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Meet Azalea the Smoking Chimp, New Star at Pyongyang Zoo

Pyongyang's newly opened zoo has a new star: Azalea, the smoking chimpanzee.

According to officials at the newly renovated zoo, which has become a favorite leisure spot in the North Korean capital since it re-opened in July, the 19-year-old female chimpanzee, whose name in Korean is "Dallae," smokes about a pack a day. Dallae is short for azalea.

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Years into War, Damascus Hikes Fines for Dropping Litter

Syria may have been devastated by a five year civil war, but that hasn't stopped Damascus city council tackling the problem of unsightly laundry and litter.

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Nigeria Leader on His Wife: 'She Belongs to My Kitchen'

Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday hit back at criticism from his wife about his leadership, saying she "belongs to my kitchen".

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Attacker in Clown Mask Stabs Man in Sweden

A man in Sweden has been stabbed by an attacker wearing a clown mask, police said Friday, as a wave of hysteria about sightings of "creepy" or "killer" clowns sweeps the United States and European nations.

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Tips of the Trade: How to Find Gold in Streams and Rivers

A growing number of people are heading to the streams and rivers in search of gold. There is plenty to be had, experts say, but probably not enough for you to quit your day job.

To find the specks of gold or even a nugget or two, you will need to the right equipment and keen sense of where to find it. A few tips from the experts:

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Gourmet Ganja? Marijuana Dining is Growing up, Slowly

Marijuana legalization has chefs trying out pot pairings, and pot growers seeking new aromas and flavors. Colorado now has a few private dinners where guests can try different flavors of marijuana and see how they match with food.

But legal obstacles remain for businesses that want to combine marijuana and dining, even in legal weed states. Ballot measures being considered this fall could change that, though.

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Food Delivery Apps Spice up Indian Train Journeys

Passengers on India's vast railway network have long complained of the terrible meals on offer to sustain them on long journeys, but a slew of new services bringing fast food to their seats is changing the way they dine.

From Kentucky Fried Chicken to Domino's pizza and a host of local delicacies, today's train passengers have access to a vast array of hot dishes, all at the click of a smartphone app.

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New York Trash Man Tells Americans Wake up to Garbage

A man has been strolling around New York for two weeks weighed down with trash. Meet Rob Greenfield, an environmental activist asking America to wake up to its garbage problem.

In everyday life, Greenfield is committed to leading as environmentally sound a life as possible, but for one month he has decided to behave like the average American and generate 4.5 pounds (two kilos) of trash per day.

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Nine Australians Arested over Malaysia-Flag Underwear

Malaysian police have arrested nine Australian men who stripped down during Sunday's Formula 1 Grand Prix race to reveal underwear bearing a Malaysia-flag print.

The spectators were arrested around the time the race ended Sunday afternoon and were being investigated for "intentional insult with intent to provoke a breach of the peace" and public indecency, state news agency Bernama quoted police saying on Monday.

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Why Top Fashion Models Never Smile

They wear the world's most beautiful and expensive clothes yet their faces are the picture of blank boredom.

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