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Roads Blocked as Power Plants Disconnection Plunges Lebanon into Darkness

Most of Lebanon plunged into darkness on Monday after the Zahrani, Deir Amar and Zouk power plants disconnected from the distribution network, causing power outages across the country.

LBC television said “power generation units have disconnected from the distribution network for unidentified reasons and efforts are underway to reconnect them.”

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One Dead, Many Hurt as Residents Clash Anew with Army in Nahr al-Bared

At least one Palestinian was killed and several people, including three Lebanese soldiers, were wounded on Monday in clashes that erupted between the Lebanese army and residents of the Palestinian refugee camp of Nahr al-Bared during the funeral of Ahmed Qassem, who was killed during unrest at the camp on Friday.

An official speaking on condition of anonymity told Agence France Presse that "one Palestinian refugee was killed and seven others were wounded" by gunfire.

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Naharnet Exclusive: Prince Salman Strongest Candidate to Succeed Prince Nayef

Information obtained by Naharnet said that King Abdullah will chair the Allegiance Council in the upcoming two days to choose the new crown prince after the death of Nayef bin Abdulaziz on Saturday in Geneva.

Reports said that prince Salman, the half-brother of the prince Nayef and who is the current defense minister, appears to be a strong candidate.

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Ghalioun Calls for U.N. Peacekeepers as Opposition Warns of Looming Homs Massacre

The former chief of the main opposition Syrian National Council (SNC) on Saturday urged the United Nations to deploy peacekeepers after U.N. observers suspended their mission in the country.

"We have to send U.N. peacekeepers to Syria on a mission with more people who would be able to protect themselves from the violence of the regime," said Burhan Ghalioun, ex-leader and current political bureau chief of the SNC.

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Palestinian Dead, 3 Hurt as Residents Clash with Army in Nahr al-Bared

A Palestinian was killed and three others were wounded on Friday when the Lebanese army opened fire during a spat at the Nahr al-Bared refugee camp in northern Lebanon, a Palestinian source told Agence France Presse.

The violence erupted after the army arrested two Palestinian men who were on a motorcycle and refused to stop at a checkpoint, the source said.

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Miqati’s Office: Clinton Calls PM, Voices Support for Steps of Govt., Army

Prime Minister Najib Miqati received on Thursday a phone call from U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, voicing her support to the “steps taken by the government and the efforts of the Lebanese army,” the PM’s Office said in a statement.

Clinton praised the “cooperation between Banque Du Liban and the U.S. Treasury”, the statement added, pointing out that discussion also tackled the Lebanese and regional developments.

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LF Nominates Fadi Karam to Run in Koura By-Election

The Lebanese Forces announced on Wednesday the nomination of Dr. Fadi Abdallah Karam, the former chairman of Tripoli’s dentists’ syndicate, to run in the parliamentary by-election in Koura after the death of MP Farid Habib.

LF leader Samir Geagea held a press conference in Maarab to announce the “unanimous nomination of comrade Dr. Fadi Abdallah Karam to contest the by-election for the vacant seat of Koura after the death of our comrade Farid Habib.”

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In Iran, Lavrov Accuses U.S. of Arming Syria Rebels

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday accused the United States of supplying weapons to Syria's rebels, worsening the conflict engulfing Moscow's allied regime in Damascus.

Russia was supplying "anti-air defense systems" to Damascus in a deal that "in no way violates international laws," Lavrov told a news conference during a brief visit to Iran.

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Aoun: After Dialogue Statement, Govt. Must Control Security in North, Bekaa

Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun on Tuesday called on the government to address the situation in the Bekaa and the North and to “take control of security” there, following the “Baabda Declaration” agreed by the members of the national dialogue committee on Monday.

“We announced that the outcome of dialogue was positive given that everyone agreed on that and we hope everyone will abide by its resolutions,” Aoun said after the weekly meeting of the Change and Reform parliamentary bloc in Rabiyeh.

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Mansour Says Lebanese Diplomat in Libya Following up Arrest of Interpreter

Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour said the Lebanese charge d’affaires in Libya was tasked with following up the arrest of Lebanese interpreter Helene Assaf along with three envoys from the International Criminal Court.

The charge d’affaires will provide us with the latest developments on the case, Mansour told MTV after a judicial source said on Monday that Libyan authorities put the four envoys in "preventive" detention in prison for 45 days while investigating an alleged threat to national security.

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