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Turkey Rejects Criticism of Libya Maritime Deal

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday rejected criticism of a maritime boundary deal with Libya that allows Ankara to claim rights over vast areas coveted by other countries including Greece.

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Amnesty: Yemen's Disabled are Neglected, and Suffering

Yemen's civil war has exacted an enormous toll on people with disabilities, who find themselves on the margins of society and excluded from badly needed humanitarian assistance, Amnesty International said in a report released Tuesday.

The 50-page report by the London-based global rights group shines a light on the inadequate or nonexistent support for disabled Yemenis — a population "most at risk and most marginalized" in the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

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Talks in Iraq Capital as Violence Hits Shrine Cities

Iraq's politicians gathered in Baghdad on Tuesday to discuss a way out of two months of protests that brought down the previous government, as violence hit two Shiite shrine cities.

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Thirty Killed across Syria as Violence Rages

Air strikes killed 19 civilians Monday in Syria's last major opposition bastion, the site of the deadliest clashes between regime forces and armed groups since an August ceasefire came into force, a monitoring group said.

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Iraq Parties in Talks over New PM amid Unrelenting Protests

Iraq's rival parties were negotiating the contours of a new government on Monday, after the previous cabinet was brought down by a two-month protest movement insisting on even more deep-rooted change.

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Another Year of Protest in the Middle East

Mass protests have rocked several Arab countries this year, forcing out presidents and prime ministers in an echo of the 2011 revolts in countries including Egypt, Libya and Tunisia.

Here is a round-up of this year's protests in the Middle East.

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Eggs, Protests, Apathy Mar Algeria's Presidential Campaign

Algeria's presidential campaign is in trouble. Candidates are struggling to fill rally venues, campaign managers have quit, voters have pelted campaign headquarters with tomatoes and eggs, and the country's 9-month-old pro-democracy movement calls the whole thing a sham.

The five candidates seeking to replace President Abdelaziz Bouteflika in the Dec. 12 election have largely failed to captivate a disillusioned public. Bouteflika was pushed out in April after 20 years in power amid an exceptional, peaceful protest movement, and now demonstrators want a wholesale change of political leadership.

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Regime Air Strikes Kill 10 Civilians in Northwest Syria

Regime air strikes Monday killed 10 civilians in Syria's last major opposition bastion, where deadly clashes between regime forces and armed groups have escalated in the past two days, a monitor said.

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Iraq Protests Shake Up Govt, but Not Oil that Funds It

Iraq has been rocked by two months of anti-government protests that brought down premier Adel Abdel Mahdi on Sunday, but its lucrative oil industry has been curiously insulated from the turmoil.

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Death Toll in Tunisia Bus Accident Rises to 26

At least 26 people were killed when their bus careered into a ravine in the northwest of Tunisia, officials said in a new toll.

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