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Ammunition Seized during Raid of Fugitive House in Akkar

A quantity of ammunition was seized on Thursday as army troops raided the house of a fugitive in the town of Fneideq in northern Akkar.

"An army force raided the house of Ali Mohammed Kanaan in Fneideq,” the military institution said in a communique.

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Jumblat Lauds State's 'Strength,' Ability to Thwart Bombing Plans

Progressive Socialist Party chief MP Walid Jumblat praised on Thursday the state's “strength and its ability to thwart all bombing plans.”

"The experience has proven once again that the Lebanese state, and despite all divisions and the complicated political conditions, is strong and capable of thwarting all bombing plots that aim at undermining stability and security,” Jumblat said in a released statement.

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UAE Urges Citizens to Leave Lebanon, Avoid Traveling to the Country

The United Arab Emirates urged its citizens on Saturday to refrain from traveling to Lebanon citing the country's “shaky security situation” as a cause.

"Emiratis currently present in Lebanon must leave the country immediately,” UAE's charge d'affaires Hamad Mohammed al-Junaibi said.

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Hariri, Jumblat Stress 'Joint Action' to Hold Presidential Vote during Paris Talks

Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri and Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat stressed during their Paris meeting on the “necessity to strengthen joint action” to secure holding the pending constitutional junctures, a statement released by the PSP revealed on Saturday.

The leaders highlighted the importance of holding these junctures, on top of them the presidential elections “to avoid extending vacuum (in the presidency) and to preserve the institutional work in this critical phase,” the statement detailed.

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Syrian Prostitution Ring Busted in Brummana

The Internal Security Forces apprehended on Saturday the members of a prostitution ring in the Mount Lebanon town of Brummana, all of whom are Syrian nationals.

"The judicial police's Morals Protection Bureau obtained information on the presence of a ring that practices and facilitates prostitution in the Brummana area,” the ISF said in a statement.

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26 Fugitives Arrested in the North's Majdlaya

The Internal Security Forces announced on Saturday afternoon the arrest of over 20 fugitives in the northern region of Majdlaya.

"As forces continue the implementation of the security plan in the North, the regional police department managed to arrest 26 fugitives in the surroundings of the Vehicle Registration Authority in Majdlaya,” the ISF said in a released statement.

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Army Cordons Off Tripoli Area, Fires Shots at Motorcycle Driver for Not Stopping at Checkpoint

Army forces on Saturday cordoned off the al-Qobbeh area in the northern city of Tripoli after a man riding a motorcycle did not comply to a checkpoint's orders to stop.

The state-run National News Agency reported that troops fired gunshots at a person driving a motorcycle in al-Qobbeh because he did not stop when army forces ordered him to do so.

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Senator Says U.S. Must Help Lebanon over Refugee Crisis

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham has said the U.S. must spend money to help Lebanon confront the Syrian refugee crisis as the U.S. Senate appropriators advanced a $48.3 billion budget for foreign aid and State Department work.

The Appropriations foreign operations subcommittee adopted the budget by consensus Tuesday. The full committee examines it Thursday.

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Aoun Says Promised Hariri to Guarantee His Return to Lebanon, Urges 'Parliamentary Vote or System Change'

Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun on Tuesday said he is waiting for al-Mustaqbal movement to nominate him or endorse a “new candidate” for the presidency, revealing that he had told Mustaqbal leader Saad Hariri that he would guarantee his “political security” if he returns to Lebanon.

“Mustaqbal Movement officials contacted me and we had the intent to meet in the summer of 2013 but the circumstances did not allow us to do so. We then scheduled a meeting in Rome and we agreed not to publicize it so that they (political rivals) don't force its failure before it even happens,” Aoun said in an interview on OTV.

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Ten Hizbullah Fighters Killed in Syria's Ongoing Battles

Ten Hizbullah fighters have died in recent days while taking part in the ongoing Syrian war, most of whom were killed in an attack by the oppositions' fighters in the town of Rankous in Reef Damascus.

These reports were confirmed on websites affiliated with the Syrian opposition and with Hizbullah, which also revealed the fighters' identity and noted that while some of them were buried on Friday, others were laid to rest on Saturday.

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