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Alleged Abuse Costs Emirati Man His Penis

An Ethiopian maid struck back at her allegedly abusive employer in Dubai, slicing off the Emirati man's penis in response to harassment, the 7DAYS daily on Wednesday quoted the emirate's police as saying.

Police responded to a call from the man and "found him bleeding badly. His housemaid had chopped off his private parts using a knife", 7DAYS quoted a Dubai police official as saying of the attack on Monday.

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Armenia fears Easter egg shortage

Armenia has banned the export of eggs to head off fears of a shortage which could threaten traditional Easter celebrations in the ex-Soviet state, officials said on Wednesday.

The move follows a national controversy caused by a shortage during the New Year holiday season, when eggs disappeared from many shops for several hours and prices almost tripled.

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Branson to Work as Stewardess After Losing Bet

British billionaire Richard Branson will dress and serve as a stewardess on Malaysian budget carrier AirAsia X on May 1 after losing a Grand Prix bet with the founder of the airline.

Branson, whose Virgin group sponsors the Marussia Virgin Racing team, will finally honor his bet with AirAsia founder and Team Lotus co-principal Tony Fernandes on whose team would finish higher at the 2010 Bahrain Formula One GP.

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Estonian Equal Pay Activists Turn to Risque Food Games

Estonian equal-pay campaigners have come up with a new way to spotlight the gulf between men and women's wages in the Baltic state, engaging in risque word-play about sandwiches.

Menus of participating cafes and restaurants across the nation of 1.3 million on Tuesday included salmon sandwiches, with a mark-up of almost one third for added dill.

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Israeli Minister Talks Live... From The Toilet

Israeli officials often conduct radio interviews at home, but listeners got an unexpected insight into just where their foreign minister was when he punctuated his comments with a toilet flush.

Israeli news site reported Tuesday that the unusual soundtrack to foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman's interview came as he was addressing the issue of a flare-up of violence with Palestinian Islamist group Hamas.

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Indonesian Lawmaker Quits Parliament Over Porn

An Indonesian lawmaker from a conservative Islamic party resigned on Monday after he was photographed looking at pornography on his tablet computer in parliament.

Despite an outcry against him on Twitter, Arifinto insisted that nobody had pressured him to resign and that he was stepping down from the House of Representatives "for the sake of my and my party's honor".

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Legal Action Against Two Mobile Operators Alfa and MTC in Lebanon

Cedarcom, the largest fixed and mobile wireless broadband data operator in Lebanon, has reiterated its position on broadband and 3G services in Lebanon.

"Cedarcom supports the implementation of the latest technologies in Lebanon, including VoIP, VDSL, fiber to the home, 3G, 4G, WiMAX (e & m), etc. and is supportive of implementing transparent regulations and enforcing fair competition on all operators as stated in Telecom Law 431/2002. Cedarcom is against the creation of a new monopoly in wireless broadband services," the firm said in a press release.

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British Tabloid Apologizes for Phone Hacking

The owner of Britain's News of the World tabloid offered an "unreserved apology" on Friday for phone hacking and said it would set up a compensation fund.

Rupert Murdoch's News International said it admitted liability in some cases brought against the News of the World, Britain's top-selling newspaper.

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Beyond Camping, Canoeing, Boy Scouts Add Robotics

Can a robot pitch a tent? If so, a Boy Scout who builds one might be able to earn two merit badges at once.

The Boy Scouts of America, which offers more than 120 badges ranging from archery to wilderness survival, next week will unveil a robotics merit badge meant to promote science, technology, engineering and math, fields collectively known as STEM. In doing so, the 101-year-old Texas-based organization is trying to remain relevant and better reflect boys' interests, said Matt Myers, who oversees the Boy Scouts' STEM initiative.

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Indonesian Couples Caned Over 'Extramarital Affairs'

Two couples were caned in Indonesia's staunchly Muslim Aceh province on Friday after being caught having extramarital affairs, a prosecutor said.

About two hundred people gathered after Friday prayers to watch the four people receive their allotted lashes at a mosque in the city of Jantho, southeast of the provincial capital, Banda Aceh.

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