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Alloush Confirms 'Unity Govt.' Raised with Hariri

Parties represented in the government have recently talked to ex-PM Saad Hariri about the possibility of forming a “national unity government,” ex-MP Mustafa Alloush confirmed on Sunday.

“We are against the return of Hariri or any figure representing al-Mustaqbal Movement (to the premier post) without securing choices that at least begin with returning to the Baabda Declaration and reforming the electricity sector,” Alloush, who is a member of Mustaqbal’s politburo, said in an interview with al-Jadeed TV.

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Al-Rahi Urges Aoun to Break Siege on 'Legitimacy, Free National Decision'

Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi on Sunday called on President Michel Aoun to break what he called the siege that is imposed on Lebanese “legitimacy” and the country’s “free national decision.”

In his Sunday Mass sermon, al-Rahi also urged friendly nations to “scramble to rescue Lebanon, the same as they used to do whenever it faces a threat.”

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Another Suicide as Man Plunges to His Death

Another suicide took place on Saturday in the Metn area of Baabdat when a man plunged to his death from the balcony of his household, the Voice of Lebanon (93.3) radio station reported.

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Protests Outside U.S. Embassy Demand 1559 Implementation

A number of protesters gathered outside the embassy of the United States in Awkar on Saturday demanding the implementation of UN Resolution 1559, as army and security forces deployed in the area and blocked the road leading to the embassy with barbed wire, said the National News Agency.

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Cabinet to Convene in Baabda Next Week

The Cabinet is set to meet next week at Baabda to tackle several pressing issues listed on the agenda including the electricity file, amid fears the country would plunge in darkness over a fuel shortage.

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Tourism Institutions Risk Shutdown in September over Crisis

President of the Syndicate of Hotel Owners in Lebanon, Pierre Achkar said on Saturday that tourism institutions in Lebanon decided to shut down in September if the economic crisis continues to deteriorate.

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Lebanese Rush on Old Lighting Sources as Crisis Bites

Lebanese in several regions around the country rushed on kerosene and candles fearing that a shortage in fuel oil plunges the country in total darkness.

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Lebanon Records 34 New COVID-19 Cases

Lebanon on Friday recorded a significant surge in its daily coronavirus tally.

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Bassil Hits Out at Hariri, Urges Salameh to Rein in Dollar

Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil on Friday hit out at ex-PM Saad Hariri and said the political settlement that led to President Michel Aoun's election is over.

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Two Suicides Spark Outrage at Govt. over Economic Crisis

Two suicides in Lebanon on Friday, apparently linked to the country's deepening economic downturn, have sparked a new wave of criticism over the government's mishandling of the crisis.

A 61-year-old man committed suicide in the morning on Beirut's Hamra Street, reportedly leaving a death note denouncing "hunger" in condemnation of the dire economic and financial situations in the country.

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