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Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi Declared Egypt's President

Muslim Brotherhood member Mohammed Morsi was on Sunday declared the first president of Egypt since a popular uprising ousted strongman Hosni Mubarak, the head of the electoral commission announced.

"The winner of the election for Egyptian president on June 16-17 is Mohammed Morsi Eissa al-Ayat," said Farouq Sultan, the commission's head.

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Hizbullah, AMAL Stress Importance of Safeguarding Stability in Lebanon

Hizbullah and AMAL stressed on Saturday the importance of maintaining security and stability in Lebanon, away from any tension between all the Lebanese foes, amid the increasing rate of security incidents in the country.

AMAL and Hizbullah’s representatives also urged in a statement, following a coordination meeting, all parties to voice their support to the national role played by the army as it remains the only guarantee for unity in the country.

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Aoun from Zahle: Alternatives in Syria Do Not Believe in Democracy

Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun said Friday that “the alternatives in Syria do not believe in democracy,” pointing out that the Syrian opposition will not fulfill its promises once it rises to power.

After his talks with Zahle and Bekaa Greek Catholic Archbishop Issam Darwish, Aoun said that the meeting was important in the light of the events witnessed in Syria and the Middle East region, mainly because the number of Christians is decreasing in Palestine, Iraq, Syria and probably Lebanon.”

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Turkish Warplane Vanishes over Syria Border

Turkey searched for a missing fighter-jet and held an emergency security summit Friday, as the prime minister backed off reported comments suggesting Syria had downed the aircraft.

The military plane -- reportedly an F-4 Phantom with two pilots aboard -- lost radio contact and vanished off radar screens around 0900 GMT over the eastern Mediterranean, near the border with Syria.

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Geagea Says Govt. Left Army Alone in Face of Security Incidents

Lebanese Forces Leader Samir Geagea said Wednesday that the “government is leaving the army without a policy or plan to confront security events,” adding that Energy Minister Jebran Bassil “should resign if he cannot address the electricity issue.”

At a press conference held in Maarab, Geagea said that “the electricity shortage is unacceptable and Lebanon did not witness such a blackout in all areas, even during war.”

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Aoun: Blocking Streets is Useless, Certain Internal Groups Seeking to Sow Chaos

Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun, said Tuesday that the security events recently witnessed in Lebanon “are not coincidences because there are internal sides contributing to sow chaos,” adding that “blocking roads to protest electric shortages is useless.”

After the Change and Reform bloc’s weekly meeting at Rabiyeh, Aoun said that “the security events taking place are not considered a coincidence because certain sides are seeking to sow chaos in the streets,” warning the Lebanese to be aware of such attempts.

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Apology Could Free Lebanese Interpreter Held in Libya

The case of Lebanese interpreter Helen Assaf, who was detained in Libya on June 7, could witness a breakthrough soon as international sides are exerting efforts to release her along with 3 other International Criminal Court members.

Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr said on Tuesday that the International Criminal Court team held in Libya could be freed if the ICC apologizes to Tripoli over "inadequate consultation.”

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Four RPGs from Syria Hit Akkar's Bqaiaa

Four rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) hit Monday the northern town of Bqaiaa-Akkar during clashes inside the Syrian territory, National News Agency reported.

Heavy gunfire was heard in the Masharfeh town in Syria, parallel to the northern town of Wadi Khaled, sparking panic among residents who said that bullets were hitting public roads, NNA added.

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Roads Blocked as Power Plants Disconnection Plunges Lebanon into Darkness

Most of Lebanon plunged into darkness on Monday after the Zahrani, Deir Amar and Zouk power plants disconnected from the distribution network, causing power outages across the country.

LBC television said “power generation units have disconnected from the distribution network for unidentified reasons and efforts are underway to reconnect them.”

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One Dead, Many Hurt as Residents Clash Anew with Army in Nahr al-Bared

At least one Palestinian was killed and several people, including three Lebanese soldiers, were wounded on Monday in clashes that erupted between the Lebanese army and residents of the Palestinian refugee camp of Nahr al-Bared during the funeral of Ahmed Qassem, who was killed during unrest at the camp on Friday.

An official speaking on condition of anonymity told Agence France Presse that "one Palestinian refugee was killed and seven others were wounded" by gunfire.

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