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HRW: Air Strike on Yemen Aid Facility could be Violation

An airstrike by the Saudi-led coalition on a warehouse of the aid group Oxfam appears to have violated the laws of war, Human Rights Watch said on Thursday.

The strike occurred on April 18 at Oxfam's facility in the northern city of Sadaa, a traditional stronghold of the Shiite Huthi rebels targeted by the coalition.

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New 'Green Brigade' of IS Claims Yemen Attack

A newly announced division of the Islamic State group calling itself the "Green Brigade" on Thursday claimed a bombing in Yemen that it said had killed five Shiite rebels.

In a message on Twitter, the group said it had struck a vehicle of the Huthi rebels in Yarim in the central province of Ibb on Wednesday.

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Libyan Journalist Shot Dead in Benghazi

A Libyan television journalist involved in coverage of fighting between Islamist militias and pro-government forces in the second city of Benghazi has been assassinated, officials and witnesses said Thursday.

Muftah al-Qatrani, director of the private production company Al-Anwar, was killed by a gunshot to the head on Wednesday, an interior ministry official told Agence France Presse.

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Saudi-led Coalition Keeps Up Strikes on Yemen Rebels

Saudi-led warplanes launched new deadly strikes in Yemen on Thursday despite a demand by Iran-backed rebels for a complete halt to the raids as a condition for U.N.-sponsored peace talks.

The Saudi-led coalition declared an end to the first phase of its operations against the Huthi Shiite rebels and their allies, but vowed to keep hitting them with targeted bombing when necessary.

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Saudi Vows to Respond to Any 'Aggressive Moves' by Yemen Rebels

Saudi Arabia will respond if rebels in Yemen carry out any "aggressive moves," the Saudi ambassador to the United States warned Wednesday, a day after the Gulf kingdom declared an end to its month-long air campaign.

"If the Huthis or their allies make any aggressive moves there will be a response," ambassador Adel al-Jubeir told reporters. "The decision to calm matters now rests entirely with them."

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Arab Military Chiefs to Set Up Panel on Preparing Regional Force

Arab League military chiefs decided Wednesday to form a panel to examine all aspects of building a region-wide military force aimed at combating jihadists, including the Islamic State (IS) group.

The bloc agreed in March to set up the force, with members given four months to decide on its composition, precise rules of engagement and budget.

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Despite 'Halt' to Saudi Raids, Peace Elusive for Yemen

Saudi Arabia has declared nearly a month of air strikes on Yemeni rebels a success, but at the cost of a resurgent al-Qaida and with no sign of peace yet.

"Mission accomplished," a Saudi newspaper proclaimed Wednesday, echoing a banner on a U.S. warship where then-president George W. Bush infamously declared an end to major combat operations in Iraq in 2003.

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Indian Beheaded in Saudi for Murdering Boss

Saudi Arabia beheaded two people for murder Wednesday, one of whom was from India, the interior ministry said.

Sajada Ansari, a shepherd, was convicted of robbing his Saudi boss as he slept and beating him to death with a hammer, the ministry said in a statement carried by the official Saudi Press Agency.

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Pakistan's Sharif Heads to Saudi to Discuss Yemen War

Pakistan's prime minister will travel to Saudi Arabia to discuss the war in Yemen, his office said Wednesday, after the Saudi-led military coalition announced an end to air strikes against rebels.

A statement from Nawaz Sharif's office said he would make a one-day trip to Riyadh on Thursday, and welcomed the Saudi announcement of the end of the air attacks in Yemen.

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Yemen Red Crescent SG Tells IFRC Urgent to Provide Safe Access to Facilitate Volunteers' Mission

For the past weeks, Yemen has been enduring a bloody round of violence which has so far claimed the lives of hundreds of people and has caused major destruction in the country. The violence also contributed to massive waves of displacement as Yemenis and foreigners alike fled their homes in search for safer regions in the country. This reality caused a high and increasing dependency on humanitarian services. Amid this complicated and deteriorating situation, the Yemen Red Crescent Society’s volunteers and staff have been assisting communities affected by the recent wave of violence since day one. And despite the human and material losses it has suffered so far, the National Society continues to be on the frontlines to deliver rescue and relief services through its 17 active branches and a network of more than 1,000 volunteers.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies interviewed the Secretary General of the Yemen Red Crescent Society, Mr. Fuad al-Makhthy, to get a closer look at the current situation in Yemen and at the efforts of the National Society since the onset of the crisis.

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