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'Good Morning' Facebook Post Leads to Arrest of Palestinian

Israeli police have mistakenly arrested then released a Palestinian who posted "good morning" in Arabic on Facebook after software mistranslated it as "attack them," police and a media report said Sunday.

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Battle of the Online Sex Crimes in High-Tech S. Korea

Tony Kim has been paid to watch porn for the last six years, spending his days staring attentively at graphic videos of naked women and sexual liaisons. 

He is part of an anti "revenge porn" force in Seoul tasked with finding private sexual images posted online without permission, and removing them.

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Supreme Court's Newest Justice Has an Elk As an Office Mate

When Justice Neil Gorsuch joined the Supreme Court earlier this year he got Justice Antonin Scalia's seat, his office and his elk, Leroy.

In recent appearances, Gorsuch has been telling the story of how the elk — actually just its mounted head — came to be his office mate.

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Prankster Hands British PM Unemployment Notice

British Prime Minister Theresa May's speech at her Conservative Party's annual conference on Wednesday was interrupted by a serial prankster handing her an unemployment notice -- and then by her own repeated coughing.

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Giant Python Attacks Indonesian Man before Being Eaten

A giant python attacked an Indonesian man, nearly severing his arm, before hungry villagers chopped up the reptile and ate it, a police chief said Wednesday.

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Taste of the Exotic: 'Fatty Rice' Condoms from Malaysia

A Malaysian condom company is hoping to spice up sex lives with a contraceptive that tastes like the country's ultimate comfort food -- a chili-infused rice dish known as nasi lemak.

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Saudi Official Axed over King Image with 'Star Wars' Icon

A Saudi education official has been sacked over a schoolbook that accidentally included a doctored photograph of a former ruler sitting next to a "Star Wars" character, triggering online ridicule.

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Croatia School Removes Melania Trump English Ads

Billboards featuring a glamorous image of U.S. First Lady Melania Trump and the caption: "Just imagine how far you can go with a little bit of English" were supposed to attract students to a language school in Croatia.

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French Pranksters Replace Holy water with Alcohol

Tourists visiting a church in the picturesque French town of Chateau-Chalon were surprised to discover that local pranksters had replaced the fonts' holy water with alcohol, the local tourism office said Friday.

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Loveless Monkey Adopts Chicken at Israeli Zoo

A lonely monkey at an Israeli zoo has found a way to soothe her maternal urges: by adopting a chicken.

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