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The WHO's China Mission: Five Questions Still Unanswered

The World Health Organization expert mission to China ended this week without finding the source of the coronavirus that has killed over 2.3 million worldwide.

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Lokman Slim: Daring Lebanese Activist, Admired Intellectual

Lebanese intellectual Lokman Slim, found shot dead Thursday at age 58, was an outspoken critic of Iran-backed Hizbullah and an advocate for preserving the memory of his country's civil war.

The son of a prominent lawyer and an Egyptian mother, Slim was an activist, writer, publisher and filmmaker, and a leading secular voice in the Shiite Muslim community.

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Abbas Ibrahim: Lebanon Prominent Spy Chief and Go-to Man

Lebanon's spy chief Abbas Ibrahim has emerged as a master deal-broker, from securing the return of hostages and prisoners held abroad to mediating in seemingly intractable political feuds at home.

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What's Fuelling Lebanon's Lockdown Protests?

More than 400 people have been wounded in northern Lebanon this week in clashes between security forces and protesters angered by a coronavirus lockdown they say is starving them.

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Biden Talks the Talk in First 10 Days -- But Can He Deliver?

Normal is the new extraordinary under President Joe Biden.

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Trump's Exit: President Leaves Office with Legacy of Chaos

Donald Trump will walk out of the White House and board Marine One for the last time as president Wednesday morning, leaving behind a legacy of chaos and tumult and a nation bitterly divided.

Four years after standing on stage at his own inauguration and painting a dire picture of "American carnage," Trump departs the office twice impeached, with millions more out of work and 400,000 dead from the coronavirus. Republicans under his watch lost the presidency and both chambers of Congress. He will be forever remembered for the final major act of his presidency: inciting an insurrection at the Capitol that left five dead, including a Capitol Police officer, and horrified the nation.

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'State of Our State': How Lebanon's Situations Got Worse in 2020

The Lebanon Renaissance Foundation on Tuesday released its 2020 version of the ‘State of Our State’ index, which evaluates the country’s situation in several key fields on yearly basis.

The Foundation has released yearly reports since 2010.

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Key Dates of the Trump Presidency

From the launch of his campaign in 2015 to his defeat to Joe Biden, Donald Trump's time in the White House was a chaotic roller coaster ride as he shattered norms, shunned allies, bullied anyone who opposed him and governed with laser focus on how his policies would play with his conservative political base.

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Trouble at Home May Change Biden's Hand in Iran Nuclear Talks

A lot of the characters are the same for U.S. President-elect Joe Biden but the scene is far starker as he reassembles a team of veteran negotiators to get back into the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran.

President Donald Trump worked to blow up the multinational deal to contain Iran's nuclear program during his four years in office, gutting the diplomatic achievement of predecessor Barack Obama in favor of what Trump called a maximum pressure campaign against Iran.

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Timeline: Israeli Air Raids on Syria

New Israeli air strikes on Syria have killed at least 57 people, the latest in hundreds of attacks on its strife-torn neighbor since its civil war began nine years ago.

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