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Crepaway Launches ‘The Art of Peace’ in Sodeco

What may well have been a long lost concept for some recently became an inspiring concept-party for many. ‘The Art of Peace’ was the beautiful theme behind the opening of Crepaway’s newest branch in once war torn Sodeco. Crepaway poetically declared world wars to be over by recycling all prominent war icons and clichés into entertainment art that celebrated peace.

Crowds marched on through the new branch’s open doors, greeted by a monumental war tank transformed to resemble a 70s hippie van. Floral patterns and mushy messages covered the docile war machine, now turned into a picture perfect opportunity. Once everyone gathered it was time for the feast. For Crepaway knew pretty well that hunger was the real route of all-evil. Guests soon discovered that Crepaway burgers were the bomb. And as the peaceful reloaded on fires, notorious war icons made their appearance. Hired performers dressed as celebrity warheads played their roles, entertained the crowds, and marked the party’s history.

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Billion-Dollar Phone Bill Sent to French Distillery

The manager of a French distillery in the renowned Burgundy wine-making district was sent a sobering phone bill for 716,414,273 Euros (1.02 billion dollars).

"It's so enormous when you see it written down, you can't believe it, so several of us had a look," said Gerard Chaussee, who runs the Maison Vedrenne making various luxury spirits in Nuits-Saint-Georges in eastern France.

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Tipsy Irishman Pays Price For Moving Beehive

An Irishman who decided to climb a ladder and move a beehive after downing a few beers has paid the price, being stung more than 60 times.

Andrew Short, an amateur beekeeper in Australia, returned home from the Melbourne Comedy Festival Monday evening in high spirits and thought he'd move a hive from his back yard to the roof of his house.

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Yes, Men Can Really Make It Longer!

Some non-surgical methods for increasing the length of the male sex organ do in fact work, while others are likely to result only in soreness and disappointment, a review of medical literature has shown.

Surgical procedures, however, can be dangerous and have an "unacceptably high rate of complications," according to the study, published this week in the Journal of the British Association of Urological Surgeons.

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Hong Kong Cabin Crews Get Kung Fu Training

A Hong Kong airline is making all its cabin crew take kung fu lessons to help them to deal with drunk and unruly passengers.

Hong Kong Airlines said all staff had been invited to undergo training in wing chun -- a form of kung fu used in close-range combat -- but it was only compulsory for cabin crew, the Sunday Morning Post reported.

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Depressed New Zealander Cooks and Eats Own Finger

A depressed New Zealander cut off a finger, cooked it with vegetables and then ate it in a rare case of self-cannibalism, according to a report in the Australasian Psychiatry publication.

The 28-year-old man had not taken drugs or alcohol at the time, the report authors, forensic psychiatrist Erik Monasterio and clinical psychologist Craig Prince, said.

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Australian Groom Beats Bride in Wedding Car

An Australian man who repeatedly pummeled his new wife, bit her face and tried to strangle her during the limousine ride to their wedding reception was jailed Friday for at least 15 months.

Adnan Rusanovski, 30, savaged his bride, Ferdi, in the back of a Melbourne limo last May in an attack the driver described as "worse than a boxing match", leaving the 28-year-old bruised and bloodied.

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Indonesian Clinic Uses Smoking As Cancer Cure

An Indonesian woman exhales cigarette smoke into the mouth of a gaunt, naked patient at a Jakarta clinic, where tobacco is openly touted as a cancer cure.

The Western patient is suffering from emphysema, a condition she developed from decades of smoking. Along with cancer and autism, it's just one of the ailments the Griya Balur clinic claims it can cure with cigarettes.

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Taiwan Kicks Out Chinese Writer Over Slapping Cure

Taiwan's government on Thursday ordered a Chinese writer to leave the island after he claimed that slapping a person's body can cure chronic disease.

Xiao Hongci drew criticism when he claimed that his "slapping therapy" had healing powers at a promotion in Taipei earlier this week, slapping a woman's arm red while demonstrating his technique.

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'World's First 3D Porn Film' Opens in Hong Kong

Movie-goers flocked to see what is billed as the world's first 3D porn film as it opened to packed cinemas across Hong Kong on Thursday, with some screenings selling out completely.

Loosely based on a piece of classical Chinese erotic literature, the $3.2-million Cantonese-language movie "3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy" features orgies, swinging and some very graphic sex scenes.

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