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Two Philippine Soldiers Killed in Clashes with Militants

Two Philippine soldiers were killed during clashes with Islamic militants trying to regain their base in a remote, mountainous region of the southern Philippines, the military said on Monday.

Ten soldiers were also wounded and about 2,000 residents displaced during the clashes with gunmen from the Maute group which has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group.

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Marcos Son Loses Philippines Vice President Election

The son and namesake of the late Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos has narrowly lost the election for vice president, according to an official count that was only completed Friday, almost three weeks after polls closed.

The result dealt a blow to the political aspirations of the family, which had targeted the position for Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jnr as a potential stepping stone to recapturing his late father's presidential post.

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Hero's Burial Plan for Philippine Dictator Marcos Sparks Outrage

Plans by the Philippines' controversial president-elect to give late dictator Ferdinand Marcos a hero's burial triggered outrage on Tuesday, with martial law victims warning it would whitewash the strongman's crimes.

Rodrigo Duterte, who won this month's elections in a landslide, announced on Monday he would allow Marcos to be buried at the Heroes' Cemetery in Manila, in what would be another big win for the dictator's family as it cements a remarkable political comeback.

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Philippine Dictator Marcos to Get Hero's Burial, Says Duterte

Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos will finally be allowed a hero's burial, the nation's controversial incoming president said Monday, in what would be a huge win for the late strongman's family as it pursues a return to power.

Rodrigo Duterte also said he would pardon ex-president Gloria Arroyo, who is being detained at a military hospital while on trial for graft and vote fraud.

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Philippine Communist Rebels Kill 3 Soldiers

Communist guerrillas killed three Philippine soldiers in the first fatal clash since a newly-elected president offered to restart stalled peace talks, the military said Sunday.

The soldiers were on the central island of Negros on Saturday investigating reports that New People's Army guerrillas were extorting money from villagers when they clashed with about ten rebels, leaving three soldiers dead and two wounded, a military report said.

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Marcos Fighting for Future in Philippines' Vice President Race

The son and namesake of late Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos was fighting for his political future Friday after a cliffhanger vice presidential election contest against a novice politician.

A win for Ferdinand Marcos Jnr, 58, would have been the family's biggest political victory since its humiliating downfall in 1986 after a "People Power" uprising ended 20 years of human rights abuses, election fraud and the plunder of state coffers.

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Duterte Claims Philippine Presidency, Vows Crime Crackdown

Incendiary Philippine politician Rodrigo Duterte vowed Tuesday a relentless crackdown on crime after securing a landslide presidential victory built on foul-mouthed populist tirades that exposed deep voter anger at the establishment.

The 71-year-old firebrand's main rivals conceded defeat after an unofficial tally showed Duterte had an insurmountable lead in Monday's election of 6.1 million votes, a result that added to howls across the globe for strong, populist leaders.

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'Kill them' Duterte Leads at End of Philippine Presidential Campaign

Mass murder advocate Rodrigo Duterte heads into Saturday's final rallies of an extraordinary Philippine presidential campaign as the shock favorite, but with rivals still a chance to counter his profanity-laced populist tirades.

Duterte, a pugnacious 71-year-old, has rocked the political establishment with cuss-filled vows to kill tens of thousands of criminals, threats to establish one-man rule if lawmakers disobey him, and promises to embrace communist rebels.

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Jail No Barrier to Political Career in Philippines

Walking off stage after a rock star-like performance and rapturous crowd reaction, Sajid Ampatuan oozes confidence that he will be elected mayor of a southern Philippine town despite facing charges of mass murder.

Ampatuan is among a bewildering array of politicians accused or convicted of major crimes who are running for office in Monday's national elections, deepening concerns over a "culture of impunity" in the Philippines where powerful figures are often above the law.

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Philippines' Aquino Vows to 'Neutralize' Abu Sayyaf Kidnappers

Philippine President Benigno Aquino vowed Wednesday to launch a military assault aimed at "neutralizing" Islamic militants who beheaded a Canadian hostage and are holding more than 20 other foreigners.

"Casualties are to be expected. But what has to be of utmost importance is neutralizing the criminal activities of the ASG," Aquino said in a statement, referring to the Abu Sayyaf militant group by a commonly used acronym.

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