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Bus Accident Kills 22 in Northern Tunisia

A bus carrying Tunisian tourists crashed in the country's north on Sunday, killing 22 people and injuring 21, the country's interior ministry said.

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First Police Death Sentence over Iraq Protest Killings

An Iraqi court sentenced a police officer to death on Sunday after convicting him of killing demonstrators, in the first such sentence in two months of deadly civil unrest.

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Iraq Parliament Approves Cabinet Resignation

Iraq's parliament approved the resignation of the embattled cabinet on Sunday, after two months of violent unrest that have left more than 420 people dead and thousands mourning them in nationwide marches. 

Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi said Friday he would submit his resignation to parliament following a spike in the death toll among protesters who accuse the entire ruling elite of being inept, corrupt and beholden to foreign powers.

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Iraqis Mourn Protest Dead ahead of Parliament Session

Iraqis across the country marched Sunday to mourn protesters killed in anti-government rallies, even turning out in Sunni areas where people were previously too afraid to join in.

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Iraqi Officials: 2 Protesters Dead in More Violence

Iraqi officials say two protesters have been shot dead and at least 26 wounded in Baghdad and southern Iraq in continued unrest after Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi announced he intended to resign.

Iraq's Cabinet said in a statement it convened an emergency session Saturday to discuss Abdul-Mahdi's stepping down and approved the resignations of key staff. Experts said parliament must approve Abdul Mahdi's resignation for it to be valid.

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Iraqis Keep Up Anti-Regime Demos despite PM's Vow to Quit

Iraqis kept up their anti-government protests in Baghdad and across the south on Saturday, unsatisfied with the prime minister's planned resignation and insisting "all corrupted people" must step down.

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Syria Constitution Talks End Round without Meeting

A second round of talks on amending Syria's constitution ended Friday, after disagreement on the agenda prevented government and opposition negotiators from meeting, the U.N. mediator said. 

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U.S. Says Iraqi Leaders Must Address Grievances after PM Quits

The United States called Friday on Iraqi leaders to address the "legitimate" grievances of protesters including corruption after the embattled prime minister announced his resignation.

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Algerian Protesters Insist December Election Must Not Go Ahead

Algerians thronged their capital Friday to insist that a presidential election set for December 12 must not go ahead before a change of regime.

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Israeli Troops Shoot Dead Palestinian on Border

Israeli forces shot dead a Palestinian teenager near the border with the Gaza Strip on Friday, the health ministry in the Hamas-run enclave said.

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