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Berlin Magic Mushroom Museum Show a Major Hit

An unusual Berlin museum exhibition combining reindeer, canaries, mice, magic mushrooms and a dash of Hindu mysticism drew nearly 100,000 visitors during its three-month run, organizers said Monday.

The "Soma" show by Belgian-born artist Carsten Hoeller which wrapped up Sunday was a runaway hit for the Hamburger Bahnhof museum of contemporary art, a spokeswoman for the state-run museums in the German capital said.

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Egypt Demonstrators Entertain to Keep Morale High

Two rows of men greet demonstrators at the main entrance to Tahrir Square, clapping as people enter, and chanting in the rhythms of a traditional Egyptian wedding procession.

"We are becoming bigger!" they shout. "God is Great!"

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Foreigners Now Majority of Bahrain's Population

The number of foreigners living in the tiny Gulf kingdom of Bahrain in 2010 overtook the number of local nationals for the first time, the statistics office announced on Monday.

The office's website said a census carried out in April 2010 indicated that out of Bahrain's 1.234 million inhabitants, about 54 percent or 666,172 were foreigners, while 568,399, or 46 percent, were nationals.

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Father Tries to 'Eat Baby' in Sorcery Ritual

A drug-crazed father in Papua New Guinea has been accused of trying to eat his newborn baby boy in a grisly witchcraft ceremony, a report said Saturday.

Local residents awoke to the baby's screams and chased the man to the police station, where he was detained, Australia's AAP news agency said, quoting police. The baby died of his injuries.

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Taiwan's Teen Bone Collector Carries on Family Craft

Like many Taiwanese teenage girls, Lee You-fang likes to sing pop songs and play with her pet dog, but she has an unusual job: working with the bones of the dead.

For five years, 19-year-old Lee has honed her craft as a "bone collector," assisting her father in an ancient funerary rite that involves collecting, cleaning and arranging human skeletons for reburial.

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Russia's 'Flying Donkey' Dies of Heart Attack

A donkey that last summer shot to international fame after being forced to parasail above the beaches of southern Russia has died of a heart attack, her minders said on Saturday.

A veterinarian said the heart attack was likely the result of stress brought on by the experience, which sparked an international outcry from human-rights activists and a campaign by a British tabloid to rescue the beast.

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Nature Can Be Controlled: Malawi to Debate Public Farting Ban

Malawian lawmakers will next week debate a law change to criminalize public farting, which a cabinet minister said had been encouraged by democracy.

"The government has a right to ensure public decency. We are entitled to introduce order in the country," justice and constitutional affairs minister George Chaponda told independent radio station Capital Radio.

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Terrorists' Kidnap McDonald Statue

A group calling itself the Food Liberation Army has claimed responsibility for "kidnapping" a statue of the McDonald's food chain mascot Ronald McDonald and has threatened to "execute" the figure if their demands are not met.

The group posted a video on YouTube where balaclava-clad "terrorists", holding the clown statue with a bag over its head, demanded that the world's largest food chain answer questions about its corporate responsibility and food production.

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700,000 Ultrathin Condoms Disappear in Transit

More than 700,000 condoms have been stolen in transit between Malaysia and Japan, a major Japanese rubber manufacturer said Thursday.

About 726,000 polyurethane condoms were loaded into a container at a factory in Malaysia, said Sagami Rubber Industries, founded in 1934 as the first condom maker in Japan.

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Spanish Police Break up 'Voodoo' Prostitution Ring

Spain's police said Thursday they had broken up an international ring that forced women from Africa into street prostitution with constant beatings and voodoo rituals.

Police arrested 17 suspects in cities across Spain, taking the gang apart after one of the prostitutes gave evidence as a protected witness of her ordeal at the hands of the gang.

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