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Indonesian Policewomen Wow Protesters with Gangnam Style

A group of policewomen took an unusual approach to crowd control at a May Day protest in Indonesia Wednesday, breaking into a performance of "Gangnam Style" to keep demonstrators happy.

Thousands of protesters in the city of Surabaya in eastern Java cheered with excitement as around 80 female officers did the signature horse-riding dance from South Korean rapper Psy's global hit.

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Ecuadoran Ambassador in Supermarket Checkout Fight

Even ambassadors, it turns out, are turf-conscious when it comes to waiting in the supermarket checkout line.

Ecuador's envoy to Peru has admitted getting into a fight -- backed up by his wife -- with two women he said tried to cut in front of him in a store in Lima.

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'4Real'?, New Zealand Reveals Banned Baby Names

New Zealand officials on Wednesday released a list of baby names put forward by parents that were rejected because they were too bizarre or offensive, including "Lucifer" and "Mafia No Fear".

The list of 77 names reveals one child was set to be called "Anal" before the Department of Internal Affairs vetoed the proposal, while another narrowly avoided being dubbed "." or full stop.

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Wanted: Polar Bear Spotter on Norwegian Islands

Do you enjoy the outdoors and have strong vocal cords? If so, Norway might have a summer job for you: three weeks in the Arctic wilderness spotting polar bears.

The governor's office on the remote northern islands of Svalbard is seeking a polar bear spotter to warn researchers doing projects in the region.

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Fans Dig Club's Grave after Promotion Miss

Disgruntled fans of a Serbian regional league club have vented their frustration at Macva Sabac's repeated failure to gain promotion to the national second division by digging a grave on their pitch, a club official said Tuesday.

The two-meter long shallow grave was also adorned with a cross carrying a gruesome message which read: "Second division or this".

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Hunting, NYC Style: Owners Set Dogs on Alley Rats

Bodies tense and noses twitching, the dogs sniff the fertile hunting ground before them: a lower Manhattan alley, grimy, dim and perfect for rats. With a terse command — "Now!" — the chase is on.

Circling, bounding over and pawing at a mound of garbage bags, the four dogs quickly have rodents on the run.

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Wanted: One Sous Chef for Britain's Queen Elizabeth

The conditions stated in the job advertisement might not be that hot with a salary of £23,000 a year for 45 hours a week in the kitchen but there are perks: cooking dinner for Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace.

The ad on the official palace website says that the applicant should if possible have a "good understanding of kitchen French".

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Indian Booked for Letting Boy, 9, Drive Ferrari

An Indian businessman who let his nine-year-old son cruise around in his Ferrari has been arrested after posting footage of the youngster at the wheel on YouTube, police said on Monday.

Mohammed Nisham, from the southern state of Kerala, uploaded the 88-second clip of his son driving the Ferrari F430 with his five-year-old brother as co-passenger on the video-sharing website.

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Football Pundit Eats Rat after Losing on-Air Bet

French football pundit Eric di Meco has eaten a rat after losing an on-air bet about a player.

Three years ago, when Spanish full back Cesar Azpilicueta joined di Meco's old club Marseille, the club's then president Jean-Claude Dessier described the player as "Spain's future right back".

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Obama Jokes about Aging During 2nd Term

President Barack Obama joked Saturday that the years are catching up to him and he's not "the strapping young Muslim socialist" he used to be.

Obama poked fun at himself as well as some of his political adversaries during the annual White House Correspondents' Association dinner attended by politicians, members of the media and Hollywood celebrities.

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