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New Joint Liaison Office Will 'Advance Inter-Korean Relations'

North and South Korea will open a joint liaison office this week to improve cross-border communications and exchanges, Seoul said Wednesday. 

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China Calls on US, N. Korea to Implement Singapore Deal

China's top legislator voiced hope that North Korea and the United States will implement their nuclear summit agreement as he met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Chinese state media said Monday.

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Trump Asks Pompeo to Delay Visit to North Korea

President Donald Trump said Friday he has directed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to delay a planned trip to North Korea, citing insufficient progress on denuclearization.

Trump put some blame on Beijing, saying he does not believe China is helping "because of our much tougher Trading stance."

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S. Koreans Head for Family Reunions in North after Decades Apart

Dozens of elderly and frail South Koreans entered the North Monday to meet relatives for the first time since the peninsula and their families were divided by war nearly seven decades ago.

The three-day reunion -- the first for three years -- will take place at Mount Kumgang, a scenic resort in North Korea, following a rapid diplomatic thaw between the neighbours.

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N. Korea Urges Trump to Be 'Bold' on Denuclearization

North Korean state media blamed Donald Trump's political opponents for the "deadlock" over denuclearisation on Saturday, urging the US President to act boldly to make progress on the thorny issue.

Trump and the North's leader Kim Jong Un held a groundbreaking summit in Singapore in June, which the US leader touted as a historic breakthrough.

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N. Korea Says 'Completely' Dismantled Nuclear Test Site

North Korea said it had fully demolished its only known nuclear test site on Thursday, with a series of planned detonations that put the facility beyond further use.

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Trump Says Americans Should be 'Very Proud' of 'Historic' Koreas Summit

U.S. President Donald Trump hailed Friday's Korea summit as historic but warned that "only time will tell."

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All Abroad: Kim Dynasty's Travels on Armor-Plated Trains

The North Korean train that arrived in Beijing this week looked remarkably similar to one used by the North's late leader Kim Jong Il, its olive-green exterior and yellow stripe prompting intense speculation his son and successor Kim Jong Un was on board.

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Kim Jong Un: The Princeling Taking a Diplomatic Turn

Six years after inheriting power from his father, Kim Jong Un has established his authority domestically, taken North Korea to unprecedented nuclear heights, and is now looking to flex his muscles abroad.

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North and South Korea Heads of State Meet, Shake Hands

South Korean President Moon Jae-in and the North's ceremonial head of state Kim Yong Nam met and shook hands Friday ahead of the Winter Olympics opening ceremony.

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