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Suleiman Says Dialogue Must Resume, Can't be 'Temporary'

President Michel Suleiman stressed on Saturday that dialogue can't be “temporary” as it can't be bounded by conditions.

“We should maintain our independence, sovereignty and attend the all-party talks as it can't be temporary nor limited,” Suleiman said.

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Asir: We Suspended Decision to Form Armed Brigade Pending Consultations

Salafist cleric Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir announced on Saturday his intention to form a “resistance brigade” in the southern city of Sidon.

He said during a press conference: “The decision to form the brigade has been suspended pending consultations with various powers.”

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Qatari PM Urges Lebanese Powers to Resume Contacts

Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani stressed on Friday his country's keenness on Lebanon's stability, reported the daily al-Mustaqbal on Saturday.

He urged “the resumption of contacts between the Lebanese political powers in order to allow them to confront the crises raging in the region.”

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March 14 Protesters Re-Block Grand Serail Road after Security Forces Attempt to Reopen it

The security forces reopened on Friday the road facing the Grand Serail in downtown Beirut after it was blocked by a March 14-led opposition sit-in, reported the daily An Nahar on Saturday.

It added however that the youth protesters soon re-blocked the road, renewing their demand for the government's resignation.

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Jumblat Gears up for a 'Rescue Initiative' to End Political Crisis

In parallel with President Michel Suleiman's strenuous efforts to find a solution for the political gridlock, head of the Progressive Socialist Party MP Walid Jumblat seems to be following the same path and plans to launch a “rescue initiative” which he will announce in a press conference, the al-Liwaa daily quoted sources close to Jumblat Saturday.

Jumblat's initiative is keen to preserve civil peace and will call on political powers, particularly Hizbullah and the al-Mustaqbal Movement, to resume contacts.

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Berri Contacts Meshaal, May Call Parliament to Session 'to Take Stand of Solidarity with Gaza'

Speaker Nabih Berri contacted during the past two days Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal to condemn the Israeli assault against the Gaza Strip, revealed An Nahar daily on Saturday.

It added that the speaker may call parliament to session, should the Israeli aggression continue, “in order to take a stand of solidarity with the Palestinian people.”

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Two Dead as Army Arrests Gang Involved in Kidnapping Incidents

A squad of the Intelligence Directorate was able to arrest on Thursday a gang accused of kidnapping incidents in Lebanon, a statement by the Army Command.

"The army's intervention occurred when the suspected group was lurking a citizen in the Jamaliyyeh region of Baalbek, gearing up to kidnap him,” the army said.

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Hizbullah Man Wanted by U.S. Freed from Iraq Custody

The lawyer for a Hizbullah commander wanted by the United States said his client has been released from Iraqi custody and has been flown to the Beirut.

Lawyer Abdul-Mahdi al-Mitairi said Ali Moussa Daqdouq was released on Friday from house arrest in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. The lawyer did not provide further information in an email sent to The Associated Press.

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Connelly Meets Miqati, Welcomes Discussions to Form Govt. that 'Reflects People's Aspirations'

U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Maura Connelly praised on Friday discussions aimed at forming a new government in Lebanon, announced the U.S. Embassy in a statement.

She welcomed after holding talks with Prime Minister Najib Miqati “the efforts of responsible leaders, under President Michel Suleiman’s leadership, to discuss the way forward for a government that reflects the aspirations of the Lebanese people and strengthens Lebanon’s stability, sovereignty, and independence.

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Berri Urges Heads of Parliaments, Unions to Pressure Israel to Halt Gaza Assault

Speaker Nabih Berri urged on Friday the various heads of parliaments and unions to pressure Israel to end its assault against the Gaza Strip.

He called in a letter to the various presidents for holding emergency sessions “in order to launch a parliamentary campaign to pressure Israel to halt its aggression against the Palestinian people.”

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