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Nobel Shows Importance of Location, Location, Location

Generations of scientists have pored over a seemingly basic but ultimately complex skill: how are humans able to find their way from one spot to another?

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Lack of Ocean Heat Puzzles NASA Hunt for Warming 'Hiatus'

The deep ocean may not be hiding heat after all, raising new questions about why global warming appears to have slowed in recent years, said the U.S. space agency Monday.

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NY Baffled as Baby Bear Found Dead in Central Park

A baby bear was found dead with trauma to the body in New York's Central Park on Monday, baffling conservationists who are investigating where the cub came from.

Police told Agence France Presse that officers were called to Manhattan's largest public park shortly before 10 am by a warden after the baby bear was found lying in a grassy area.

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Two Bison Reintroduced in Romania Die of Bluetongue Disease

Two of 17 European bison released this spring in Romania's Carpathian mountains where they had become extinct due to poaching have died of bluetongue disease, the national veterinary agency said Monday.

They were found dead in the wild zone of the Tarcu mountains, where 17 bison from Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and Italy were released in May in one of the biggest such operations in Europe.

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U.N. Biodiversity Meet Warns of Unmet Targets

A U.N. conference on preserving the earth's dwindling resources opened Monday with grim warnings that the depletion of natural habitats and species was outpacing efforts to protect them.

Just a week after conservation group WWF said wildlife numbers had halved in 40 years, governments met in South Korea to analyze progress since they agreed four years ago on 20 targets for stemming the tide of biodiversity loss.

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Scientists Stretch Haul of Height-Related Genes

Scientists said Sunday they had pinpointed nearly 700 genetic variations that determine human height, more than tripling the haul in research that could aid the fight against stature-related diseases.

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Scientists Sound Alarm over Long Wait for Nobel Prize

Awarding Nobels decades after the original scientific discovery could lead to the coveted prize becoming irrelevant, some observers say, as ageing researchers miss out on their turn to get the long-awaited call from Sweden. 

That's what happened in 2011 when the Nobel committee announced that half the prize for medicine and physiology would go to Canadian-born biologist Ralph Steinman.

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Nations Seek Money, Willpower to Save Biodiversity

Amid fresh warnings about the depletion of Earth's treasure trove of species, governments will gather in South Korea next week to try to muster the funds and political will to protect what remains.

Just a week after conservation group WWF said wildlife numbers had halved in 40 years, nations will analyse progress since they agreed four years ago on 20 targets for stemming the tide of biodiversity loss.

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U.S. Reduces Indonesian Debt in Exchange for wildlife Protection

The United States has struck a deal to reduce Indonesia's debts in exchange for Jakarta pledging about $12 million for programmes to protect endangered species and their habitats on Sumatra island, conservationists said Friday.

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Famed Beach in Jamaica Slowly Vanishing to Erosion

Tourists from around the world are drawn to a stretch of palm-fringed shoreline known as "Seven Mile Beach," a crescent of white sand along the turquoise waters of Jamaica's western coast. But the sands are slipping away and Jamaicans fear the beach, someday, will need a new nickname.

Each morning, groundskeepers with metal rakes carefully tend Negril's resort-lined shore. Some sections, however, are barely wide enough for a decent-sized beach towel and the Jamaican National Environment and Planning Agency says sand is receding at a rate of more than a meter (yard) a year.

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