (in Beirut's southern suburbs) arrested A.I. for insulting a statue of Virgin Mary and posting a picture of the wrongful conduct on his page on a social media site,” LBCI television said.

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Iraqi Transport Minister Assures 'Bubble' Won't Change Bilateral Ties, Cooperation to Increase

Iraqi Transport Minister Hadi al-Ameri on Saturday stressed on the “historical and brotherly” ties between Lebanon and Iraq, assuring that recent events will not change these relations.

"The bubble that happened lately will not change the historical and brotherly relations between Baghdad and Beirut,” al-Ameri said at Rafic Hariri International Airport upon his arrival in Beirut, adding that Iraq will “probe the incident and penalize all delinquents.”

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Rahi Meets Suleiman, Says Supports President's Efforts in Preserving Unity

Maronite Patriarch Bashara al-Rahi on Saturday voiced his support to President Michel Suleiman's effort “in preserving unity and stability in the country.”

"We support everything the president is doing to preserve unity and stability in Lebanon and we praise what he achieved in Paris during the international conference on Lebanon,” al-Rahi said after meeting with Suleiman at Baabda Palace.

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