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U.S. University Cancels Class After Live Sex Show

Students at Chicago's prestigious Northwestern University won't be able to take a popular course in human sexuality next year after a professor invited his class to watch a live sex show, officials said Monday.

The topic of the day was bondage, swinging and other fetishes. Then, after the class was officially dismissed, students were told they could stick around for a demonstration of sex toys and the female orgasm.

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'SlutWalk' coming to Australia

Women protesting for the right to wear what they like and behave how they choose without facing sexual harassment are set to hold "SlutWalks" across Australia as the movement goes global.

SlutWalk began in Canada in April in response to a Toronto police official saying that "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized".

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Prince William and Catherine on Secret Honeymoon

Prince William and his wife Catherine have gone on their honeymoon, St James's Palace said Tuesday, though the royal newlyweds' destination is a closely-guarded secret.

The couple did not go on their honeymoon straight after their April 29 wedding, with William returning to work as a military helicopter pilot.

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Italian Sues Runaway Bride for 500,000 Euros

An Italian groom left hanging at the altar after his runaway bride changed her mind at the last minute because she was in love with another man is now suing her for 500,000 Euros (743,000 dollars).

The 32-year-old said he had suffered emotional and material damages after booking a villa for the wedding outside Rome, reserving a honeymoon on a Pacific island and refurbishing an apartment to his fiancée’s tastes.

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Indian Brides Told to Put Down Their Mobile Phones

An Indian state has told newly-wedded women to avoid talking too much on their mobile phones for the first two years of marriage in case it provokes jealousy from their husbands.

The Punjab State Commission for Women (PSCW) issued an official advisory last week urging brides "to focus on their domestic life instead of having long conversations on mobile phones".

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Brazil Trafficker’s 12 Fingers All Over The Crime

You could say his fingerprints -- all 12 of them -- were all over the crime. An accused drug-trafficker was nabbed by police in Brazil's southern state of Santa Catarina after they confirmed his identity through the betrayal of a rare birth defect: six fingers on each hand.

"We had indications that it was him, but because he presented his brother's papers as identification we had no proof," police commissioner Enio de Oliveira Matos told Globo's news website G1.

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Claude Choules, Last WWI Combatant, Was Anti-War

The last World War I combatant, who has died aged 110, was staunchly anti-war and snubbed remembrance activities despite a 41-year navy career which began when he was just 14, Agence France Presse reported.

Britain's Claude Choules, nicknamed "Chuckles", witnessed the 1919 scuttling of the German fleet and saw out World War II as a demolitions expert in Western Australia.

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Smokey the Cat Roars her Way into Guinness Book

It's official: Smokey the cat has roared her way into Guinness World Records having achieved the loudest purr by a domestic cat.

Guinness said Thursday the gray-and-white tabby earned her place with record-setting 67.7 decibels. In a video on the cat's website, the 12-year-old, ordinary-size feline purrs with a sound akin to the cooing of an angry dove.

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Dubai Wife Demands $12 Million Over Husband's 'Sex Flop'

An Emirati man is being sued for a whopping $12 million dollars for failing to have sex with his wife and causing her mental anguish, a report said Wednesday.

The unidentified woman told the court that her Emirati husband did not sleep with her in the first four months of their marriage in 2008 and later she discovered that he suffered from erectile dysfunction, Gulf News said.

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Filthy Toilets a Blight on Asian Prosperity

Fast-growing Asian economies may be flush with money but filthy toilets remain a blight across the region despite rising standards of living, with dire effects on poverty reduction and public health.

Social activists say dismal sanitation facilities are causing preventable diseases in poor communities where people would readily spend money on a mobile phone -- but not on a latrine.

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