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Czech Robs Bank to Pay off Debt, then Turns Himself in

A Czech man was so intent on doing right by his lenders that he robbed a bank, before turning himself into the police to pay off his debt to society.

The 48-year-old stole tens of thousands of koruna (hundreds of euros, dollars) from a bank in a Prague suburb, police spokesman Tomas Hulan told Agence France Presse.

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Tired of Excuses, Danish City Wakes Students at Home

Social workers in a wealthy Copenhagen neighborhood have begun making house calls to wake up students with high rates of absenteeism, sparking accusations that Denmark's welfare state has become too intrusive.

"There have been conflicts, but the people we've sent out are trained to handle situations like that. Of course there's been resistance," said Barbro Lundqvist, a social worker in the upscale Oesterbro district.

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Pentagon: Fill out the Form for Your Bomb

Here's a friendly reminder from the Pentagon police chief: please fill out the proper forms before you bring a bomb to work.

The advice came after security guards at the Defense Department's entrance discovered parts of a disabled homemade bomb on a civilian entering the building last month, officials said.

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Hotel Shortage May Push Syria Peace Talks out of Geneva

The much-anticipated "Geneva II" Syrian peace talks might not be held in Geneva due to insufficient hotel availability, U.N.-Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi said in an interview broadcast Tuesday.

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon finally set a date last week for the peace conference, which has been repeatedly postponed since June and is now set to kick off on January 22.

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Pay-What-You-Like Restaurant in China Loses Thousands

A Biblically-named restaurant in China where patrons can pay whatever they want -- or nothing at all -- has shown that while loving your neighbor may be laudable, it is a risky business model.

The "Five Loaves and Two Fish" restaurant, named for the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand, has been serving up hot meals and coffee daily to a packed house in Fuzhou since it opened its doors in August.

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Italy Busts Surfer Drug Smuggling Ring

Italian police said Monday they had busted a ring of smugglers who attempted to traffic cocaine from Latin America to Europe by hiding it in surf boards and a sailing boat.

The police said they had arrested 19 people -- 16 Italians, 2 Peruvians and a Columbian. In all, 24 people are under investigation.

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Bird Steals Camera in Australia, Records Journey

A brazen bird snatched a video camera that was recording crocodiles in northwest Australia and captured fascinating footage of its 110-kilometer (70-mile) journey across the country's remote landscape.

Wildlife rangers in Western Australia's Kimberly region released video on Monday that reveals the sea eagle's caper. The bird's flapping wings can be seen as it grabs the device and takes off, and the eagle later poses for a selfie, poking its face into the camera lens.

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Norwegian Halal Reindeer Meat to Go on Sale

Norway's first-ever halal reindeer meat will soon make it to the dinner tables of Muslims across Norway and places as distant as Dubai.

Vilteksperten, a slaughterhouse that specializes in game meat, has slaughtered 105 reindeer according to Muslim law, in cooperation with the Islamic Council of Norway.

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Report: China Space Launch Debris Wrecks Villagers' Homes

Debris from the rocket carrying China's first moon rover plummeted to earth in a village more than a thousand kilometers from the launch site, crashing into two homes, a report said Tuesday.

The incident about nine minutes after the launch of the Chang'e-3 mission early Monday happened in Suining county in the central province of Hunan, which has been hit by space wreckage nearly 20 times, the Xiaoxiang Morning Post said.

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Slow TV Casts a Spell on Norwegian Audiences

Say goodbye to breathless intrigue and dramatic twists: "Slow TV" is attracting record audiences in Norway, with hours, even days, devoted to knitting, fishing and panoramic landscapes.

Public broadcaster NRK has replaced some of its usual prime time drama and entertainment with long, lingering images of cruise liners touring fjords and hours of crackling log fires.

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