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African Leaders to Pledge Funds for Horn Drought Crisis

African leaders will meet Thursday to pledge funds to tackle the famine in Somalia and extreme drought across the Horn of Africa which are putting millions of people at risk of starvation.

African Union Commission chairman Jean Ping will appeal to the continents' leaders and the international community to assist more than 12 million drought-hit people in the region, during a pledging conference in the Ethiopian capital.

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Hundreds of Afghans Slam U.N. in Vote Row

Up to 700 Afghans marched through Kabul on Tuesday to protest against a decision by the country's election commission to throw nine lawmakers out of parliament in a dispute over vote fraud.

The protestors condemned the United Nations, accusing its mission in Afghanistan, UNAMA, of interference, an Agence France Presse reporter said.

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Syrian Authorities Tell U.N. Team to Leave Homs for 'Security Reasons'

Syrian authorities ordered a U.N. team to leave the city of Homs on Monday after protests erupted there, a U.N. spokesman said.

Three people were shot dead when security forces opened fire on a rally in Homs on Monday, according to activists.

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Mansour to Ban: Israel’s Maritime Border Maps Violate Lebanon’s Sovereignty

Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour voiced on Monday Lebanon’s rejection of the maritime border maps that Israel presented to the United Nations.

He said in a letter to U.N. chief Ban Ki-Moon: “The maritime maps that Israel presented to the U.N. are a blatant violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty and its economic zone.”

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Gaza Militants Agree to Halt Fire on Israel

Gaza's Popular Resistance Committees on Monday agreed to halt to rocket fire on Israel and abide by an Egyptian-brokered truce after four days of deadly clashes.

At a press conference in Gaza City, the PRC said its militants would respect a "temporary" ceasefire which was announced late on Sunday by Gaza's Hamas rulers.

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Obama Says Gadhafi’s Iron Fist Regime at 'Tipping Point'

U.S. President Barack Obama said as momentous scenes unfolded in Tripoli Sunday that Moammar Gadhafi's regime had reached a "tipping point" and the Libyan "tyrant" must leave now to avoid further bloodshed.

In a written statement, Obama also looked to the post-Gadhafi era, calling on Libyan rebels who have surged into Tripoli to respect human rights.

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Arab League Slams Israel Raids on Gaza, Urges U.N. Action

The Arab League on Sunday condemned the Israeli raids on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and called on the international community to put pressure on the Jewish state to halt the strikes.

The pan-Arab organization "calls on the international community to pressure the Israeli occupation authorities to put an immediate end to this assault," a statement from the League said.

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Red Cross Hopes to Visit Syria Prisoners 'Soon'

Red Cross delegates hope to visit soon thousands of Syrians jailed since the start of pro-democracy protests in mid-March, a spokesman for the ICRC said on Sunday.

"During his visit to Damascus June 21 and 22, ICRC chief Jakob Kellenberger made such a request," Saleh Dabbakeh, spokesman of the International Committee for the Red Cross, told AFP in the Syrian capital.

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Turkey Warns Ties Will Worsen without Israel Apology

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu warned Saturday that relations with Israel will further deteriorate without an apology over a deadly 2010 flotilla raid.

"There can be no normalization with Israel if Turkey's demands are not met," the Anatolia news agency quoted him as saying during a visit to South Africa.

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Hizbullah Says Time Magazine Interview ‘Fabricated’ by STL

Hizbullah denied on Saturday that the Time magazine had interviewed one of the suspects named in the indictment issued by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon probing the assassination of ex-Premier Rafiq Hariri.

Hizbullah’s media department issued a statement saying “the Time magazine reporter claimed that he met a high-ranking source from Hizbullah, then found himself introduced to the suspect.”

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