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YouTube Channel Showing Giraffe Birth 2nd Most Live-Viewed

The long-awaited arrival of April the giraffe's baby has made Animal Adventure Park the second most live-viewed channel in YouTube's history.

April's livestream had more than 232 million live views and 7.6 billion minutes of live watch time since February, second only to League of Legends eSports, which has been around since 2012, YouTube said on Monday.

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Indian Metro Probes Porn Screened at Busy Station

Hardcore pornography that flashed onto a giant screen at one of Delhi's busiest metro stations has prompted red-faced rail authorities to launch an investigation, an official said Sunday, after footage of the incident was shared widely online.

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Man Fined over Graffiti Wedding Proposal Doesn't Regret It

A man who spray-painted a marriage proposal on an Ohio shopping center has been fined for criminal mischief and sentenced to community service but says he doesn't regret it.

After all, she said yes.

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Birds Hit by Cars Are, Well, Bird-Brained

What's the difference between birds that get killed by cars, and those that don't? 

The dead ones tend to have smaller brains, scientists who performed 3,521 avian autopsies said Wednesday.

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Sweden Hotel Offers Refund -- Only if You Divorce

A Swedish hotel chain said Sunday it is offering guests a refund -- but with strings attached: you only qualify if you get divorced in the year following your stay.

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That's Not Grandad! Corpse Confusion in Austria

The grieving family just wanted to see the body one last time before his cremation. But peeking into the coffin for the final farewell they got a shock: it was someone else.

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New Zealand Parrot Has 'Infectious Laugh'

Researchers have found that New Zealand's kea parrot has the avian equivalent of an infectious laugh -- a call that when heard prompts others to drop everything and have some fun.

Kea live in alpine areas and are renowned in New Zealand for being intelligent and mischievous, often called "the clown of the mountain".

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Face Recognition Flushes out China's Toilet Paper Crooks

A years-long crime spree by Chinese toilet paper thieves may have reached the end of its roll after park officials in southern Beijing installed facial recognition technology to flush out bathroom bandits.  

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'Meteor' Causes Panic in Pakistan's Mountainous North

A suspected meteor lit up the skies above Pakistan's mountainous north late Wednesday, officials said, with panicked residents reporting a mysterious light whizzing past and the sound of multiple, powerful blasts.

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Trio Ordered to Clean Dubai Zoo over Cat Killing Video

The ruler of Dubai on Wednesday ordered three men accused of feeding a cat alive to two dogs and filming it to clean the city's zoo for three months.

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