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Three Dead in Clashes at Ain el-Hilweh

Three people were killed in clashes overnight and into Tuesday morning between rival armed groups in Ain al-Hilweh, Lebanon's largest Palestinian refugee camp, near the southern city of Sidon, medical sources told Agence France Presse

The fighting between the Jund al-Sham Islamist group and members of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah movement prompted hundreds of residents to flee Ain el-Hilweh and shelter in nearby mosques.

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Security Members and Civilians Interrogated over Weekend Demos

Military Prosecutor Judge Dani al Zaani kicked off interrogations with security members and civilians who were arrested against the backdrop of the demonstrations in Downtown Beirut that turned into a war zone over the weekend leaving several injured, al-Joumhouria daily reported.

Some detainees were released after it became clear that they were not involved in the riots or attacks on the security forces, the National News Agency reported.

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Clashes as Thousands of Protesters Rally in Riad al-Solh for Second Day

Thousands of protesters poured into Beirut's Riad al-Solh Square on Sunday demanding that the country's top politicians resign, hours after Prime Minister Tammam Salam hinted he might step down following violent protests triggered by a monthlong trash crisis.

The demonstrations, the largest in years, railed against the corruption and dysfunction that has brought about Lebanon's current political crisis. The country does not have a functioning cabinet or parliament, and hasn't had a president for more than a year.

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Aoun Hails ‘You Stink’ Campaign Demonstrations

Change and Reform bloc MP Michel Aoun congratulated the Lebanese youth of the You Stink campaign who demonstrated “peacefully” on Saturday in Downtown Beirut.

“I congratulate the Lebanese youth who demonstrated peacefully and civilized yesterday, and have proven mature in demanding their rights and pressing livelihood matters,” said Aoun in a statement on Sunday.

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Salam Extends Hand to Trash Protesters Who Call for Massive Demo in Response

Prime Minister Tammam Salam said Sunday he was ready to meet with members of a growing movement protesting the country's trash crisis, and admitted that "excessive force" had been used against demonstrators.

Salam’s comments came in a press conference he held against the backdrop of Saturday’s clashes between security forces and activists of the anti-garbage demonstrators in Downtown Beirut.

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Sniper Fire Renews in Sidon, Night Clashes Kill 3 and Injure 20

Several neighborhoods in the southern city of Sidon, including al-Baassiri and al-Njasa neighborhoods, went under prolific sniper early on Sunday despite a cease-fire agreement overnight between the clashing parties.

The overnight clashes, which left 3 dead and 20 wounded, led to the outbreak of fires in homes and damage to properties and cars and had forced many Palestinians to flee to the city of Sidon.

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Report: Salam Refuses to Take Part in the Collapse of the State

Prime Minister Tammam Salam said on Sunday that he refuses to be part of the “paralysis” governing the country and driving it to a total “collapse,” the Pan Arab al-Hayat daily said.

“The PM’s call for a cabinet convention on Thursday came out of his duty that he should not participate in the complete paralysis controlling the country and leading it to a breakdown,” visitors to Salam quoted him as saying.

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Rights Group Decries Violence against Protesters

An international human rights watchdog has decried police violence against Lebanese demonstrators protesting the government's failure to resolve the country's mounting trash crisis.

Police used forced to disperse a protest of around 100 people in downtown Beirut this week after some of the demonstrators tried to break a security cordon around the government building.

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Jumblat: Protests of Garbage Activists are Legal and Righteous

Progressive Socialist Party chief Walid Jumblat denounced the “barbaric” behavior that the security forces used in confronting Wednesday's protests of the You Stink campaign, assuring that the demonstrations are “righteous.”

“The protests carried out by some youth in downtown Beirut are legal and righteous, but the barbaric way used to disperse them are strongly rejected and condemned,” said Jumblat via twitter on Friday.

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Obama Says U.S. to Uphold Sanctions Linked to Iran Support for Hizbullah

President Barack Obama wrote in a letter to Congress that the U.S. will uphold sanctions targeting Iran's non-nuclear activities, such as its support for Hizbullah.

Obama promised Democratic lawmakers that the U.S. will continue to keep economic pressure on Iran — and keep military options open — if his administration's nuclear deal with Tehran goes through.

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