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More Gases Erupt from Rumbling Indonesian Volcano

A powerful burst of hot ash and gravel has erupted from a rumbling volcano in western Indonesia, sending panicking villages fleeing down the mountain.

Authorities raised the alert status to the highest level on Sunday after Mount Sinabung had a series of eruptions. Six more eruptions early Monday sent volcanic debris as high as 2,000 meters (6,500 feet) into the air.

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Calm Solar Cycle Prompts Questions about Impact on Earth

The surface of the sun has been surprisingly calm of late -- with fewer sunspots than anytime in in the last century -- prompting curious scientists to wonder just what it might mean here on Earth.

Sunspots have been observed for millennia -- first by Chinese astronomers and then, for the first time with a telescope, by Galileo in 1610.

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EU Climate Chief Says U.N. Talks Hinge on 2015 deal

After another U.N. climate conference gave only modest results, European Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard says the process needs to provide a "substantial answer" to global warming in two years to remain relevant.

Even if it succeeds, it's worth reconsidering whether the international confabs need to be held every year, and whether the scope of each session should be narrower, Hedegaard told The Associated Press on Sunday.

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U.N. Talks Approve Climate Pact Principles

U.N. negotiators agreed in overtime talks Saturday on cornerstone issues of an ambitious, global climate pact to be signed in 2015 to stave off dangerous Earth warming.

A day after negotiations threatened to collapse, delegates adopted a modified text in Warsaw that both developed and developing countries said they could live with.

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Cutting-Edge Coal Plants Planned in Fukushima

A Japanese utility plans to construct two cutting-edge coal power plants in Fukushima, an area severely hit by the 2011 nuclear disaster, a report said Saturday.

Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO), the cash-strapped operator of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, and three Mitsubishi group companies are seeking to open the new facilities as early as 2020, the leading Nikkei business daily said.

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Meet the Dino which Terrorised Tyrannosaurs

Palaeontologists on Friday announced they had uncovered the remains of one of the greatest land predators ever -- a nine-meter (30-foot) four-tonne dinosaur that stalked the planet 100 million years ago.

The newly-discovered species has been called Siats meekerorum, whose first name honors a cannibalistic monster in the mythology of the Native American Ute people.

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Antarctic Ice Lab Sees Sub-Atomic Particles in Space

Ghostly sub-atomic particles called neutrinos in outer space have been glimpsed from an icy observatory in Antarctica, offering a rare new view of the universe, scientists said Thursday.

These high-energy particles are everywhere, and billions pass though our bodies every second, according to Kara Hoffman, a physics professor at the university of Maryland, a co-author of the study in the journal Science.

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Argentine Nanosatellite Now in Orbit

A nanosatellite owned by Argentina is now in orbit after being launched from a Russian platform.

Argentina's technology ministry said it was launched Friday at 4:30 a.m. (730 GMT) and has already orbited around the Earth five times.

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'Monster' Cosmic Blast Zipped Harmlessly by Earth

Astronomers call it the monster. It was the biggest and brightest cosmic explosion ever witnessed. Had it been closer, Earth would have been toast.

Orbiting telescopes got the fireworks show of a lifetime last spring when they spotted what is known as a gamma ray burst in a far-off galaxy.

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Volcano Raises New Island Far South of Japan

A volcanic eruption has raised an island in the seas to the far south of Tokyo, the Japanese coast guard and earthquake experts said.

Advisories from the coast guard and the Japan Meteorological Agency said the islet is about 200 meters (660 feet) in diameter. It is just off the coast of Nishinoshima, a small, uninhabited island in the Ogasawara chain, which is also known as the Bonin Islands.

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