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Key Points of Palestinian Unity Agreement

Islamist movement Hamas handed over control of Gaza Strip border crossings to the Palestinian Authority on Wednesday under a reconciliation agreement aimed at ending a 10-year rift with rivals Fatah.

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Using Vehicles as Weapons of Terror in Europe and America

A pickup driver ploughed a truck into cyclists and pedestrians in New York on Tuesday, killing eight people in the first deadly "act of terror" in the city since September 11, 2001.

Vehicles have previously been used as weapons of terror, often by supporters of the Islamic State (IS) group, attacking nations in the US-led coalition fighting the jihadists in Iraq and Syria.

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The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: 100 Years of History

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has its roots in the late 19th century when Jews fleeing anti-Semitism in Russia and central Europe began emigrating to Palestine.

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Their Caliphate in Ruins, IS Militants Melt Into the Desert

Islamic State militants, routed from one urban stronghold after another in Syria, have recently been moving deeper into Syria's remote desert, where experts say they are regrouping and preparing their next incarnation.

The Sunni militants' self-proclaimed "caliphate" with its contiguous stretch of land — linking major cities such as Syria's Raqqa and Iraq's Mosul — may have been vanquished, but many agree this territorial defeat will not mark the end of IS.

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How Will Spain Seize Catalan Powers?

Spain's Senate is due Friday to approve drastic measures allowing the central government to seize direct control of Catalonia as it tries to stop regional leaders from pressing ahead with independence.

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Suspending Catalan Autonomy under Article 155

Spain's Senate is set Friday to approve a series of measures to take over Catalonia's regional powers, as the central government takes drastic action to halt moves towards independence.

The measures have been drafted by Madrid under the never-before-used Article 155 of the constitution, devised to rein in rebel regions.

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Terrain, Geopolitics Make for Tricky Last Battle on IS

The Islamic State group's empire has shrunk fast this year but the rump of its "caliphate" on the Iraq-Syria border is a hostile jihadist heartland where competing regional interests converge.

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Al-Qaim: Last IS Bastion in Iraq

The desert towns of al-Qaim and Rawa near Syria's border in the Euphrates Valley, where Iraqi forces launched operations Thursday, constitute the final Islamic State group bastion in the country.

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Catalan Leader Pressured from All Sides

The battle between Spain's central government and the separatist leaders of Catalonia escalates day after day, forcing Catalan society to take a stand.

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The October Revolution that Brought Lenin to Power

A century ago, on October 25, 1917, Lenin's Marxist Bolsheviks took control of Russia's imperial capital, launching the October Revolution that led to the creation of the Soviet Union.

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