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Bahrain Disperses 'Rioters' in Shiite Village

Bahraini authorities have dispersed "rioters" throwing petrol bombs in the Shiite village of Bani Jamra, as tensions remain high in the kingdom, state news agency BNA reported on Friday.

"A number of vandals targeted security forces by throwing Molotov cocktails Thursday evening in Bani Jamra," in the northeast of the Sunni-ruled state, BNA quoted a top police official as saying.

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Protesters Defy Syrian Forces, Six Killed

Syrian security forces on Friday pressed a months-long crackdown on dissent, killing six more people with gunfire as protesters flooded streets in support of a rebel army, activists said.

The latest violence came as an Arab League 1100 GMT deadline for Syria to accept an observers' mission or face sanctions passed with no response from Damascus.

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U.N. Panel: Reports of Child Torture in Syria

The U.N. Committee Against Torture said on Friday it had received reports of massive human rights violations in Syria, including the detention and mutilation of children.

"The committee has reviewed numerous, consistent and substantiated reports and information about widespread rights violations in the country," the head of the panel Claudio Grossman said in a statement.

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Hardline Iranian Cleric: Saudi ‘Pharaoh’ will have Same Fate of Mubarak

Saudi Arabia's ruling al-Saud dynasty should give up power, a hardline senior Iranian cleric said Friday, warning that the fate of Egypt's toppled president Hosni Mubarak awaits Saudi King Abdullah.

"You should give up power and leave it to the people. They will establish a people's government," Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati said in the weekly Muslim prayers at Tehran University.

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Kamal al-Ganzouri Appointed New Egypt PM

Egyptian state television says the nation's ruling military has asked a Mubarak-era prime minister to head the next government.

Kamal el-Ganzouri, 78, served as prime minister in the 1990s under President Hosni Mubarak, toppled in a popular uprising in February. The Friday television announcement followed a meeting between el-Ganzouri and military ruler Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi the night before.

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Egypt Gas Pipeline Blown up Again

Masked gunmen on Friday blew up a gas pipeline which supplies Egyptian gas to Israel, the official MENA news agency reported, in the eighth such attack this year.

The saboteurs planted explosives under the pipeline, around 60 kilometers (40 miles) west of the town of el-Arish in the north of the Sinai peninsula, before fleeing, witnesses said.

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Tahrir Preacher Calls for Egypt Power Transfer

The imam leading tens of thousands of worshippers in prayer at Cairo's Tahrir Square on Friday called on the ruling military to hand power to a national salvation government.

Sheikh Mazhar Shahin said protesters would remain in the square -- the symbolic heart of rallies that toppled President Hosni Mubarak -- until their demands were met.

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Fierce Clashes Rock Yemen Capital despite Deal

Fierce clashes broke out between rival security forces in the Yemeni capital Friday, two days after President Ali Abdullah Saleh inked a power transfer deal which sponsors had hoped would end the violence.

Dissident troops from the First Armored Brigade led by General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar exchanged mortar and machinegun fire in the early hours with forces of the central security services commanded by Saleh's nephew Yehya, residents said.

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Thousands in Tahrir Square on ‘Last Chance Friday’

Thousands of supporters of Egypt's ruling military council turned up for a rally in Cairo's Abassiya neighborhood on Friday, just miles from a mass protest in Tahrir Square calling for the end of military rule.

"The military, the police and the people are one," the protesters chanted according to the MENA news agency.

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Activists Call for New Rally as Syria Faces New Arab Sanctions Deadline

Syrian activists called for demonstrators to flood the streets nationwide after the main weekly Muslim prayers in support of dissident army officers.

"The free army protects us," said a message on the Facebook page of the Syrian Revolution 2011, one of the key motors behind more than eight months of protests seeking to unseat the government of President Bashar Assad.

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