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British School Runaways Found in Caribbean Sun

Two 16-year-olds who ran away from a top British boarding school have been found safe and well in the Dominican Republic, police and the school said Monday.

Edward Bunyan and Indira Gainiyeva disappeared from the highly-regarded Stonyhurst College in Lancashire, northwest England, on January 13.

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Japanese Airline Sorry over 'Racist' Commercial

Japanese carrier All Nippon Airways (ANA) said Monday it is apologizing individually to customers who call to complain about racial stereotyping in a new TV commercial, but has not decided whether it should pull the ad.

ANA started airing the new 30-second television advertisement on Saturday, aimed at promoting its beefed up schedule of international flights from Tokyo's Haneda airport in March.

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Panama Earns Guinness Record with 5,000 Painting Kids

Panama earned a Guinness world record Saturday when 5,084 children painted a mural simultaneously for three and a half minutes as part of 100th anniversary celebrations for the Panama Canal, organizers said.

Panamanian painter Olga Sinclair was behind the massive work of art depicting the canal locks at the El Prado promenade in Panama City.

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Spanish Pets Queue for Blessing on St. Anthony's Day

Dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets and more exotic pets flocked to a Madrid church on Friday to be blessed with holy water on Saint Anthony's Day.

In the city center, long queues of owners and pets stretched to the doors of the Church of Saint Anthony, patron saint of animals.

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U.S. Clothing Store Goes Pubic for Valentine's Day

U.S. clothing chain American Apparel has sparked controversy by putting mannequins sprouting pubic hair in the windows of their shop in New York's boho Lower East Side.

Passersby stopped to gawk, take photographs, chuckle or raise a horrified eyebrow at the stick-thin plastic models decked out in see-through bras and panties, with bushy bikini lines.

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Lighting Costs Rio's iconic Christ Statue Tip of Thumb

The iconic statue of Jesus overlooking Rio de Janeiro, one of the city's most recognizable landmarks, has lost a thumb tip to lightening, a report said Friday.

Christ the Redeemer, the giant monument and tourist magnet that looms atop nearby Mount Corcovado, was damaged in a huge storm Thursday night, O Globo newspaper reported on its website.

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Researchers: Cyberattack Traced to Hacked Refrigerator

Call it the attack of the zombie refrigerators.

Computer security researchers said this week they discovered a large "botnet" which infected Internet-connected home appliances and then delivered more than 750,000 malicious emails.

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Nun Gives Birth in Italy, Names Baby Francis

A Salvadorean nun who said she had no idea she was pregnant gave birth in Italy this week after she felt stomach cramps in her convent and was rushed to hospital, Italian media reported on Friday.

The 31-year-old mother and her baby boy, who weighs 3.5 kilograms (nine pounds), are doing well and other new mothers in Rieti hospital have begun collecting clothes and donations for her, the reports said.

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Truck Dumps Huge Pile of Dung outside French Assembly

A truck dumped a huge pile of manure outside France's National Assembly on Thursday in a protest against the French political elite.

The driver of the truck -- which was marked with the slogan "Out with Hollande and the whole political class!" -- was apprehended by police shortly after releasing his smelly load outside the front gates of the grand Palais Bourbon that hosts the lower house Assembly.

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Radical Jewish Settlers Seek Image Makeover with Sushi

Radical Jewish settlers from a West Bank outpost with a reputation for violence have set up a sushi business in a bid to revamp their image, a newspaper reported Wednesday.

The culinary venture is being run out of Esh Kodesh, a small unauthorized outpost in the northern West Bank populated by settlers who have frequently attacked local Palestinians.

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