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Syrian Authorities Tell U.N. Team to Leave Homs for 'Security Reasons'

Syrian authorities ordered a U.N. team to leave the city of Homs on Monday after protests erupted there, a U.N. spokesman said.

Three people were shot dead when security forces opened fire on a rally in Homs on Monday, according to activists.

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Britain Slams Assad as 'Irrelevant', Compares Him to Gadhafi

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad must step down because he is as "irrelevant" to the future of his country as Moammar Gadhafi is in Libya, Britain's deputy prime minister said Monday.

With Gadhafi's regime apparently in its final throes as rebel fighters move into Tripoli, Nick Clegg said the situation in Syria was "less encouraging".

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Libya State TV Goes Off the Air after Rebel Takeover

Libyan insurgents on Monday seized control of the state broadcaster in the capital Tripoli, rebel military spokesman Mohammed Zawiwa told Agence France Presse.

"All the television stations controlled by the state have stopped transmitting (in Tripoli). Our fighters have gone in and taken control of the facilities," Zawiwa said.

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Egypt, Kuwait, Palestinians Recognize Libya Rebel Govt.

Libya's rebel government gained more Arab recognition on Monday, a day after its fighters overran the heart of the capital in their push to take full control from regime loyalists and end a six-month uprising against Moammar Kadhafi's 42-year rule.

Egypt, Libya's eastern neighbor, recognized the council as the legitimate government after holding back so far on supporting the rebels, who started their uprising days after an Egyptian revolt ended president Hosni Mubarak's three decade rule.

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Syria Frees Leading Human Rights Activist

Syrian authorities released leading human rights activist Abdul Karim Rihawi on Monday after detaining him 11 days ago, his lawyer said.

"The authorities released Abdul Karim Rihawi without bringing any charges against him," lawyer Khalil Maatouq said.

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Abdul Jalil Wants Gadhafi 'Captured Alive to Face Fair Trial'

Libyan rebel chief Mustafa Abdul Jalil on Monday hailed the end of the four-decade "Gadhafi era," after his fighters took control of most of Tripoli.

But Abdul Jalil also warned that he could quit as head of the rebel National Transitional Council (NTC) if he loses control of the revolution, amid possible revenge acts by insurgents.

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Arab League Expresses 'Full Solidarity' with Libya Rebel Govt.

Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi declared on Monday his "full solidarity" with the Libyan rebel government as its fighters closed in on Moammar Ghadafi's Tripoli compound.

Arabi, in a statement expressed "his full solidarity with the ongoing efforts by the National Transitional Council" and "wished success for the council in leading a new era and preserving Libya's regional integrity and its sovereignty and independence."

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Libyan Embassy in Syria Sides with Revolution

The Libyan embassy in Damascus on Monday declared that it was siding with the rebel body the National Transitional Council, whose fighters have swept into Tripoli and are poised to overrun the capital.

"We, the ambassadors and members of the Libyan embassy in Damascus, announce our total support for the revolution of February 17 and declare our formal adherence to the National Transitional Council," it said in a statement.

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France: Libyan Contact Group to Meet in Paris Next Week

France welcomed the apparent defeat of Moammar Gadhafi's regime in Tripoli on Monday and said it would host a summit of the international "contact group" coordinating a response to the conflict.

"We have reached the tipping point. This is a subject of great satisfaction. France took risks, calculated risks, but the cause was just," Foreign Minister Alain Juppe told reporters at his ministry in Paris.

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U.N.: Syria Death Toll Reached 2200, Assad Hasn't Kept His Word

The U.N. rights body held an emergency meeting on Monday to press Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to end a deadly crackdown on dissent, a day after he scoffed at Western calls to quit.

More than 2,200 people have died in the Syrian regime's crackdown, U.N. rights chief Navi Pillay told the Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva that was expected to condemn the bloodshed.

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