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Ecstasy-Like Chinese Drug Seized in France

French customs have smashed a ring smuggling the new 4-MEC synthetic drug and seized 52 kilos (115 pounds) of the Ecstasy-like stimulant sent from China, officials said Friday.

"This is the first time this kind of product has been seized in France," customs spokesman David Cugnetti told journalists in the eastern city of Lyon of the drug that is so new it is not yet illegal.

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Fox Enjoys High Life on Britain's Tallest Tower

A death-defying fox clambered up Britain's tallest skyscraper and lived the high life on the 72nd floor of the tower in central London for nearly two weeks, officials revealed Friday.

The intrepid animal climbed to the top of the Shard, which is more than 288 meters (945 feet) high and still under construction, where it enjoyed panoramic views over the British capital and lived off builders' scraps.

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Designer John Galliano Arrested in Paris for 'Anti-Semitism'

French police briefly detained British fashion designer John Galliano in Paris on Thursday evening for alleged assault and making anti-Semitic remarks, a police source told Agence France Presse on Friday.

The detention in Paris' fashionable Marais district came after Dior's chief designer allegedly verbally accosted a couple seated on a cafe terrace. Galliano's lawyer strongly denied accusations of anti-Semitism.

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Burglar Alert! Hide Your Toilets

A New York burglar not only went to the toilet -- he took it with him.

The man broke into a Brooklyn apartment and, ignoring the more typical loot, seized the porcelain throne and staggered off down the block, the Brooklyn Paper reported Wednesday.

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Dispute Over Thin Mints Gets Physical

Police say a brawl between roommates over Girl Scout cookies led to assault charges against one of them. According to the Naples Daily News, the Collier County Sheriff's Office reports that 31-year-old Hersha Howard woke up her roommate early Sunday and accused her of eating her Thin Mints.

They argued and deputies say that it turned physical with Howard chasing her roommate with scissors and hitting her repeatedly with a board and then a sign.

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Dressed to Kill: Court to Clothe NY Mafia Don

A New York mafia don will be dressed to kill when his long delayed death-penalty murder trial starts -- thanks to a sartorially sympathetic judge.

Vincent Basciano, a Cosa Nostra wise guy known for his impeccable haircuts, can look forward to an entire new wardrobe in the tradition of famously well-turned-out killers like "Dapper Don" John Gotti.

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Chinese Man Dies After Web Gaming Binge

A Chinese man in his 30s has died after a three-day gaming binge at an Internet cafe outside Beijing, during which he did not sleep and barely ate, state-run media reported Tuesday.

The incident highlighted the country's ongoing battle to stamp out Internet addiction, which affects tens of millions of Chinese, according to researchers.

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ArabNet: 2011 Set to Be the Year of the Arab Entrepreneur

ArabNet, the largest conference for the Arab web industry is to bring together over 1,000 Arab web business leaders, investors, mentors and start-ups. The four-day event takes place in Beirut on March 22-25 under the Patronage of H.E. General Michel Suleiman, President of Lebanon and in collaboration with the Central Bank of Lebanon.

The event is set to play host to over 80 speakers from leading companies in the region and from around the world, bringing together the region’s top executives, entrepreneurs, developers, and investors to cover the industry’s latest trends.

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Gadhafi Appears on TV amid Security Council and Arab League Meetings

Deep rifts opened in Moammar Gadhafi's regime, with Libyan government officials at home and abroad resigning, air force pilots defecting and a bloody crackdown on protest in the capital of Tripoli, where cars and buildings were burned. Gadhafi went on state TV early Tuesday to attempt to show he was still in charge.

World leaders have expressed outrage at the "vicious forms of repression" used against the demonstrators.

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Ink-Jet Printers Inspire Scientists to Make Skin

Ink-jet printing technology has inspired scientists to look for ways to build sheets of skin that could one day be used for grafts in burn victims, experts said Sunday.

One technique involves a portable bioprinter that could be carried to wounded soldiers on the battlefield where it would scan the injury, take cells from the patient and print a section of compatible skin.

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