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Hawaii Man: Duct Tape Used in Theft of 23 Goats

More than 20 purebred goats— most of them pregnant — were stolen from a Hawaii farm on a full moonlit night, with duct tape used to keep the animals from making noise, their owner said.

Sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning, 23 goats valued at a total of about $10,000 were stolen from Kahuku Goats, a 250-acre (101-hectare) farm on Oahu's North Shore, said owner Keal Pontin. Two bucks were left behind with ropes around their neck and duct tape over their mouths, he said Monday.

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Greek Children Find 43,000 Euros Hidden by Elderly Woman

Children playing in northwestern Greece found a bag containing 43,000 euros ($58,000) that an elderly woman had hidden in a derelict building fearing the crisis-hit country's banks were unsafe, police said Monday.

While playing near a square in the city of Ioannina on Friday, a group of primary school children aged around nine and ten stumbled upon the money in a bag stashed away in the building, police said confirming media accounts.

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Snake on Plane Grounds Qantas Flight

A tiny snake as slender as a pen forced the grounding of a Japan-bound Qantas flight in the Australian city of Sydney overnight, stranding hundreds of passengers.

The non-venomous reptile, about eight inches (20 centimeters) long, was found near the doorway of a Boeing 747-400 bound for Tokyo on Sunday night, a Qantas spokeswoman told Agence France Presse.

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Long, Strange Trip Ending for VW's Hippie Van

It carried hippies through the 1960s, hauled surfers in search of killer waves during endless summers and serves as a workhorse across the developing world, but the long, strange trip of the Volkswagen van is ending.

Brazil is the last place in the world still producing the iconic vehicle, or "bus" as it's known by aficionados, but VW says production will end Dec. 31. Safety regulations mandate that every vehicle in Brazil must have air bags and anti-lock braking systems starting in 2014, and the company says it cannot change production to meet the law.

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Media: Japan Porn Dealers Arrested after Catalogues Sent to Police

Six pornography dealers in western Japan have been arrested after mailing their catalogues to the head of Osaka Police Department by mistake, according to local media.

Police last week arrested Toshiharu Hidaka, 27, and five other men on suspicion of possessing obscene material with the intent to sell it in Osaka, Jiji Press and other news reports said.

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U.S. College Student Helps Pay Tuition by Eating

A University of Wisconsin student with a nickname of "Silo" is eating his way through school — competitively.

Computer engineering student Eric Dahl now ranks third in the world of competitive eating as determined by All Pro Eating rankings, though he once held the top spot. Dahl has earned more than $18,000 in prize money or merchandise to help pay for his education.

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Egypt Farmer Held for Naming Donkey after Top General

An Egyptian farmer has been arrested for putting the name of the country's military chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and an army cap on his donkey, state media said Saturday.

Omar Abu al-Magd Ali al-Saghir, 31, was arrested late on Friday in the central province of Qena for allegedly insulting the general, state news agency MENA reported.

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Cyprus Police Hunt 'French Jobs' Fraudster

Cypriot authorities are searching for a man who allegedly bilked more than 260,000 euros ($354,000) from unemployed Cypriots by promising them non-existent construction jobs in France, police said Saturday.

Phileleftheros newspaper cited police as saying the man, thought to be a Tunisian with fake Greek identity papers, had set up a bogus employment agency in the coastal city of Larnaca.

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'Northampton Clown' Tarrifies British Town

A mysterious clown dressed like the malevolent character from the Stephen King novel "It" has been scaring residents with random appearances in the British town of Northampton.

The "Northampton Clown", whose identity remains unknown, said on Friday that the bizarre behavior involving posting pictures of himself around the town was "harmless fun."

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Queen Pours her Dogs' Gravy, Says Book on Royal Love for Animals

Queen Elizabeth II is so fond of her corgis that she personally supervises their daily meal and pours the gravy for them herself, according to a new book on British royal pets since the 16th century.

"Pets by Royal Appointment", by author Brian Hoey, who has written about Buckingham Palace for more than 40 years, suggests that the monarch prefers animal company to those of humans.

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