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Elderly Shoplifters Outstrip Teenagers in Tokyo

The number of elderly people caught shoplifting in Japan's capital city has outstripped that of teenagers for the first time since records began, a report said.

A quarter of the people arrested on suspicion of the crime in Tokyo last year were at least 65 years old, figures showed, amid warnings of increasing isolation in the age group.

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Poles Dancing: Women Swing around Poland's Signposts

Talk about a traffic stopper: three pole dancers in central Poland have been honing their skills on street corners, throwing their legs around signposts to the surprise and delight of passersby.

Clad in black booty shorts and neon pink T-shirts on a recent afternoon in downtown Lodz, the barefoot and pony-tailed women checked the sidewalk for glass.

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Czech 'Miraculously' Walks Off after Subway Train Fall

A Czech woman beat the odds this week in the Prague underground when she fell under an oncoming train but then crawled out from between carriages unscathed, police said Tuesday.

The young woman -- who appeared to be dozing on her feet -- fell off the platform into a deep groove between the subway rails, saving her from the impact of the undercarriage zooming by overhead.

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China Driver Held after Bumper Payout from 334 Crashes

A man who crashed a car on average every three days for almost three years in a Chinese insurance scam has been arrested, media reported Friday.

The 42-year-old made 334 insurance claims in the southern city of Shenzhen between 2010 and May this year, local television said.

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92-Year-Old Iraqi Weds Woman Seven Decades Junior

A 92-year-old Iraqi farmer married a woman 70 years his junior in a village north of Baghdad, he said Friday, voicing happiness at getting hitched alongside two teenage grandchildren who also tied the knot.

Musali Mohammed al-Mujamaie married 22-year-old Muna Mukhlif al-Juburi on Thursday evening, three years after the death of his first wife of 58 years, with whom he raised 16 children in his home village of Gubban, which lies just south of the central Iraqi city of Samarra.

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And the 'Wiener' is: Chestnut Downs Record 69 Dogs

Joey "Jaws" Chestnut devoured 69 hot dogs, breaking his own record to win the traditional Fourth of July Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island for the seventh straight year.

With thousands of spectators cheering him on, Chestnut downed the 69 dogs -- and their buns -- in 10 minutes, improving on his previous personal best of 68.

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Fat Malaysian Orangutan Put on Diet

An obese orangutan has been put on a strict diet by Malaysian wildlife authorities after two decades of gorging on junk food handed out by tourists, a report said Friday.

Jackie reportedly weighs 100 kilograms (16 stone), twice the normal weight of an adult female in the rich jungle habitats of Borneo island.

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A to Z: British Royal Baby's First Alphabet

From the cannon fire that will mark the arrival of Prince William and Catherine's first child, to the doctors overseeing this very special delivery, here is an A to Z of Britain's royal baby.

A is for ANNOUNCEMENT. After the birth, a proclamation signed by Kate's doctors will be rushed to Buckingham Palace and displayed on a gilded easel at the gates.

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Adult Breast Feeding Report Incenses China Web Users

Human breast milk has become a new luxury for China's rich, with some firms offering wet nurse services, a report said, provoking outrage and disgust among web users Thursday.

Xinxinyu, a domestic staff agency in the booming city of Shenzhen, which borders Hong Kong, provided wet nurses for newborns, the sick and other adults who pay high prices for the milk's fine nutrition, the Southern Metropolis Daily said.

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Philippine Police Warned against Selling Guns

The Philippines' poorly paid police have been warned they will be sacked if they sell their new semi-automatic pistols, a spokesman for the corruption-plagued force said Thursday.

The Glock pistols currently being distributed to tens of thousands of officers cost about twice as much as an entry-level salary in the force, and there are fears that the guns could end up on the black market.

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