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New Round of Sudan Peace Talks in Juba Postponed to Dec 10

Sudan's ruling body Tuesday said Khartoum has agreed to postpone a new round of peace talks with major rebel groups scheduled to be held in Juba this week.

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Sudan Awaits New Cabinet as Premier Mulls Line-Up

Sudan's new prime minister was Thursday locked in talks to form the first cabinet since the ouster of veteran leader Omar al-Bashir, in another step in its transition from decades of autocratic rule.

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Sudan to Name First Post-Bashir Cabinet

After months of unrest, Sudan's newly-appointed prime minister is due on Wednesday to announce a cabinet that will be the first since veteran ruler Omar al-Bashir was deposed more than four months ago.

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Sudanese Face Daunting Challenges on Path to Democracy

For the first time in three decades, Sudan has charted a path out of military rule following the formation of a power-sharing government by the pro-democracy movement and the generals who overthrew longtime autocrat Omar al-Bashir.

But the fragile transition will be tested as leaders confront a daunting array of challenges. Decades of war and corruption have left the economy in shambles, and a U.S. terror designation has hindered Sudan's return from its longtime status as a global pariah.

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Bashir Defence Asks Sudan Court for Bail Release

Sudan's deposed military ruler Omar al-Bashir appeared in court Saturday for the second hearing of his corruption trial, during which his defence asked for his release on bail.

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Formation of Sudan's Sovereign Council Drags On

Sudan's transition towards civilian rule got off to a bumpy start as generals and protest leaders fell two days behind schedule Tuesday in unveiling a joint sovereign council.

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Sudanese Celebrate Transition to Civilian Rule

Sudan was poised Saturday to celebrate a historic deal between generals and protest leaders for a transition to civilian rule, which many hope will bring increased freedom and prosperity.

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Sudan to Launch Historic Transition to Civilian Rule

Sudan's military rulers and protest leaders on Saturday are scheduled to sign a landmark deal reached after a bloody uprising which is meant to pave the way for civilian rule.

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Egypt Hosts Sudan Protest Leaders ahead of Landmark Deal

Egypt wrapped up a two-day summit with Sudan's main protest leaders Tuesday, its foreign ministry said, days before they are due to sign an agreement paving the way for civilian rule in the country.

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A New Strongman in Sudan? Experts Aren't So Sure

When Sudan's protest leaders signed a preliminary power-sharing agreement with the ruling military council in early July, they had no choice but to shake hands with the man many of them accuse of ordering a massacre just a month earlier.

Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo, a paramilitary commander from Darfur who is widely known as Hemedti, has emerged as Sudan's main power broker in the months since the military overthrew President Omar al-Bashir.

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