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Don't Look Down: Glass Bottom Skywalk Thrills in China

Suspended more than 120 meters (400 feet) above a gaping chasm, the world's longest cantilevered glass skywalk is delighting and terrifying visitors in China.

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Dog Poop for Dessert: Turd-Shaped Treats a Hit in Thailand

It might turn some stomachs, but a dessert-maker in Thailand has been flooded with orders ever since she started crafting gelatinous sweets into the shape -- and color -- of dog poop.

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China's Dog Meat Festival Opens despite Ban Rumors

A notorious Chinese dog meat festival opened on Wednesday with sellers torching the hair off carcasses, butchers chopping slabs of canines and cooks frying up dishes, dispelling rumors that authorities would ban sales this year.

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Twerking Star Leaves Thai Junta Chief Hot and Bothered

Twerking nine to three is the new way to make a living for a teenage Thai music star whose eye-popping dance moves have enraged the country's military strongman.

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Angry Zoo Investors Feed Live Donkey to Tigers

Visitors to a Chinese zoo got ringside seats to a shocking live feeding after a group of investors tossed a live donkey into a tiger pit.

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Trump Cryptic Tweet 'Covfefe' Trending on Twitter

Not for the first time, a Donald Trump tweet has lit up the internet. But this time, users the world over have been left scratching their heads over "covfefe": a bizarre word apparently created by the president.

"Despite the constant negative press covfefe," read the US leader's short tweet sent early Wednesday.

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Pope Risks Joke about Trump's Size

It could have caused a diplomatic incident but a culinary quip from Pope Francis seemed to have gone down well with Donald Trump and his wife Melania.

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New Zealand Deputy PM Tells of Dildo Protest Fears

New Zealand's deputy prime minister testified Tuesday that a colleague accused of careless driving feared an attack from a dildo-wielding demonstrator when he navigated his car through a throng of protesters.

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Facebook, Apple Logos Removed from Thai Royal Funeral Statue

Apple, Facebook and Google logos have been removed from a giant statue of a mythical beast that will stand inside the sprawling cremation complex being built for Thailand's late king after their inclusion caused an online outcry.

Dozens of palace artisans are working around the clock to produce a dizzying array of sculptures for the funeral of King Bhumibol Adulyadej in October -- a year after the deeply revered monarch's death plunged the nation into mourning.

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All Aboard: Luxury Japanese Train Has Bath and Fireplace

It's got Michelin-starred chefs, solid cypress bathtubs and a cosy snug complete with roaring fire: the Shiki-Shima could hold its own against any five-star hotel. Not bad for a train.

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