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At Least 18 Lebanese Expelled from Qatar as Report Says Move Not Political

At least 18 Lebanese citizens have been expelled from Qatar, a government source in Beirut told Agence France Presse Thursday, after the Gulf Cooperation Council pledged to act against members of Hizbullah.

"Eighteen Lebanese have been expelled from Qatar, in the wake of the GCC decision," the source said on condition of anonymity, saying it was not clear if they were Hizbullah members.

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Rockets Fired from Syria Hit Brital, Taybeh Valley

Two rockets fired from Syrian territory hit on Tuesday the eastern region of Bekaa, a security source told Agence France Presse.

"Two rockets landed in the Brital countryside and the nearby Taybeh valley," the source said on condition of anonymity. There were no immediate reports of casualties or damages.

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Aoun Says Hizbullah Intervened in Syria after Gunmen Infiltrated Lebanon

Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun on Tuesday said Hizbullah intervened militarily in Syria after “gunmen” were brought into Lebanon, putting the blame on the March 14 camp and accusing it of creating a “vacuum” in Lebanon.

"We discussed the 'carnival of speeches' that is taking place today about Syria and Hizbullah, as if we have no other problems and as if we forgot the epoch that led us here," Aoun said, referring to the memo submitted by March 14 to President Michel Suleiman.

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Gemayel Says Hizbullah 'Gambling with Lebanon's Fate,' Urges Suleiman, Cabinet to Assume Responsibilities

Phalange Party MP Sami Gemayel accused Hizbullah on Monday of “gambling with the Lebanese people's fate,” urging President Michel Suleiman and the cabinet to “assume their responsibilities.”

“(Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hasan) Nasrallah has transformed Lebanon into a battlefield instead of a democratic country,” Gemayel said after the political bureau's weekly meeting.

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Nasrallah Says Hizbullah Will Be 'Where It Needs to Be' in Syria: Intimidation Won't Change Our Stance

Hizbullah will stay involved in the Syrian conflict, after having helped regime forces recapture the key town of Qusayr from rebels, party leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said Friday, noting that Hizbullah is “open to any discussion over Syria."

"Before Qusayr is the same as after Qusayr. Nothing has changed," Nasrallah said in a televised speech marking the Resistance Wounded Fighter Day.

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Naharnet: Saudi King Cuts Short Morocco Vacation amid Unusual Military Measures in Kingdom

Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz cut short his vacation in Morocco and decided to return to the kingdom on Thursday evening.

The monarch and his entourage have already left Morocco, according to information obtained by Naharnet.

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Iran Says Hizbullah Fighting 'Enemies' Plans' in Syria

Iran on Thursday expressed that Hizbullah's involvement in the Syrian war is a defense against “the enemies' plans,” stressing that the party does not interfere in “sectarian conflicts.”

"All the Islamic world respects and values Hizbullah for its fight against the enemies of Islam, particularly against the Zionists,” Iranian foreign ministry's spokesperson Abbas Araqji said, explaining that the party's “procedures in defending Syria aim at facing the enemies' plans.”

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France 'Strongly Condemns' Syria Attack on Arsal: Threatening Civil Peace in Lebanon is Unacceptable

France condemned on Thursday the latest Syrian attack on the eastern town of Arsal, slamming “attempts to threaten civil peace in Lebanon as unacceptable.”

"France strongly condemns the raids on Arsal and we consider it a violation of Lebanese sovereignty,” said French foreign ministry spokesman Philippe Lalliot.

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U.S. Condemns Syria Gunship Strike on Lebanon

The United States on Wednesday condemned a cross-border Syrian helicopter gunship attack on the eastern Lebanese town of Arsal, calling it an "unacceptable provocation which risked dragging Lebanon into war.

"The United States condemns in the strongest terms today's helicopter attack by the Syrian regime on Arsal," State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

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Geagea Rejects Hizbullah Participation in Cabinet: March 8 Practices Resemble Takfiri Acts

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea stated on Wednesday that Hizbullah should not take part in any upcoming cabinet because it “rejected the state,” slamming March 8's “practices that model those of the Takfiris.”

"Hizbullah's messages were clear and the party should not take part in any cabinet,” Geagea said in a press conference he held in Maarab.

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