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Palestinian Unrest Leaves Netanyahu with Tough Political Choices

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came under pressure Tuesday from right-wing allies in his razor-thin coalition to respond forcefully to Palestinian unrest, but that could risk provoking the violent escalation of an already volatile situation.

The dilemma for Netanyahu, long known as a wily political operator, was made clear Monday night, when several thousand right-wing protesters gathered in front of his residence demanding more security and new settlement construction.

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Russia Carving out a Fortress for Assad, Say Experts

The contours of Russia's strategy in Syria are emerging as it tries to carve out a rebel-free zone for Bashar Assad's regime and shut out Western forces from his air space.

Although the stated aim of Russia's mission was to target the Islamic State (IS) group, most analysts have dismissed these claims as window-dressing for a campaign that primarily seeks to prop up Assad's embattled regime against a much broader group of rebels.

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Is a New Palestinian Intifada at Hand?

A new wave of violence has hit Israel and the Palestinian territories, prompting warnings of the risk of a third intifada similar to uprisings that began in 1987 and 2000.

Here is a series of questions and answers about the situation:

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Syrian Refugees Increasingly Return to War Zones in Homeland

Growing numbers of Syrian refugees are returning to their war-ravaged homeland from Jordan because they can't survive in exile after drastic aid cuts, can't afford to pay smugglers to sneak them into Europe or are simply homesick.

The returns, along with the increasing migration to Europe, signal that conditions in regional host countries have become increasingly intolerable, the refugees and aid officials said.

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Turkey's Erdogan Faces Tough EU Talks on Refugees, Syria

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan meets EU leaders Monday but they will find it hard to bridge gaps on the migrant crisis and the Syrian war that has produced so many of the refugees they must both deal with, analysts say.

Russian air strikes in Syria have upped the ante in a conflict which has destabilized a region in which Ankara plays a pivotal role, with Turkey taking around two million refugees from Syria.

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If not now, when? America's Endless Gun Control Debate

Since America's latest school carnage the debate on gun control has flared anew, as every time a mass shooting rocks the nation. The arguments are well-rehearsed, the rival positions seemingly irreconcilable.

President Barack Obama has led renewed calls for a comprehensive reform in the wake of the community college shooting in Oregon, but gun control advocates doubt the status quo will shift an inch.

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Three Days of Russian Air Strikes on Syria

A snapshot of developments since Russia's first air strikes on Syria, an intervention the West says is directed more at regime opponents than Islamic State group jihadists.

The Russian defense ministry says Moscow has sent more than 50 military aircraft as well as marines, paratroopers and special forces to Syria.

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Kremlin's Syria Foray Stirs Painful Memories after Afghanistan

Moscow is revving up its publicity machine to sell the Kremlin's dramatic entry into the Syrian war to wary Russians who still harbor painful memories of the Soviet Union's disastrous venture into Afghanistan.

Russia on Wednesday waded into the hugely convoluted multi-front conflict in the Middle East, launching air strikes against what Moscow says are Islamic State militants in its Soviet-era ally Syria.

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Starvation and War: S.Sudan's 'Peace' Deal in Action

On paper, the war is over in South Sudan, after rivals signed a peace deal to end 21-months of violence that left tens of thousands killed.

But here in the swamps of Koch in the northern battleground state of Unity, the political deal means little in lands where fighting, rape and the burning of homes has not stopped, worsening hunger levels already bordering on famine.

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Radical Left Comes out of Shadows at UK Labor Conference

Addressing an anti-austerity meeting on the fringes of the British Labor conference this week, a rabble-rousing MP led boisterous comrades in a chant of "the workers, united, will never be defeated".

In the past, this would have been an anachronistic curiosity, but the tub-thumping politician was John McDonnell, Britain's new shadow finance minister and darling of the hard-left.

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