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You Were Warned: Titanic II Sinks in English Harbor

Most people would think twice before buying a boat named Titanic II. And sure enough, when Briton Mark Wilkinson took the 16-foot (4.8-meter) cabin cruiser out for its maiden voyage, it promptly sank.

"If it wasn't for the harbormaster I would have gone down with the Titanic," Wilkinson, who had to be fished out of the sea at West Bay harbor in Dorset, southern England, told local media.

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Lunch With Guru Buffett: $2 Million and Counting!

Alert: if you want to have lunch with the Oracle of Omaha, it's going to cost you more than $2 million.

The annual charity auction of a lunch with investment guru Warren Buffett got underway Monday, and just hours into the five-day bidding battle, the price was already at $2,000,111.

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Hapless Aussie Sweets Thief Impales Hand

A hapless teenage thief who allegedly broke into a Perth shop to steal sweets was arrested after a receipt spike sliced through his hand, police said Monday.

The 16-year-old and two others allegedly forced their way into the store on Sunday evening but as the boy tried to jump over the front counter he impaled himself on the spike.

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Smurf This! Scholar Sees Stalin in Comic-Book Realm

Just in time for Global Smurfs Day and a Smurfs movie in 3-D comes a little blue book from a French academic that has some fans of the sock-topped comic book characters seeing red.

Antoine Bueno, who lectures at the high-brow Paris Institute of Political Studies, thought he was just having fun when he penned his 177-page analysis of the politics of Smurfland that's just been published in France.

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French Customs Agent Axed for Fun with Obama Passport

French authorities suspended a customs inspector for having a photo taken of himself with U.S. President Barack Obama's passport as the leader entered France for the G8 summit, a union said Friday.

The inspector annoyed travelling U.S. officials by posing for a picture after stamping Obama's passport as the White House delegation arrived on May 26, local radio station France Bleu Cotentin reported.

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Baby Girl Born in Sky on Malabo-Madrid Flight

An airline passenger gave birth to a baby girl Friday while flying to Madrid from central Africa, helped by a midwife, pediatrician and doctor who were all aboard, Iberia said.

The three-kilogram (6.6-pound) baby was born healthy after a quick delivery during an Iberia Airbus A319 flight from Malabo, capital of Equatorial Guinea, the Spanish airline said in a statement.

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Crotch Photo Puts U.S. Congressman in a Pickle

A U.S. congressman sharing the same name as a common slang word for penis was in a growing pickle Thursday over a photo of his crotch sent to a young female fan.

Anthony Weiner, a fast-talking New York Democrat seen as frontrunner to become next mayor of the Big Apple, found himself the butt of innumerable jokes -- and allegations that he may have lied in his desperate attempt to bury the scandal.

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It's Never too Late! 100 Year Old Brazilian Back to School

Isolina Campos has set out to prove it's never too late to learn to read and write.

Campos turned 100 on May 25, and decided to become an example to others by attending class in Londrina, a city in southern Brazil.

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Slum-Dweller Wins Millions in Philippine Lottery

An illiterate, slum-dwelling Philippine carpenter who was too poor to send his six children to school became an instant millionaire Thursday with the country's second biggest-ever lottery win.

The 60-year-old collected a 356.5-million-peso (eight-million-dollar) check from a single 20-peso ticket, which was all he could afford, said an aide to Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office general manager Jose Ferdinand Roxas.

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Decriminalizing Marijuana Worth Trying

A group of prominent former world leaders said Wednesday the so-called war on drugs has "failed" and that decriminalizing marijuana may help curb drug-related violence and social ills.

"The global war on drugs has failed, with devastating consequences for individuals and societies around the world," the members of the Global Commission on Drug Policy say in a report.

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