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Thai Police Hold Serial Panty Thief after Jewel Heist

Thai police said Friday they had discovered thousands of items of stolen women's underwear at the home of a robbery suspect, the second time the man has been found hoarding undergarments this year.

Danai Raiwech, 48, was arrested at his home in a Bangkok suburb on Thursday after police searched his property in connection with a $325,000 heist at a jewelers.

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Fibbers Vie for World's Biggest Liar Crown

Fantastic fibbers are gathering at a remote pub in northwestern England to vie for the title of world's biggest liar.

The annual competition is held at the Bridge Inn in the Lake District hamlet of Santon Bridge. Contestants have five minutes to impress the judges with a whopping but convincing lie.

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U.S. City Proposes Citizens' Well-Being Study

Once referred to as the "people's republic of Santa Monica" because of its socially conscious government, the Los Angeles coastal suburb now wants to find out whether its citizens are feeling groovy.

The Los Angeles Times ( says Santa Monica officials are seeking a grant to create the nation's first municipal well-being index.

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In Sex in the City: Grasshoppers Pump Up the Bass

For city grasshoppers, noise just isn't cricket.

Loud traffic drowns out the song the male grasshopper makes, rubbing a toothed file on his hind legs against a protruding vein on his front wings, to lure a mate.

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Hundreds of Cobras Seized in Thai Customs Bust

Thai customs officers have seized hundreds of cobras being smuggled through the country for use in traditional medicine as a supposed sexual aid, an official said Wednesday.

The 600 deadly wild snakes were discovered in crates on a truck when it was stopped at a checkpoint in the south of the country.

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Hunter Novel Wins French 'Goncourt for Pets'

A jury including the literary provocateur Michel Houellebecq on Wednesday handed out a prize dubbed the "Goncourt for pets" to a novel about a hunt gone wrong.

"The Hunting Party" by 42-year-old Agnes Desarthe tells of a young man who is injured during a hunt, and while he awaits rescue falls into "conversation" with a wild rabbit about the meaning of life -- both animal or human.

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Indian Athlete Declared Male after Rape Claim

Indian authorities investigating a rape case say a sprinter who won a women's relay gold medal at the 2006 Asian Games is actually a man.

Police charged Pinki Pramanik on Monday with raping and assaulting a woman she was living with in the eastern state of West Bengal. The woman alleged Pramanik was a man who had reneged on a promise to marry her.

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London Show Views Death through Artists' Eyes

Try as we might, there's no escaping death. Art collector Richard Harris has decided to embrace that fact and wants the rest of us to do the same.

The retired Chicago print dealer has spent years acquiring works imbued with mortality, from 18th-century anatomical drawings to Tibetan skull masks and papier-mache skeletons from Mexico.

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Judge Strikes Down 'Possum Drop' New Year Party in U.S. Town

A popular New Year's celebration that draws thousands of tourists to the tiny North Carolina town of Brasstown for a party that ends in a "possum drop" may no longer be held there, a judge ruled.

The 18-year tradition in the town of 240 consisted of lowering the animal to the ground at midnight in a see-through cage decked out in Christmas garlands, like the ball that is dropped in New York's Times Square -- except the possum is alive.

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Contraband Cigarettes Smuggled in Coffins in Bulgaria

Smugglers transported millions of contraband cigarettes around Bulgaria in coffins and even hired hearses to throw investigators off the scent, the country's customs chief said on Tuesday.

Head of the Bulgarian customs agency Vanyo Tanov told state BNT television the smugglers also disguised some vehicles as ambulances.

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