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Divided City: Rows of Fences Split Coronavirus-Scarred Wuhan

"It's definitely not as intimate," sighs a woman dressed in a raincoat, mask, gloves and visor after speaking to a friend over one of the imposing barricades that have sprung up all over Wuhan.

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Libya: Strongman's Offensive to Seize the Capital

A year ago, Libyan strongman Khalifa Haftar began his offensive to seize the capital Tripoli from the UN-recognised government, a conflict which has left hundreds dead and over 150,000 displaced.

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Can Homemade Masks Help Stop Infected People Spreading Virus?

Is a homemade mask better than nothing at all? With an unknown number of asymptomatic virus carriers, some experts are advising people to fashion their own face coverings to prevent them spreading the disease.   

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Mafia Primed to Feast on Italy's Virus Devastation

As Italy mourns thousands of coronavirus dead, and survivors brace for life in an economic wasteland, one rung of society looks to win big: organised crime.

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Italian Village where Virus is Deadlier than War

The obituaries posted on a board where the newspapers might otherwise hang tell the story of an Italian village living through a disaster the mayor calls "worse than the war."

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Five Years on, Saudi Struggles to Escape Yemen Quagmire

Five years after launching its much-criticised military intervention in Yemen, Saudi Arabia is stuck in a costly quagmire with no exit in sight while it grapples with multiple crises at home.

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Will Coronavirus Slow the World's Conflicts -- or Intensify Them?

Syria, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, the Sahel... with the great powers focused intently on the COVID-19 virus, will armed conflicts across the world decrease in severity or intensify? Experts as well as diplomats at the United Nations say there is a serious risk of the latter.  

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World Underestimated Pandemic, Says Economist who Saw It Coming

In 2015, Ian Goldin, an Oxford University professor, warned in his book "The Butterfly Defect" about the risks of a global pandemic in a modern, interdependent world.

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Syria's Brutal War Enters 10th Year

Syria's brutal conflict entered its 10th year Sunday with President Bashar al-Assad's regime consolidating its hold over a war-wracked country where foreign powers are flexing their muscle.

When Syrian anti-government demonstrators first took to the streets on March 15, 2011, they could scarcely have imagined their protests would turn into a complex war entangling rebels, jihadists and outside forces.

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The New Mask: Wave of Global Revolt Replaced by Virus Fear

As 2019 gave way to 2020 in a cloud of tear gas, and in some cases a hail of bullets, from Hong Kong to Baghdad, from Beirut to Barcelona and Santiago, it seemed civil disobedience and government crackdowns on protests would dominate the international landscape.

Then came the coronavirus.

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