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Romanians Baptize Horses on Orthodox Holiday

Hundreds of horses in Romania received blessings on Monday in a baptismal tradition dating back centuries to mark the Orthodox holiday of the Epiphany.

In the rural countryside, people arrived on horseback or in horse-drawn wagons to parade their animals before the priest who sprinkled the horses with holy water.

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Cocaine Cake Joke in 'Bad Taste' - Carrefour Argentina

Carrefour Argentina scrambled to reassure customers Monday after a delicacy from a cake supplier listed "12 grams of cocaine" as an ingredient.

The French supermarket chain, which has more than 500 stores across Argentina, said it regretted what it called a "joke in bad taste," apparently made by a worker at the supplier.

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Olive Oil Frees Naked Man Stuck in Washing Machine

A naked Australian man who became stuck in a washing machine as part of an ill-planned practical joke was freed from the appliance with the help of an unusual rescue device: olive oil.

The man, identified only as "Laurence," told Australia's Fairfax Radio that he was on his way to take a shower on Saturday when he decided to climb into the top-loader. He then realized he couldn't budge and yelled out to his friend for help, who called the police.

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Dutch Inflatable Duck Artist Protests at Taiwan 'Copycat'

The Dutch artist whose giant inflatable duck is on display in Taiwan is threatening to close the exhibition early in protest at an apparent copycat attempt, officials said Monday.

Florentijn Hofman is reportedly upset with a souvenir stallholder in the northern port city of Keelung.

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Taiwanese Non-Swimmer Survives after 60 Hours Adrift

A Taiwanese man has miraculously survived a 60-hour ordeal drifting in rough seas off the island's east coast even though he cannot swim, local media reported Monday.

Tseng Lien-fa was catching baby eels on a beach in Hualien county early Friday when he was swept away by an unexpectedly large wave.

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Romanian Migrant Becomes Star in Britain

The British media had warned of a flood of new Bulgarian and Romanian migrants arriving on January 1, but judging by this week's coverage, they only appeared to have found one.

Victor Spirescu, a 30-year-old Romanian, has become an unexpected star after flying into Luton airport, north of London, on the day EU labor market restrictions on his nation and Bulgaria were lifted.

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Internet-Connected Toothbrush Makes CES Debut

Brush smarter. That's the message from the makers of what is billed as the world's first Internet-connected toothbrush.

Unveiled Sunday at a preview event for the Consumer Electronics Show, the device from French-based startup Kolibree aims "to reinvent oral care," according to co-founder Loic Cessot.

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Naked Aussie Gets Stuck in Washing Machine

A naked Australian man was left red-faced after getting stuck in a washing machine during a game of hide and seek, after police had to grease him up with olive oil to get him out.

The man clambered into the top-loader machine on Saturday afternoon in his unit north of Melbourne, aiming to surprise his girlfriend when she got home.

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Nuns in Spain Red-Faced after Missing Call from Pope

A group of nuns in Spain got a New Year surprise when they checked their answerphone machine to discover they had missed a call from the Pope, who left a message asking why they didn't pick up.

"What can the nuns be doing that stops them answering the phone?" said Pope Francis, chuckling, in the message he left on New Year's Eve for the Barefoot Carmelites of Lucena, aired on Spanish radio on Friday.

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Delivery Man is Missing U.S. Mega Millions Winner

A delivery truck driver has come forward to claim his half of a $648 million jackpot, the second largest in U.S. history, lottery officials said Friday.

Steve Tran bought five tickets in San Jose, California, ahead of the hotly anticipated December 17 Mega Millions sweepstakes -- but then promptly forgot about them.

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