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Canadian Says Will Give Away Can$40 Million Jackpot

A Canadian retiree pledged Tuesday to give away a Can$40-million ($37 million USD)lottery prize to charity, telling Canada's public broadcaster that he doesn't need the money.

"I've been fortunate enough, through my career, 44 years with a company. I did very well for myself. I've done enough that I can look after myself, for my kids, so they can get looked after into the future. I don't really need that money," Tom Crist told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

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Dutch Prostitutes Demand Footballers' Pension Perks

Dutch prostitutes want to enjoy the same retirement perks as professional footballers because they also do "difficult physical work" in the prime of their lives, their lawyer said Tuesday.

"Footballers and prostitutes both do a difficult physical job that they cannot do their whole life," said Wil Post, a lawyer for Freya, a company that wants to take over a prostitution business in central Dutch city of Utrecht.

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U.S. Stores Have Free Rein to Recoup Theft Losses

People accused of shoplifting at Macy's huge flagship store in New York City are escorted by security guards to cells in "Room 140," where they can be held for hours, asked to sign an admission of guilt and pay hundreds in fines, sometimes without any conclusive proof they stole anything.

As shoppers jam stores ahead of the December holidays, claims of racial profiling at department stores in New York have helped expose the wide latitude that laws in at least 27 states give retailers to hold and fine shoplifting suspects, even if a person hasn't yet technically stolen anything, is wrongly accused or criminal charges are dropped.

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U.S. Man Charged in Burglary Swallows 2 Necklaces

A U.S. man faces burglary and tampering charges after an X-ray machine revealed a dark mass near his stomach while he was being booked into jail.

Local sheriff's officials say the mass turned out to be two necklaces stolen during a Dec. 10 burglary in Florida.

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Sword-Wielding 'Subway Samurai' Faces Flogging in Singapore

A subway commuter in Singapore is facing the prospect of five years in jail plus flogging for wielding a sword on board a train while dressed in samurai attire.

Metro operator SMRT said police were called in Monday after a man wielding a samurai sword jumped a fare gate at a suburban station and boarded a train headed towards the city.

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Naples Mafia Nabbed in Christmas Flowers Racket

Jingle bells, it's the mafia! Italian police on Monday arrested four suspected mafia members who were forcing shopkeepers to buy Christmas flowers for up to 100 euros ($138) each to raise money for jailed mobsters.

The red poinsettia plants -- a traditional Christmas gift in Italy -- usually sell for three or four euros and business owners who did not buy them at the vastly inflated prices faced retribution, the police said.

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2013 is Year of the E-Cig and 'Selfie'

E-cigarettes replaced nicotine patches, grunge returned to the catwalk, Daft Punk swept dance floors and the "selfie" made it into the dictionary.

Here are some of the lifestyle trends of 2013:

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Uruguay Leader Hopes to Adopt '30 or 40 Poor Children'

Uruguay President Jose Mujica, a former guerilla known for his low-key style, has admitted he hopes to adopt "30 or 40 poor children" after his term ends in 2014, local media reported Sunday.

The 78-year-old leader said he envisions putting his plan into place when he steps down as president, a position he has served in since 2010.

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'Villas-Boas Abuse' Music to Ears of Fed-up New Yorker

A musical theater lover who shares the same initials as under-fire Tottenham boss Andre Villas-Boas is tweeting song lyrics back to irate Spurs fans who deluge her with abuse.

Ashley Van Buren from New York, a freelance writer and researcher according to her blog, uses the Twitter name @AVB, giving her the same initials as Villas-Boas.

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Lack of Preciousss Vitamin Made Gollum a Loser

Think kindly of the dragon Smaug. Shed a tear for Gollum. And give an orc a hug.

If only they had tucked into the occasional quiche and salad or a touch of smoked salmon, or had a few sessions on a sunbed. How much kinder history would have been to them.

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